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  1. Just got it right now, luckily I had someone with me who could start the extraction (to Necralisk) timer and saved me, so I got to keep my catch & affinity. Well, now that I've found this thread exists and added a "me too"... I'm off to the Support section to submit my log files! EDIT: Figured I should add some extra information. So when this happened, I was able to aim my spear but NOT throw it... My escape menu worked (as did the Abilities & Melee Combos sub-menus). Chat worked (but /unstuck didn't change my location, just rotated me and changed my animation/stance).
  2. I was literally just now, checking to see if there was a delay on the update, since the launcher didn't find anything. I guess I was just a few minutes too fast. Time to update and sleep.
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