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  1. Somewhat late in replying but.. Thank you. I tried looking around but didn't see this article.
  2. Can we get the Official spelling, for the names of the two new Warframes that were showcased? It was pretty hard to hear one name to begin with... and the other has a few spellings that I can imagine being used.
  3. That's a different matter and a different topic, to what is being discussed here. This forum topic is about standing being wasted because you're at the tier cap, but have not used all of your daily cap.
  4. The same issue is even worse when you look at standing with Solaris United. Need some Debt-Bonds to rank up? Ticker doesn't have enough (or is bugged, like the last two days apparently)? Gotta go grind Bounties. Standing? What standing?
  5. Random viewers. Need to be logged into your twitch.tv account. They usually do 3 platinum prizes (1k each) and 1 prime pack. Big events/occasions (like anniversaries) will often involve other prizes (although that's not the case this time obviously).
  6. Will we be able to use melee weapons on our... hoverboard (okay, I forgot the name) since it'd be pretty nice to equip the Jat Kittag and play some Polo with ospreys.
  7. I took the screenshot first, as I always do. I had expected to be on the third page at best to be honest. If you look back through (select) past patch notes threads where I've posted Redtext, you'll see I always post first and edit the screenshot in later. I only post them up because I have an interest in seeing them myself and I absolutely hate crawling through 5+ pages looking for that one person who posted it, so I try to make sure it's early in the thread. I was also quite miffed that the forum went down for a bit when I went to edit the picture in afterwards... ended up coming back after playing through the new quest. I do agree with you though, the rush for the first page by some people is ridiculous.
  8. Thanks for the hotfix! Will post Redtext soon! (well edit with)
  9. And they show up in "My Pictures\Warframe". Enjoy filling your drive!
  10. My apologies, I just checked my post (will attempt edit soon) and realised I missed out the "that I personally know" part. Edit: Went to change my other post and saw that it did indeed indicate "people that I know", so left it as is. So back to my originally intended response.... "I never said everyone", and specifically said "people I know". I do appreciate your attempt to keep over-exaggeration to a minimum though.
  11. I'm not going to attempt to read fourty-and-a-bit pages of posts, however, I'm looking forward to the changes as listed on the Devstream (and here in the second post of this thread). I am agonising over how to deal with people I know who are going to cry tears of screaming blood over losing "spin to win" but I'm looking forward to seeing it gone, and the sooner the better.
  12. TL;DR: Will past events remain non-canon? Full: Will new players ever have a chance to experience Warframe's lore being built up through events? A new system designed to allow new players to "watch" Alad V "working" on Valkyr, and so on. This lore basically doesn't exist unless you were there or read the wiki. Even if you just add a cinematic (full) summary of the event that can be REwatched after completing each Junction, it would be an improvement. Will the tracking for the Fusion MOA event participation ever be fixed? It has been broken ever since the event ended.
  13. Will edit with Red Text if people haven't done that by the time I get around to it. (of course I'm gonna read the patch notes later, too)
  14. I don't know who is responsible, but I'd like to compliment their work. Job(s) well done. Fantastic.
  15. Thanks for this lovely topic and all the hard work the team has put in! As a long standing player I have mixed feelings over some of these, however I can ultimately only conclude that I'm looking forward to all of them. I feel that these changes are a promising improvement, even if I will want to respec a little bit. The variety this will encourage is something I'm enthusiastically looking forward to.
  16. Thanks for the hotfix! (red text coming later in an edit if nobody else does it... and I remember...)
  17. Can we have Plains specific graphics/physics settings? Optimisations (after an update/change) are necessary for some players to even load in, if those players had a way to unburden their computers a bit more, they may be able to join friends and enjoy the Plains even more. I feel that this will only become more important as content focus shifts (even further) to the Plains, especially with the stated intention to implement more Open World areas.
  18. Do you mean Sentient? Sentinels are the little pet floaty machines that help you.
  19. Operation: Plague Star, appears to have yet more disposable one-time content. Is there any chance that things like the exclusive rewards & syndicate vendor will be recycled or hang around afterwards? There appears to be confusion among the playerbase over whether this is the case. Will we ever get a public test server, so players can help swat bugs BEFORE they hit the live environment? Warframe has a reputation of releasing broken AND buggy content, that usually negatively impacts existing things, only to have half of it patched in a dozen follow-up hotfixes. Will there be more people coming to Melbourne, Australia for PAX or TennoVIP next year? I need to shake more hands.
  20. I only just finished patching both clients (proper & steam). Oh well, thanks for the hotfix!
  21. It was great seeing everyone there! Rebecca, Megan, and Jordan (I think I got your name right? I hope I did, great fella!) from Product Marketing. (very friendly) And of course, all the other Tenno! Had a few good chats despite being barely able to see my nose in front of my face due to how thick the music volume was. Maybe next year we can have music that's quiet enough for us to actually SOCIALISE but hey*... (and as per my friend TheWilyDoctor616's suggestion, Warframe music). Sadly with the ol' vocal chords still screwed up, I couldn't drink much any booze (unless a Lemon, Lime & Bitters counts). * No real complaints about the music tracks picked though, had some great classics.
  22. We've been about eleven hours on the road (we're going to PAX too) and we're looking forward to seeing the crew at the event.
  23. Might see if I can make this one! Just gotta get to sleep so I can understand words during the stream.
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