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  1. cerco reliquia o direttamente elmo di volt prime. se possibile anche schema BP ember prime wokong chassis e sistemi prime. Pago in Platini.
  2. update is locked on cache optimitations :(
  3. I really love Archwing, is simple fast ,dinamic and 60fps friendly also on my potato pc. Archwing is like Macross and Gundam togheter ,why dont add some game mechanic for increase this? Melee Combat suggestion: Add executions, with some special Mod, different type of executions could be obtained (working like "Finishing Touch", but allow to recognize enemy criticaly wounded,and add own animation) Add special "Knight" opponent, that use Melee too. Add duel defense animations, Archwing can deploy its melee with a Mod like "Parry" or "Reflex Guard" for the warfram
  4. Defection mission for save the Steel Meridians is my end game :D i like protect the littlest :D (too bad this doesnt increase Steel Meridian syndacate tributes) plus having a nice Grineer spectre's army around me(roller,clem,lancer,bombard and Gunner )
  5. maybe some nice price could be enough for be an incentive, Lunaro is very funny, but lack of players.
  6. AMAZING! (with Banjo? next? :D )
  7. i canT still recognize that head of MOA is Not the top turret (รง_รง) look Bursa, when u hacking it ,it scroll turret after wake up, not head.
  8. can i keep at least the Kubrow? with losing all , it will be my only friend aorund :D
  9. I would prefer a racing mode that use Operator just as a cosmetic addon. like this:
  10. i like play warframe as a collector, i guess there are many players like this, adding new cosmetic/booster will open a new part of market for the game, and without a great impact in the gamemode line. (is too soon for me, cause i play since summer 2016, but....what about also this? like archwing, but on long ground mission------->"Riding Battle: Run in the long road, or Solar rails, for reach the object at speed light! (Mount/Melee/Fire equipping developement required, but i could spend a lot for this XD but i know is really complex create this system, especially cause require a to
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