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  1. TYPE: Foundry DESCRIPTION: The new K-drive parts are not shown in foundry but the bps are in inventory. REPRODUCTION: Maybe getting all 3 by doing all 5 race today did it? EXPECTED RESULT: New K-Drive parts showing up in foundry so I can craft them OBSERVED RESULT: They don't show up in foundry, but I can see them in inventory REPRODUCTION RATE: Considering I only did it once, N/A. Note : On the mission summary screen only one part showed, fearing the lost of the other parts, I checked the inventory asap and found all 3 there. Not sure if this had any impact.
  2. I was told that there is only 1 mother out of all the mothers that increase the tier of the vault and you have to go check them one by one until the right tier shows up, as each mother offers different bounties. Haven't done them myself though.
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