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  1. I'm seriously sick of this. I can't play for like a week and a half and probably nightwave is gone
  2. Sorry but exactly which point did you dislike? I really don't get the combo systems and awaiting for melee buffs already but DE has been postponing the toughest parts and make us bite the sand for a while already and already a little bit of new melee weapons have dropped
  3. Just taking my place on this thread once nightwave gets extended for people who are a week or 2 late to get the umbral forma and stuff another backlash may come soon in future and I really want to see the participation on it and a comparison of it on the game hours and some data of how many newbies started out and made their first purchase or how many of em were aware of the system throughout
  4. Why not bump this thread
  5. Yes exactly coloring on em looks a bit odd compared to recent warframes and obviously they need a look over I like the simplicity in regular designs personally I love scorpion helmet for ash or phoenix for ember wish they were looking more leathery and matte
  6. Yes but that doesn't mean that a look over to old stuff can't be done
  7. How do you feel about some of the old warframes and their textures compared to the new latest frames? There were some frames received a pimp my ride type of retextured. And the results were imo at least, pretty good. How do you feel of them and which vanilla frames you would like to see got a retexture. I want Ash to receive a retexture actually. Some of the old warframes had old orokin alphabet writing details on them rather than metallics compared to today and I actually would like to see them shine or be more prominent on maps like lua and void near specific orokin artifacts or when you latch onto shiny cracks on lua 😛
  8. I don't like the new nightwave system. First of all, I'm not sure whether if I will be able to make it to the end and I want the armor set syandana and umbral forma grakata mod or k drive art doesn't mean anything to me. Secondly pricing for wolf cred is basically too much and not everyone will be able to make it to the next patch so they will never ever actually be eligible to get the potato or accessories they need. Third, getting vauban is still hard and he needs a rework I think instead of giving everything partially make weekly prizes such as first week you get all the wolf cred from the board, next weekend you get the mods and some forma and last week some sigils accessories and perhaps lore!? Giving its and bits of everything in little portions feels like I'm in a restaurant and sushi's are on the band moving back and forth on the buffet. Every week a certain stage should be guaranteed to be achieved or achievable. Daily challenges need some simplifing for newbies such as go use your 4th ability or get 10 headshots or maybe every special per mission challenges should be retrieved and contribute small amounts of affinity towards nora's syndicate. I'm a veteran and I already feel sad for future newbies who won't be aware that there's a prison named saturn 6 in probably saturn?? So please DE don't make things harder for them than 'LF taxi to Europa for orokin catalyst alert'
  9. I still wonder why nothing has changed on ordis' lines and the way he behaves after scanning and listening to hidden frequencies on his fragments I was expecting him to be my friend and be more open to me 💔 I think after scanning and listening all the fragments ordis could receive a new emotion module which we can install on him
  10. My theory to that was because of iron wake cuz it was there since iron wake have been introduced
  11. Please fix reclamator balloon decoration not moving anymore I can see that it turns and goes up and down on decoration mode but It stays motionless on placement
  12. Sorry but is this a pigeon? Do you guys have a set goal to add augments even tho they're S#&$ty??? Cuz these augments are not even worth a slot. By adding these you only make an additional augment slot thing an urgency cuz they ain't worth it THAT'S ALL
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