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  1. Exactly, if we're given a 1000+ traces capacity we need new abilities ~~
  2. They need to remove kuria from the map since now we know who are the queens and make the poem a part of the quest or maybe even a song. They need to remove glass fishes on the plains and strenghthen saya's vigil quest cause it was terribly weak. They also need to add an npc who introduces us to the culture of the cetus people or a flipbook which we can read in game. Going into codex and scanning pictures for radio frequencies don't make any sense. They add up these side elements that are optional to get. For example khora's story fragments are from ghouls and first encounter to venari is on orb vallis or venus by a corpus scientist and she drops from sanctuary onslaught. Okay but what's going on here???
  3. I do believe that command tree will be a disappointment because npcs skills will be reliant on our other intrinsic skills. Also I expect there to be an auto pilot
  4. Hello everyone, So requiem relics were introduced with the kuva lich system. There are 4 types of requiem relics (1, 2, 3 and 4) and each of them drop only 2 different requiem mods. The rest of the drops in them are riven slivers, kuva and an exilus weapon adapter. Considering that these mods are 'charged', How would you feel if DE made an exceptional refinement applied for this specific relic type that allows us to omit drops. Basically, In return of 100 traces you will be able to omit 2 items from the list and increase drop rate of a certain item from the drop table by adding up the drop percentages of those 2 items you deleted from the relic's drop table. I know that this sounds like a vanilla cream cake with some raspberry jam in it. But there are too many relics, many of them have weird items in it and we need more stuff going on with relics and I hope this idea will change few things about the system. We need negative refinement which blacks out few items, forma relics and etc. When the relic system was introduced I thought we would have to get into a mission with one relic fill it up with reactants and manipulate the drop table of it to extremes as we continously took it to missions with us. Like a backpack of Dora but you get to choose what you need from it. I thought there would be relics with guaranteed forma drop in them or forma bundles too. Call me a lunatic if you want, I'm consent with the current system but old void keys weren't that bad.
  5. Today I was going to create a thread about this but I deleted what I typed on off topic and made a quick google search and came across to this. I'm using my phone now but I can't really stand still on my feet. I did disruption missions at sedna. I was playing with mag and I had to be fast enough to not to die and then I piloted my railjack. Prior to it I also ran as an engineer on another railjack. And I had to logout cuz I felt dizzyness when I turned off my computer I couldn't walk properly and was always about the hit the corners in house. I took a shower and slept but for a full day I've been feeling a bit dizzy. I've been playing this game since 2015 but never experienced something like this. My friends who play warframe were joking about me having seasickness about an unexisting ship whole day and told me that I looked so pale. They asked if I was feeling okay I told em that I feel nice but I'mma sleep now cuz I feel motion sick
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