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  1. Railjack pilot controls become very slow in-mission. I suspect that it somehow starts to use warframe sensitivity settings. My warframe sensitivity is set to very low. Please fixthat, its literally unplayable. Getting off the pilot station seems to bring it back to normal. But then something triggers it again after some time when on pilot seat.
  2. That way I can quickly check its damage bonus in the codex. There's no use to having for the name of the original lich on a weapon that doesn't have the original stats.
  3. Please.. Where do you think the new players gonna learn about the core mechanics? From the youtubers??? Wiki is the way. No useless talk, just useful information. Nothing against content creators though. I myself watch shy and some of the tactical potato videos. Content creators do help and spread popularity, but you don't bend your knees to them.
  4. 4 people doing the mission + killing thralls,was minimally faster. However, if we also added the bonus murmur for killing other people's liches, it would result in fastest murmur gains. Now, though, killing other people's liches actually slows down the speed at which we gain murmur. As for the kill or not kill the lich, that depends on speed of killing liches. So it's case by case thing. In pub, with 4 people killing liches used to be fast. Nowadays, i don't know.
  5. Why is railjack view so limited? Please remove the thingy at the top that blocks the view.
  6. I got half resources back for my lavan apok mk1
  7. Did you try going to dry dock and calling your ship in? i'm asking cuz I haven't had the opportunity to try that.
  8. Boost right now doesn't turn itself off, even when it runs out. Make it turn itself off when we run out of boost.
  9. I just scrapped my bulkhead avionic. Better UI and sorting for avionics and wreckage pls. Don't include avionics that are equipped in scrap menu. Also, please disconnect observatory navigation from railjack navigation. I would like to use observatory to join crew, not host. Entering dojo to check resources and upgrades, then leaving dojo to join a crew is a hassle.
  10. The resource collection with Railjack is not fun. I have a hard time seeing where the resources are. If I don't collect the resources, doing the mission would be a waste of time. My suggestion would be to make it easier for a player to see where the resources are and also increase the vacuum range by a lot. I shouldn't feel the need to drive my face right into the resource or follow a destroyed enemy to grab his loot. Try doing that for 60 fighters. Increase the vacuum range significantly. This post is after the patch 27.0.2 where railjack got its vacuum range increased.
  11. Mission Completion Bonuses are not saved. I can tell because, my weapons don't get the bonus affinity. Edit: Further testing indicates its the affinity only? I did a mission and recorded resources before and after. I received the right amount of dirac. 200 collected + 200 from completion bonus. I also noticed refining after the mission was completed does not add it to our inventory. I went back to dojo and those resources were actually lost.
  12. How does saving progression works with railjack? I'm not getting all the rewards even after going back to the drydock. I can tell because one of my weapons should have been maxed out from the bonus affinity at the end of the mission. But it ends up at lvl 29 when I check it after.
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