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  1. Concerning Xaku's "Gaze" ability. In Grineer missions, as expected, gaze strips 100% armor, rendering enemy healthbars red. In Corpus missions, however, Ospreys retain their armor even within the radius of a gazed target. I tried using Gaze on another osprey to see if maybe it needed to be used on an armored target to work. However, this didn't help - even when Gaze was active on an osprey, other nearby ospreys still retained their armor. Shields were removed as expected, regardless of if Gaze was used on an armored target, or a shielded target.
  2. When mutagen mass appears in invasions, it's typically only in quantities of 1 or, if you're lucky, 2. Compared to the 3 fieldron and detonite injectors. Meanwhile weapons can require as many as 10 mutagen masses. But that's when they appear - very rarely compared to the other clantech resources. So I'd like to suggest the following changes: 1. Make Mutagen Mass appear in batches of 3, like its parallel resources 2. Increase the frequency with which Mutagen Mass appears. Maybe not as often as Fieldron and Detonite Injectors even still, but more often than current would still be nice. When it does pop up, it (unsurprisingly) disappears very fast - suggesting many players are shorter on this resource compared to the other two resources.
  3. I've learned the strats, but I do need more practice executing them before I'd be comfortable doing 5/6x3. But the pugs don't give that practice...
  4. Hi all, I'm wondering if there's a good way (better than the recruitment channel) to find regular groups for eidolon hunts. Is there a place here on the forum where people meet up? A discord? Something else entirely? Thank you
  5. Some rooms in the dojo have a visible backdrop, but the backdrop cannot be changed, leading to dissonance in rooms with configurable backdrops. The rooms that I have noticed that have this issue: * Starlight Market * Junno Water Garden
  6. I love and adore Saryn, but on some missions stuff just dies too fast to really get a good plague going. I was wondering which frames one might recommend for nuking as large of areas as possible? I do have Volt, but I'm hesitant to invest because I'd prefer to feed him to Helminth once the prime variant unvaults again. On hand I have Equinox and Mirage which seem like two of the best contenders. Any other warframes that might work? Any particular builds for these two that are especially good? Thanks in advance.
  7. Tested in a farming squad on Io, Jupiter: Those with a resource booster (not the drop chance booster) received the same amount of Oxium from Oxium pickups as those without a resource booster.
  8. Just to follow up on this: I tried to mark my hall for deconstruction and the game wouldn't let me. So I guess those designs without one are just theoreticals people never built - and I'll have to work at least one into my design. Thanks for the heads up earlier. Edit: Final followup I was wrong yet again. None of the "clan halls" with that in their name are necessary. My issue before was I hadn't changed the spawn room. Once I set one of the inspiration halls to the spawn room, I've been able to deconstruct every clan hall. I do have a design that has lots of halls and blank spaces to get capacity up for decoration. I may do that eventually. Yeah I like the single floor designs. Even the one I mentioned just above with tons of open spaces and halls off in an area to increase decoration capacity has everything on one floor. Elevators are just capacity that doesn't really need to be spent. As for the labs, I understand they have fast travel, but in a micro dojo there's not really any reason to not centralized them. Maybe someday I'll do a design with lots of gardens and stuff but pushing out the labs would just mean building more stuff at the moment.
  9. Alternatively, I'll find out if my reactors finish in a few hours and I can't deconstruct mine, heh.
  10. Thank you for the heads up, but I do believe this has changed. I've seen blueprints shared that don't have all of them, and the Dojo CAD app is also pretty good at catching errors/invalid constructions yet doesn't flag this. But perchance all that is wrong and it turns out to be a requirement... well, I suppose I'll have to revise the design. But there's space for elevators so this worst case hopefully won't be an issue.
  11. I haven't. I'm planning to deconstruct the basic hall once the reactors are in place. Anyways, thank you for sharing the blueprint... There's some interesting ideas there. ....and this was the big debate I was having with myself. I've found a good blueprint for that, but then the question I've been asking myself is... so I really want to invest so, so many resources, and then find out I don't like decorating or that it's just too daunting. But in my current design there is room for an elevator, and I could spam halls and open spaces up there if I did want more decorating capacity later. But, yes, for now I was focused on just getting all the stuff that can be interacted with up and running.
  12. Yeah, the drydock is a bit of a monster, but I'm hoping the other directions will be plenty if I need to use an elevator. Anyways, thank you for the thoughts. edit: So I made some revisions, this one focusing on leaving some room on the east side (opposite of the dry dock) for further expansion, including an elevator should it be needed some day.
  13. https://buff0000n.github.io/dojocad/?v=2,144,-103,0&mz=MbA0AZQWgRhgmCED6ImwCwaeZAbAF1AxlDkUhmQHsAnaDAdmgDZtIBmfAU2JeIAcSKnjBQMQiUi54ARg34DInfNVABWIUuE15keBmWh4qAB4MhRqgBNr0GAE4KOGmJKXpNAIb2nxmEYmwPRSUGw61gCuFmQIngAWAJZI4crItLwciJjsZOmZ2eQ6GdBZ9lieJVBlsHEqScLwHrgA5ng4Lm3oqRBAA Revision: https://buff0000n.github.io/dojocad/?v=2,121,-155,0&mz=MbA0AZQZig2CIH0QKuALA8iA2AXUdARlCKICYEjEB7AJ1AFp0B2UgTksilwFND46ABxVcYZiKGRuuAEZN08Ml2i4aoAKyTppWvMgSsyAB4KRw0QBNLTIp0IjptccXOPVNAIa375LQnJkBkM-eBlLAFczUnRMGQALAEsEWDikOn4oSjQ06gzobLhRfMYs6AxURBKymDDVJKpyd2wAcxwqeyc2gI068CA I was just wondering if anyone could critique this design. The object isn't really aesthetics - just getting everything functional included and leaving room for expansion. Is there anything I'm missing? Or anything that might prove to be problematic down the road? Thank you.
  14. I see... Have the devs given any hints on when we might expect to see the lich changes, or is it just going to show up as a surprise one day?
  15. Pretty much the title: Once we've seen the devstream for a patch, is there a "ballpark" time that it typically arrives in, or when we might at least know more? Thanks in advance.
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