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  1. Change of plans should be a bonus. A secondary objective that gives as a special bonus like: -Pre built Forma 50% chance -Umbra Forma 2% Chance -Aura Forma 10% Chance The forma Reward should be given in Secondary Objectives like find a hidden cache during any random mission. Random Secondary CAPTURE objectives should give -600Kuva from Kuva Grenieer VIP -600Endo From Corpus VIP And so on. Also it should be OPTIONAL and harder than the rest off the mission. The VIPs should be heavily guarded, so a stealth sniper assassination could be a great way to achieve it.
  2. Just the standard shield gate that prevents one shot death would be more than enough. Becouse Nova, Ember, Mag, Vauban, Volt,... or just give it as a passive bonus to all Zenurik inclined Warframes (Casters with bellow 100armor and more than usual shields)
  3. Was a warframe meant to damage an idolon while was comming out of the water? Before they even took down its shields with the operator? NO! So of course they have to fix that crap, if you ask me that is cheating.
  4. not power source but Power Options. you click on it than click on sleep. The machine will wake up if you touch the mouse.
  5. I checked this videos. Thats just broken, i bet DE didnt have this in mind.
  6. you have completely faild to understand. I said give other frames abilities a possibility to work on eidolons so players will learn to use and appreciate other frames for Eidolon hunts. i did not say "We want overpowered frames! We want a squad of 16players agains 1 teralist!"
  7. yea, can do that to but with Oberon or Limbo. But its just not fun isnt it?
  8. and remember DE allready nurfed Chroma becouse of Eidolon hunts. So i rather see they implement other frames powers effects on Eidolons.
  9. no no, dont make it easy, but allow other frames powers to also have an impact on Eidolons. if you want easy, just go with a Meta squad.
  10. i know, i freaking love Limbo. Yet there are so many high ranking players that piss me off with him, thats why i always start giving them tips in chat on how to use him. In a nice way ofcourse. Some still get angry though 🙄 As a Limbo player you need to have Empathy, you need to not only understand Limbo, but how Limbo works with other frames/Weapons/Mission objectives. and when mastered is such a nice frame, especialy if you are a complication loving persone like me. Wait, arent we all playing Warframe becouse its complicated AF??
  11. Read my other posts. i was giving Limbo as an example.
  12. Ah my clan is not all that active. Im a warlord in a clan of like 10folks and no one plays. the rest are only random newbies that i invited so they can get weapon blueprints. Besides i told you, i like random folks. but most randoms just leave seasons if the squad isnt exactly perfect. Less and less players do Tridolons just for fun and they all scream in the mic or attack in chat anyone that F*up. like any little mistake determinantes if someone will live or die (in real life). its so sad.
  13. Meybe you just have a solution in your post. meybe Eidolon hunts should not be timed. Chose Eidolon hunt to go directly in the plains at night, or chose other bounties to go in at day time. We could finaly take our time to enjoy a good Eidolon hunt and experiment with new frames...
  14. its not their fault. But its in their power to change things. if they dont Tridolon captures will continue to lose players due to Elitist arrogance. Eidolon hunts have the most toxic players in the game right now. Well not counting the Riven trading.
  15. Yeah that bullS#&$. Cant wait for Itzal rework, hope they touch up the other archwing especialy Elytron... its not all that powerfull as everyone think. And blink should be universal for every Archwing. Cooldown time and press sprint to activate it.
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