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  1. I was thinking more into something like FighterZ. DE should take some notes from that game regard Framefighter.
  2. I like your idea, but this is warframe forum and i am part of the comunity. So Boooooo your idea is horrible boooo No but jokes asside its about time.
  3. Is this your first game in general? They might say Warframe has the best comunity, but its wrong. its mostly angry 40yold virgins or spoiled 9yolds. If you don't fit their current parameters you will get yelled at, insulted, and blocked before you can say anything in that specific order. Trust me, find a chill dojo and play the game solo, avoid Tridolon hunts at all cost. and you might enjoy the game withouth cancer.
  4. Endgame is a different thing in the head of each individual. For older players like me, endgame is good team play and conquering a hard lvl with great team coordination and style. For the other 99.99999% is Battleroyal. Thats why endgame will never exist in modern games, becouse todays players prefer to play slotmachines and bash on eachother in forums. Thats also endgame.
  5. Saryn isnt all that good against Corpus robotics and shes pritty useless against sentients. They should rather buff up other frames. Or just lower the spread of her spores.
  6. Can we get this DE please? Can we play Framefighter local with 2 gamepads? Also how about a mini game for K-Drives, like race and freestyle?
  7. The Tenno in the video is probably the Duviri leader. He used to be a Tenno, now he is the duviri guy that sits in that golden chair.
  8. i was happy to hear Destiny is becoming FREE TO PLAY. There might be hope to become something great like warframe. but then i heard about staidia? or something... eeew. i have remote play om my Psvita, and its a horrible idea.
  9. you trying to tell me boy, that my Amesha is useless against Eidolons and othe defense missions?? And i tough it compensated for my DPS warframe so i could be an even better type of Equinox...
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