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  1. Revert the Exodia Contagion HEAVY NERF, this arcane is now completely dead, it has no purpose whatsoever. Or at least have the balls to stop doing ghosts nerf and list them in your patch notes, not to mention you could announce nerfs as soon as you plan them out, to prevent at least some people to invest on S#&$ you wanna destroy.
  2. As you mentioned before, and as I noticed, and as I think any Exodia Contagion user noticed, the projectile now has its base stats reduced by half compared to its pre-nerf version. That means half damage, half crit multiplier, half crit chance, half status chance. All of that sums up for an enormous difference in damage.
  3. Sadly not related to the gilding bug, that has been solved. Exodia contagion now is just a slow attack which deals the exact same damage as the weapon itself, which is about 8 times less damage than before. This Exodia arcane is now weaker than a Sancti Castanas projectile, and thats sad af.
  4. Ghost nerf, not mentioned, all exodia contagion stats have been reduced by half compared to how it has been working for years. Half damage, half crit, half CD, half everything
  5. Revert Exodia Contagion nerf? Like, immediately?
  6. Exodia contagion seems to have way less crit chance compared to its pre-update version, and Wukong's Cloud Walker doesnt seem to take sprint speed mods into consideration anymore. I hope the devs look into this and revert these hopefully unintentional changes.
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