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    Warframe: The Mass Effect Chronicles

    Chapter II: Introduction After Zane met Shepard, there was an introduction to everyone, especially the councilors. But some of them were a bit more surprising to hear than others. --- "Anderson?" asked Zane, after being introduced to Captain Anderson, "Did Shepard say that your clan name was Anderson?" "Most likely a cross-cultural thing." replied Shepard, seeing Udina and Anderson's confused look. "I know someone who would be very interested to meet you, as soon as I get in contact with him." replied Zane, sending the communication to the Conclave. --- After Saren's involvement in Eden Prime was revealed to the council, and Shepard was confirmed as the first human Specter, Zane was able to make a good point. "I've been sent by the Lotus to gather information about the galaxy." said Zane, "Wouldn't you bestow similar privileges on me?" "That can't be easily done." said the Salarian Councilor, "Not unless you can provide an important benefit to the greater galactic community." "I believe I already have that." answered Zane, leaping up to the councilors' platforms in a way that would have asari biotic gymnasts jealous. After giving the councilors a bit of a fright, Zane presented to them a strange reddish crystal. "This is Rubedo." said Zane, "It's an important crafting material used by my civilization, the Orokin. What I also know about it is that the Orokin would seed it on planets with Eezo, as you call it, in order to create a sustainable Eezo mine." At that, the councilors immediately sent it off to a joint Volus and Salarian research laboratory. They promised they would have the answer shortly, so they didn't immediately set off. It did give Ordis a chance to pull alongside the Normandy SR-1. --- One of the more unexpected things was when a "human" (at least to everyone else) arrived at the human embassy on the presidium. Though why was even more surprising. "David, this is Teshin. He's the Grandmaster of the Tenno Conclave, and is from the same clan you are." "Tenno," said Teshin, "I did not expect you to prove that my clan had gone extinct. I did find it odd that everyone here seemingly reveres the Protheans." "Why would that be odd?" asked Anderson, not expecting that. "Let's just say that the Protheans, when they came to the Orokin, were perceived as not the galactically revered race everyone seems to think they are." --- After that, Shepard and Zane were called to the Citadel Tower, though why was quickly explained. "We've managed to finish examining the Rubedo sample you gave us." said the Asari Councilor. "After some vigorous research," continued the Salarian Councilor, "we've managed to determine that Rubedo is an isotope of Element Zero." "The knowledge that the Orokin would 'seed it' on planets containing Element Zero, as well as the knowledge that the Orokin and Protheans interacted with each other, at least, has validated your own specter status." continued the Turian Councilor. After the ceremony, there was one thing that was a little deviation from ordinary, but considered extremely hilarious later. "You say that you're collecting information for your 'Lotus'." said the Asari Councilor. "If you have any important questions to ask, do so now." "The Lotus wants to know why there are multiple copies of the same files on the Extranet." asked Zane, "And why do they seem to mainly be files involving extraterrestrial reproductive rites?" "So that's what a facefault feels like." commented the Salarian Councilor, after all three of the experienced said facefault at Zane's question. "Note: Don't do that again." "Either the Orokin were extremely reclusive before the Protheans found them, or they simply didn't have such... files." commented the Turian Councilor, while everyone who was present at Zane's specter status ceremony facepalmed. "The second one." Replied Zane, matter-of-factly. --- Next time on Warframe: The Mass Effect Chronicles: Liara is recruited; Zane returns to his Dojo; Shepard meets the Grineer.
  2. Sc10n0fD4rksp0r3

    Warframe: The Mass Effect Chronicles

    I’m working on something in my spare time, which is a fanfiction that attempts to explore “Whatif Warframe was part of the Mass Effect Universe?”. Someone commented that it might be good, but to move it to The Fan Zone thread. I didn’t initially because it was in the off topic forum because I didn’t think that fanfiction qualified, but since I would like more people to see it, I’m putting the link to it Here. Literally click the Here. Someone else said that it should be a comic, but I can’t draw to save my life. If anyone else can draw it and keep it canon to my writing, I give permission to do so. Just post it here.
  3. Sc10n0fD4rksp0r3

    Warframe: The Mass Effect Chronicles

    First, how do I do that? Second, there is a comment thread so you don’t break continuity of the thread. It’s the link in the very first post, so can you move this comment there?
  4. Sc10n0fD4rksp0r3

    Warframe: The Mass Effect Chronicles

    Book I: Vanguard Chapter 1: Encounter Being summoned to the Citadel Tower to report to the Council is rather nerve wracking, especially when you have to report on why a mission failed. John Shepard taking the blame was a little unexpected, but even more so for everyone present on why: "I found a clue on what happened to my father." "What clue did you find, Commander, and why?" asked the Salarian Councilor. "While dealing with the Geth, One of the witnesses said that they had seen a black-clad figure wandering the colony. He was described as clad in black from head to foot, carrying a bow and quiver of arrows, throwing daggers on his thighs, and carrying a scythe." Reported Commander Shepard. "How do you know that this sighting isn't just another extranet hoax?" asked the Turian Councilor. "Because the same witness said that he saw this sigil on his helmet." continued Shepard, sending an image to the councilors' terminals. "My father, William Shepard, disappeared shortly after I was born. He was apparently investigating this collar around my neck and it's link to the events surrounding my birth. I found this very symbol in his notes." continued Shepard after all three councilors had gotten a good look at the symbol. "And what did your father make of this symbol?" asked the Asari Councilor. "He didn't." replied Shepard, "It was his last entry, before he disappeared." --- All the same, Shepard had to find more proof that Saren was linked to what happened at Eden Prime. That (as we all know) led him to Garrus, then to Wrex, then to Tali. But after meeting Tali, a single serendipitous event caused everything to move in a completely different direction. After Tali's life was saved, a single noise, so quiet normal people could barely hear it, came from behind a nearby cargo container. But Shepard, who single-handedly held off an army of slavers until reinforcements arrived, wasn't a normal person. To everyone else, Shepard suddenly drew his gun and shouted, seemingly at nobody, "Show yourself, now!" But when a slender figure, seemingly without a true face stood up from behind a container, then everyone present realized what was going on. Garrus took only one step toward him, but that was enough, and the figure was off. After a chase through the Presidium, which showcased that the figure was capable of running along surfaces that normal people, human or aliens, would be capable of. But fortunately, before it managed to reach a human-shaped hole in a wall, Shepard managed to stop him with an unfamiliar word, both to him and his crew, but was apparently familiar to the figure. "I'm sorry, we didn't mean to startle you." said Shepard, extending his hand toward the figure. At that, the figure seemingly said something in a similar language, but whose body language showed reluctance. "You don't understand a word I'm saying to you." Shepard replied, seemingly understanding what he said. "It's all right." Slowly but surely, the figure took Shepard's hand. Something seemed to pass between them via contact. "Who are you?" Shepard finally asked. After seemingly shaking his head slightly, the figure finally responded in an intelligible manner. "Zane." said the being. "What?", asked Shepard, "What did you say?" "My name is Zane." said the being again. "I'm John Shepard." replied Shepard. --- Next time on Warframe: The Mass Effect Chronicles: Zane is introduced to the Council; the mission is assigned; Zane becomes the first Tenno Spectre; Liara is rescued; and more.
  5. Sc10n0fD4rksp0r3

    (Character Concept: Sentients) Junpow

    Now that we’ve got Baruuk, what would Junpow say about it, first with his restraint at 0, then at 100 when he unleashes his punches?
  6. I’m planning on having Allied forces and Reapers encounter Sentient forces in Book III of Warframe: The Mass Effect Chronicles, and some of them originate in this thread. The problem is that: when the Allied Forces encounter a Sentient, its a scorpion-like Sentient capable of burrowing underground, through any material, and surfacing to attack; It has pulsing energy “drill-claws” and a “tail” with both a melee “stinger” and focused “cutting lasers”; and it takes a good blow from either void energy (Tenno) or a Thanix Cannon (everyone else) to breach it’s exoskeleton. Can you make a name and picture for this please? I’m not really good at that kind of stuff. —- Also, I see you read War of the Worlds, but did you ever read The World Set Free? There might be some ideas there, as well as the most accurate description of an atomic bomb a few decades before one was actually used.
  7. Sc10n0fD4rksp0r3

    Mass Effect: Warframe Edition

    It’ An expression similar to, “I can’t draw to save my life.”
  8. Sc10n0fD4rksp0r3

    I would like to propose scripts for the missing Prime Trailers

    Here’s mine, fine tune it as you need.
  9. Sc10n0fD4rksp0r3

    We need dueling welding throwing melee

    Depending on how you use them, weapons like the glaive, etc., can be considered a thrown weapon. I’ve already seen, in my dreams, a Tenno using a glaive in each hand, spinning/grinding them together and using the sparks that result as a short-to-mid range flamethrower-like weapon.
  10. It’s either Shadow Stalker 2.0 (earlier version was 1.0), or one of the Sentient (Feudal) Lords.
  11. Sc10n0fD4rksp0r3

    Warframe: The Mass Effect Chronicles

    Prologue Fifty Thousand years ago, the galaxy and its inhabitants were caught up in a power struggle between two civilizations. On one side, the Prothean Empire, and on the other side, the new up and comer Orokin Civilization. While the Protheans were concerned with fighting “The Metacon War”, as they called it, a simple navigation error allowed them to witness the power of the Tenno firsthand. With the easy application of an “ion limpet” tracer, the Protheans tracked them to Er. While they were impressed with the Orokin’s many achievements, they were disgusted with the Orokin’s love of excess. Eventually, the Protheans made their offer for the Orokin to join their empire, but Ballas wasn’t fooled. Many times he had seen what he called “the violet light of greed” shine in their eyes every time they looked at the Warframes. So they rejected their offer, much to the Protheans’ surprise. But Ballas intended to make them pay for their arrogance, and sent Tenno on a mission to steal detains on the Mass Effect drive, which was successful. Now with two Mass Effect armed superpowers threatening the other’s survival, a shadow war was launched between their two most secretive branches. While the Tenno were quite effective on their own, the Protheans created a new secret organization/society they called “The Order of the Fifth Eye” to win the “night war” as they called it, while the Orokin called the conflict “The Middle War”. Eventually, the Orokin proved themselves capable of what no other civilization was capable of, battling the Prothean Empire to a standstill. The final terms of a nonaggression pact were to be discussed at the Citadel. Alas, it was never to be, because those that the Protheans would call the Reapers attacked at that time. In the final hours, in desperation, the Protheans sought out the Orokin, but found out that their empire had collapsed shortly after “The Middle War” ended. There was no way to find out what happened because the only Protheans with extensive contact with the Orokin, The Order of the Fifth Eye, vanished without trace. Now it is the year 2183, and a single serendipitous act will bring two pasts back to haunt the present.
  12. Sc10n0fD4rksp0r3

    Warframe: The Mass Effect Chronicles

    Sorry I didn’t post much. Just as I was going to start the first chapter, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch came out. But I did create a prologue set during the last cycle. I’ll upload it as soon as it gets proofread.
  13. Sc10n0fD4rksp0r3

    Mass Effect: Warframe Edition

    I’ve decided to create a comment thread for my Warframe/Mass Effect Crossover. This is because I didn’t want to break continuity to answer questions and/or comments. So post them here, okay?
  14. Sc10n0fD4rksp0r3

    Pompeii/ kilauea , the lava/volcano frame.

    Something you might not know: There was one volcanic eruption that beat out all the others. It’s called the Santerini Eruption, and its blast was felt as far away as California. Modern studies showed that at the time, the Santerini Eruption unleashed the equivalent force of 50 thousand Hiroshima nuclear bombs.
  15. Sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction. I’ve found three videos about crazy weapons that really existed, and I’m posting them here for DE to get ideas from. I’m already “disqualifying” Greek Fire because we already have similar weapons in game: I put these here because it would be oddly satisfying to use a ball-and-chain flail to disarm a Grineer, then squash their skull.