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  1. Actually no. Since Reddeka is inspired by Roodaka from Bionicle, those things on her head are actually letters from the Matoran Alphabet, Specifically of Metru/Mata Nui. It wasn’t until later that Bionicle’s creators began using hexagonal “letters”, around the time of Voya Nui.
  2. I managed to remember something that was so bad and hilarious I had to put it here. To help kick off the tactical alert for silly sabotage, a hidden audio transmitter is discovered in the back room where you plan heists. One of the Ventkids get the idea to give the transmitter a seat, front-row center, to a skeg rehearsal for when it activates. The original memory of such a mission involved attaching a similar transmitter to the plumbing system/latrine, thereby giving anyone on the receiving end an earful of (and this is a quote from the game I got the idea/memory from) “soothing butt music”. I wouldn’t be surprised if you called that part “So Bad It’s Funny!”, because it’s what I thought.
  3. I’m setting my expectations for Friday at best.
  4. I was watching this video about hilariously bad branding mistakes and Got this idea. Instead of “obtaining” intel or “shutting down” Corpus ships, you can do spy missions that sabotage either brand names or blueprints to make Corpus inventions and/or brands fail miserably and hilariously and have certain parts of Corpus (Nef Anyo and Frohd Bek, among others) pay out lots of money in damages, fines and recalls. Not to mention if you’re part of Solaris U., you can gain a flat rate of 500 standing with them for each successful mission. Here’s the video that was the inspiration: Let me know what you think, I (for one) thought it was hilarious.
  5. Wolverine-style claws built into his frame’s wrists inspired by therizinosaurus.
  6. I thought of something. The higher ranked Grineer should not only have fancier appearances, but also have signs of having a brain, thereby giving Tenno more reasons to kill them.
  7. Maybe we can have a synergy between Prime Mods and Prime Warframe/weapons/etc.? Like increased reduction for fitting a primed weapon onto a primed warframe or weapon or sentinel?
  8. I’m not letting you troll me. I’m ignoring you from now on.
  9. Not what I was intending. He might learn of the Unum’s tower, and discover that Profit-taker has all least SOME Sentient Parts, and (at worst) hijack Profit-taker’s brain to turn it against the Unum to succeed where the Eidolon failed.
  10. This was another idea that came up in my head after playing the Profit-taker mission a few times: Whatif Hunhow was to learn about Profit-taker, and (at the very least) attempt to put it under his control?
  11. It’s alright, now how about some signature weapons.
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