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  1. Maybe the fact that Akzani is Mirage’s exclusive secondary, maybe we can get an Akzani Prime.
  2. Not bad. Maybe we can have an introductory, cinematic quest that surprises us with Inaros’ “ghost”.
  3. Nice idea, needs some cutting and polishing.
  4. Maybe we can also get hover scooters, one-wheeled motorcycles, and maybe ancient Orokin-style hang gliders/giant kites (inspired by history, but I can’t remember where I saw them).
  5. Maybe a Prime version could be a hybrid between the two with the sticky goo as secondary fire.
  6. I haven’t been active too recently because I bought some new games during Chinese New Year and I’ve been playing them, but that doesn’t mean I’m completely idle. Since I was the one that predicted that we’d have hoverboards, Baza Prime, and similar things, I’m going to attempt another prediction. Daikyu Prime: Because this is the weapon I usually have equipped to MY Ivara, it would make sense for Ivara Prime to wield a similar weapon. Tonbo Prime: It was often said that this weapon was used during the Old War to “keep [Tenno] alive”. If that’s the case, I’d like to see more artful designs of the Tonbo. (blade-and-whip) Prime: It would not only have a longer “whip”, but the hook would also be lighter, allowing Tenno to strike hellions and drones while on the ground. Panthera Prime: Similar to Panthera, but with better ammo efficiency, allowing it to be fired more time before reloading, and not just because of a larger magazine.
  7. I don’t think of him as an ally-ally, but more like a half-enemy who’s “cure” of the infestation left him with a new point of view.
  8. While what we have for railjack is pretty good, the next probable expansion should involve piloting a railjack into a planet’s gravitational field. While this will require another questline to adapt the railjack for just such a mission, I can’t deny that it would feel satisfying to blow a Corpus jamming tower to kingdom come while your team beats Alad V silly; or using an orbital strike to destroy the R-sentient (censored to prevent spoilers).
  9. The only thing I can really say is: I don’t even know what JoJo is, so I don’t get it.
  10. Since I’m the one who said that Baza Prime would be a real thing, my next prediction is that Daikyu (did I spell that right?) Prime will be a real thing, I remember this one time I equipped Ivara with Daikyu, and added Prime Shred, Amalgam Serration, and Amalgam Daikyu Target Acquired, and discovered (via Ivara’s arrow control) that my combination shot an arrow right through the hull of a corpus ship! I’ll work on other prime predictions during my spare time, so this is where I’ll be posting them.
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