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  1. It is awesome to be back Tenno! I am very excited to see who joins Broken Fang and seeing how our community grows. We are welcoming members that are MR 7+ and are looking forward to seeing new members join our clan!
  2. Hello Tenno, It has been a while since Broken Fang has recruited for members and has been active on the forums. The last time Broken Fang recruited was back in 2018 so it has been a pretty long time! BUT Broken Fang is back up and running and looking to grow to the size to what we once were, We have been working hard on the clan for the last few days to make sure that everything is up to date and running smoothly. We have gotten all of our lab research completed so we are 100%, and our Dry dock is 100% completed. Starting today Broken Fang will officially start looking for members to join the clan (MR 3+), We are looking to build up our community once more and create a strong and vibrant one at that. We have also been working very hard on our new alliance That Broken Fang has created, the Broken Fang Alliance and it is growing every day and currently has five (7) Clans residing within it! Broken Fang is also working with very talented people on redoing our current clan emblem and working to get a great alliance emblem created! :Mastery Rank REQ. 3+ :3% trade tax :Donations are not required but are very, very appreciated and will help the clan grow :5 day inactive limit. After 5 days of a constant absences with out reasonable reasoning of why or a message before hand resulting in being away for 5 days or longer, Will result in a removal from Broken Fang! :Our Clan is very, very great at helping our own and any who need assistance on anything it may be. :We have a clan Discord :Ignis Wraith research completed :Dry dock built and 100% researched :Crimson Branch built :We are in the Broken Fang Alliance :We will help any new player that is looking for guidance and we have plenty of experienced players that are willing to help you. Plague Star event 12/15/2017:We did it! We got gold in the Plague Star event! This was a very interesting and on going event to partake in and it was fun! Here is a photo of some of Broken Fang's finest ( Some could not make it) celebrating what we have accomplished! If it wasn't for these fine members and- their dedication we would not have gotten the gold trophy for the Plague Star event. I owe everything to my members because without- them there would be no Broken Fang! They are what makes this clan one of the best clans on Warframe and actually want to be apart of! They make this clan worth while and I owe everything to these fine people! Congrats Broken Fang you earned this! The Pacifism Defect Group Photo Current Clan Emblem Past Clan Emblems Clan Ranking Clan Dojo Clan's Golden Rules If you are interested in joining Broken Fang you can contact me on: Sladesinjustice - Xbox One Sladesinjustice#7877 - Discord (you may also comment down below but may result in a slower response time)
  3. We are still taking in Storm/Mountain tier clans into our alliance! Pantheon Nation is growing daily and becoming more and more active. If you have questions about our alliance please contact me @Sladesinjustice on Xbox One or @Sladesinjustice#7877 on Discord. (You may post below we will see the post but will result in slower response time) Thank you, -Slades
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