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  1. This fixes nothing if you have a problem with the guns adjust the guns stop punishing players for rolling rivens Jesus any weapon I have a riven for still kills any garbage content you guys make. All that’s been done is you’re ruining the gun for the artificial endgame we have to create which is endurance runs. all you’ve done is even less people will farm kuva because there’s no point. now I’m just gonna sell everything and move to a new game. You’ve basically spit in the face of the community that stood by you guys
  2. So instead of fixing the broken kuva system we have you’re going to punish people that have grinded hours of your game to either roll the riven they wanted or farm/buy enough platinum to buy it k and you guys wonder why you get so much negative feedback the last “change” dropped my perfect vectis riven so that my negative mag cap no longer gave me 1 bullet, what’s next you guys gonna make my crit chance below 100% so my riven is entirely pointless ? amprex. Something that was nerfed last time while the synapse (which kills faster ) was untouched sobek, which I had a damage+multishot+status chance riven had 100% sc then you guys nerf it so I had to add another dual stat mod, all while the kohm which is one of THE strongest guns in this game, riven remains untouched because you didn’t want to ruin its “100% status” Nerfing snipers makes no sense what so ever. The only place people use them is eidolons so obviously they’re all having high usage, all you guys have done now is given me a early warning to go sell all my expensive rivens and basically scam people who don’t know of this change good job, add new challenging content to the game? Nah man that guys amprex is insta killing level 30s let’s nerf the riven disposition even though the riven doesn’t make a difference til like level 150 LOLOL If kuva was easier to farm prices on rivens wouldn’t be so absurd its the kuva that’s the issue and as usual you guys ignore it it takes hours to farm enough kuva for like 20 rolls to the point that nobody farms it
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