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  1. While a hitscan on the tracer would be nice, what would be better is if they would revert whatever kind of stealth nerf they applied in 23.10. The Buzlok, a long time ago, USED to fire where you were pointing it at. It was a satisfying weapon to shoot for the sound and all the visual tracers it launched. Then 23.10 rolled around, broke the Tonkor (Horribly. Took several months to fix iirc), Buzlok, and a few other things (I remember my Cernos prime acting funny). If they'd really tighten it's sawn off shotgun accuracy cone, as well as maybe the prisma as OP suggested, it would be a great gun again.
  2. Ever since the Chimera patch it fires in a spray pattern, quite a wide pattern too. It used to be fairly accurate.
  3. Filling in for someone else. Ctl-F for buzlok in some hope you made invisible changes. Still spraying like a drunk shotgun.
  4. Any comment as to the current accuracy spray of the Buzlok since Chimera?
  5. Since the other Buzlok lover hasn't posted yet. Ctrl-F for Buzlok. Still spraying like a shotgun. Can I use shotgun mods on it now?
  6. When (I forget the patch number) the patch that changed how projectiles function dropped,a few weapons behaviors changed in what seems like unusual ways. Are there any plans to go back and look at the guns again? Will the Buzlok stop being a sawn off shotgun?
  7. Anything on the absolutely garbage accuracy of the Buzlok? I don't like shooting the floor in front of me. Topics on it keep getting buried under other things.
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