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  1. It only does on few certain combos, and you apparently gotta MASH for it. It is as disapointing, as it sounds.
  2. This thing should be an augment for 1st or 2nd skill.
  3. Yeah, but how many months or even years are we gonna have to wait for that variant?
  4. There is no need to mocap. Just add the same frames of getting on the saw, but in reverse order. And make the Ground Slam a separate hit of the combo. Simple as that.
  5. Dear DE, I will be honest with you: you had great ideas, but once more you shot yourself in the leg while executing them. As you often tend to do, for some unknown reason. (my best guess: certain people at "Balancing Departement" need to sleep at least once a week, their brains getting cooked from overworking.) Seriously, what's with new Melee types having very horrible and clunky Stances? I honestly thought that all the backlash from Wise Razor was enough to understand player's point. [Butcher's Revelry] has all the seeds of being a great melee stance, but it just stumbles on the Illogical decisions on the multiple sides of development: For example, the Riding Combo - WHY IS IT A SINGULAR HIT? The Ground Slam final strike is an absolute party pooper, it needs to be a separate hit. I mean, [Blind Justice] has a similar combo on the same input, but the Ground Slam is a separate hit, that can be not pressed if the user just wants a dash. Not to mention, the hitbox of that slam is so small, it rids the whole thing of any reason to exist in the first place. And by Small, I mean it can barely hit an enemy rubbing their face in your spinning Chitin-covered Warframe body. The second issue would be the whole mashing thing. Just let players to HOLD the Melee button in those combos for the maximum spin, the hitting animations are slow as heck anyway. We have a Heavy Attack button now, it shouldn't be an issue to implement that. You borrowed most of the combo animations from DMC 5's Cavaliere Weapon anyway, why not borrow that feature as well? That would be all for QoL improvements. Cuz it's mostly the stance, really. As for the stats, I honestly beg you for rasing Crit Chance to 20% or lower. Just anything above 15%, please. We can live with 1.9 Crit Multilier, it's fine. We can live with low base Damage, this is also fine. But just adding 2-3% to Crit Chance would really save the whole thing.
  6. Ghoulsaw needs it's Crit Chance buffed to 20%.
  7. Parvos Sisters can die and just dissapear from falling into pits. Please fix this annoying bug, it really stops the progress of farming the whole thing. Just give them the same warp treatement you gave to warframes and most bosses.
  8. Yeah, it is time to add the slot and mark certain conpensating/flavour mods as Exilus. This is the best moment for it, since melee got nerfed and more guns became OP with Arcanes and Galvanized Mods. Mods that gotta be turned to Exilus: Life Strike, Healing Return, all positive Combo Duration mods, all Range mods, all the Rebound and Quick Return mods, Seismic Wave, Relentless Combination, Focused Defence, Whirlwind, Parry, Reflex Coil, Guardian Derision, Enduring Strike, Lasting Sting, Enduring Affliction, Dispatch Overdrive, Energy Channel, Finishing Touch.
  9. Basicly, if connection is unstable for some reason, you get a chance to not get extracted from the mission. Instead you fall a long time and get greeted with this: Basicly, that sofltlocks your game and your only option is to relaunch, loosing all your mission progress as a result.
  10. We just need a "Leave Squad" button to be available at all times.
  11. You misread. 2 Key drops out of 30 runs has that probability. Also, you miss the whole point, buddy. The damn thing is bugged. Thus it drops me and tons of other people Axi relics(which are even more rare, BTW) and Sevagoth parts, instead of Keys. Cuz that small ammount of chance is not applicable. Literally less than a thousandth of a persent.
  12. Oh, I am sorry, I can't hear you over all the huge lack of proof you provided with your statement.
  13. Sounds like an interesting attempt at manipulating drop chance through forcing certain values to show for math.random function. I'll try that too, thank you.
  14. That's cute. Your lack of knowledge of bases on Theory of Probability is adorable, really. Now let me tell you how this actually works, and I'll try to simplify it just for you: 30% means that approximately one third of all encounters will have a chance of desired outcome per instance. Say, 3 instances out of 10. Now let's take 30 instances. That means we just have to multiply our ammount by 3, meaning that means around 9 holokey drops out of 30. Of course, I know that you are gonna make an obvious "this are only Ideal calcualtions" nitpick. So let's complicate it for the real world. According to Bernoulli Formula: We have 37.5% of probability(0.375 for measurement) We have 30 instances So, most probable ammount of our key drop will be 30*0.375 = 11, give or take 4, according to highest probabilities, counted through mentioned Bernoulli Formula. So, at worst, we get 7 out of 30. Any lower ammounts have even less probability, same for ammounts bigger than 15. THAT'S STILL MORE THAN 2 OUT OF 30, which has like probability of 0.00012(0.012%) to happen. So yeah, I hope that this was simple enough. Or do I have to write the whole (Pnk=Cnk * pk * qn-k) formula with explanation and all the tests for each k(ammount of drops per 30 runs)?
  15. Exactly. Some of those chance persentages don't make any sense. Drops of certain resources, certain parts of Warframes and weapons, and yeah, the oldest pain in the rack - the Void Relics.
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