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  1. Of course it will. The code is in the game, just apply how that broken algoryth works, add some constraints(mode enable trigger(warframe Ability Activation), activation conditions, force melee into aerial stance only) and remove some unneeded parts of the code(Dash Teleport) - and we have a glorious flying Dragon Stand User. Just imagine people going in Captura, making Jojo references with him and Sevagoth. Not to mention Chroma's viability as a Buffer and Giant Roaming Boss Hunter - it will SKYROCKET.
  2. A HUMAN-sized Dragon. Not to mention that our hit and phys areas shrink when we jump or dash, due to shift in hitboxes and physboxes according to the animation. Basicly, you get a fat Tiatnia without Exalted Weapons. Which means you are still faster than Volt, and have a better maneuverability, all while being capable of shooting and using your normal melee. I mean, it's like using a Bullet Jump, but without Gravity. Ever been in early Railjack? There was a glitch that allowed to run in space without archwing and it's weapons. And it was an amazing experience, slashing a nikana at Grine
  3. Let's start with the first question: Yes, Effigy is still a separate object, like it always was.Current Effigy just spawns it where Chroma casts the ability, and it stays there as a sentry gun But it will CLOSELY follow Chroma and will be practicly attached to him. Like a Sentinel. You know, Carrier, Taxon, Dethcube? Except it's located directly behind Chroma. Here's a demonstration how that would look like. And no, I repeat, Effigy will stay like it always was - not customizeable or moddable, just an entity which is summoned by Chroma's Ability. Only it's behavior will be changed from a
  4. Hello there. As most of you know, our Dragon Boi needs some hefty rework done. His 1 and 4 are still underwhelming, and thanks to Shield Gating only steel path enemies seem to activate his only good feature - his 3's Damage Buff. So yeah, after seeing Sevagoth and mussing around certain forgotten weapons, I came up with a whole concept of a rework: Spectral Scream - increase the damage by 10% . Also allow to switch the damage type on the fly, instead of forcing us to turn it off every time. Simple, not really interesting, just a base upgrade. Elemental Ward - Allow us to recast
  5. Honestly, Chroma needs rework for his 1 and 4, they are underwhelming.
  6. Thanks for your hard work, guys! Could you please also fix Umbra's AI interferring with player's transference, if the player is not a Host? It's very annoying and is a mess in Railjack missions.
  7. Void Storm Relic opening glitch: For some reason, not everyone get their relics opened, despite everyone having 10 reactant. Even Host is not safe, and thus can get their relic ignored. Went in as 3-people squad and opened a relic, ended up with only 1 guy opening. And he was number 3 in squad. Meanwhile Host(me) and Number 2 got zilch. Please look into that issue. Other details: 1. Mission got started by host(me) from Railjack in Orbiter 2. Mission was Corpus and it was Extermination 3. Special objective to enter main ship was to hack a different ship(jammer drones mission
  8. It's a preferential thing. That's why I want it to be customised, to be suitable for everyone.
  9. True, but giving players an ability to customise some of these certain interactions can be very usefull. I mean, before the whole "merge mele and gunplay" deal, I used to switch to melee only on the fly, block some damage, switch to guns, and then shoot the whole squad. Not to mention that if we would get an ability to switch finishers back to melee button, we will get more chances to use Mercy, thus making Parazon less of a useless Assassin's Creed novelty item.
  10. The true reason I despise Parazon is the fact that you changed finishers from melee to Action Button. It breaks the flow of the game and is very tedious. Please, give us the ability to set them to the Melee button again, okay? I am tired of entering the useless Bastion Turrent every time I am trying to finish off the Grineer Soldier near it. In fact, this would make the Parazon much more usefull, since setting Finishers to melee will automaticly trigger Parazon whenever the conditions are met. Speaking of usefull, since you returned the Melee Switch to holding F, could yo
  11. Please fix Umbra's AI interferring with Transference, cuz I am tired of being thrown out of Railjack maps whenever I want to go back top my warframe. It's especially horrible on Reactor mission on Railjack, since it forces you back into space. Details included in my previous topic.
  12. DE, please fix the map layout, so we won't be falling outa map. And PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, FIX UMBRA'S AI INTERFERING WITH TRANSFERENCE. I am tired of being teleported to random places, whenever I want to go back to my warframe. Sure, it only happens when you are not Host, but come on! Getting thrown out of map on the Reactor mission is the worst offender, as you are forced into space and must get all the way back there, all while some Engineer manages to launch the console.
  13. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Railjack Plexus Aura mods on people who join your squad overwrite the one that Host uses EXPECTED RESULT: All Aura mods work together, like they do in normal game. OBSERVED RESULT: If host uses Ironclad Matrix and one of the clients has Orgone matrix, the Railjack will only have the Orgone Matrix stats, despite it being Host's own Railjack. REPRODUCTION: Host a Railjack mission and let someone with a different Matrix aura join you REPRODUCTION RATE: 5/10, at least for me. Maybe it can only be triggered if people have Matrixes in their pl
  14. The issue only surfaced recently. Untill the Railjack rework, Kavats stayed invisible and followed you, as long as you were invisible yourself. But now they just prioritise Attack over everything else, even if you are undiscovered! DE already fixed the Teleport priority, so I'd love them to fix the Follow priority as well. Especially the Stealth part.
  15. They just attack everything they see. It makes Companions a liability on Stealth Missions! Either fix this or give us an ability to set up the AI behavior on Companions! Thanks in advance.
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