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  1. Oh, just rememebered: Bishamo Armor for operators - when will you separate it?! You promised us that, you know. And same with Armor sliders for size and location of Waframe Cosmetic armor.
  2. Thank you lads, for all the fixes. Could you please fix Lavos' "Passive" not working while having Helmynth Transplant - The Ability Slot with changed ability can't use it's element in Elemental Imbuement. It's kinda redundant, since you loose too much without gaining enough in return, making Helminth more of a liability to use with him. Besides, Damage-dealing Abilities from Helmynth don't get any bonuses from Lavos' Passive, so this won't change anything in his gameplay. Although using Quiver and other Hold-to-Switch abilities should be disallowed on him for obvious reasons.
  3. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Abilities get Blocked, including Transferrence REPRODUCTION: Press 5 to Transfer into Necramech, or die as an operator, so this bug gets triggered for warframe. Has a significantly higher chance of appearing on Operation Orphix Venom and Open Worlds(Eidolon, Orb Vallis, Cambion Drift). EXPECTED RESULT: A normal Necramech transference/forced transference into Warframe, with abilities being usable as soon, as the animation ends. OBSERVED RESULT: Abilities are blocked untill death, and in case of Necramech, the bug persists even after
  4. There is a bug, that existed ever since Transeferrence was introduced into the game - if you die as an Operator or just Transfer back into your Warframe, all of your abilities could get perma-blocked, untill you die. Thankfully, you, dear DE, fixed the second part, which was the block of the weapon usage. But the Ability Block is still there. AND NOW THIS BUG AFFECTS NECRAMECHS AS WELL. Every time a player press 5 to go out or into the Necramech, there is that risk of triggering said bug. It's annoying. And on the Necramech-based event it's a huge pain in the arse, since it tends to app
  5. WOW. I thought DE fixed that bug long ago. I do believe that you lads should notice this one! Index is crucial for all the new and low-MR players.
  6. Death can fix it. And yes, this bug already been present since the first Eidolon update, for all Warframes. This time it came back, with Vengeance. And it needs to be fixed, pronto.
  7. Okay, two things: 1. Thank you. Seriously, THANK YOU, for letting us to keep Legacy Mastery sigil. 2. Please, for the love of all that's good in this world, DO NOT delete the Legacy Mastery Sigil. Ever. PLEASE. I beg you. Let us have it.
  8. Must be the result of that annoying "block waframe abilities" ability you guys gave to Necramechs, but it makes Limbo stasis ineffective, enemies can easily walk through it and can absolutely kick the life out of excavators. Please fix it, we can't kill randomly spawned allied Necramech.
  9. Yo, DE, Nidus needs this, please Consider: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1973905520&searchtext=nidus
  10. M8. Don't be a jerk. And try to actually see the situation from outside of your perspective. Like, say, going for an Eidolon Hunt. Believe me, considering how much you need to use things like Propa there, self-stagger becomes an annoying issue. It's those one-sided opinions like yours that make me wish there was a dislike button, just to show how many people actually disagree with you.
  11. Eagerly waiting for the second part - Excalibur gonna get a prime-looking version of Mordred Helmet with the new skin! Yes, I know Blade Of Lotus is not related to Mordred, but stylisticly - it is,
  12. Now that's alot of good news! Thanks lads! =3
  13. I see. But what does trigger it? My clanmates had no problem with their secondaries.
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