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  1. Oh that's really sweet and endearing. Warframe's not really a good game to introduce to children but I'm glad to hear your children are getting inspired by it
  2. I think the 'fish crossed with birds' aspect is what pushed the envelope of warframe's design. Limbo has such an alien silhouette that he was the first warframe I built and I've mained ever since (though I'm not a big fan of stasis being introduced in his rework). There's something compelling about the sterile organic melted wax look that some older warframes have. The violent hash of material and texture that, from your first glance, refuses to surrender what it was inspired from. This is what makes their designs so compelling. This air of ambiguity, this design space that I wish was explored further, is what defines exemplar warframe design for me. Hence my disappointment/confusion over some of the current warframes/cosmetics being a bit too literal for my tastes. Granted excal/ember/nyx are just men/women in a skin-tight suits, so it's not very fair to hold older warframes at higher regard. But still.
  3. > Interesting kit. Gonna be fun to learn the movement, and not having ability casting be slow and stationary will be very refreshing. It'll come down to how good her CC and DR is, tho. Yeah actually that's a really good point. If on top of her surfboard most of her skills are 1handed, I think she'll be really cool to play. I'm more interested in Yareli now, thanks for pointing that out
  4. What are your thoughts on Yareli, perfectly framed waifu? Does it add to the game? or detract from it? Do you think you'll be able to appreciate the game more with it, or less?
  5. Honestly Titania does the pixie butterfly wings in a really cool way. It's really unnerving to see the razorflies fluttering on Titania, gives me goosebumps thinking about it
  6. I think that's a bit...extreme. I get what you're saying but I don't think Yareli in warframe as bad as racial cleansing, I'm hesitant to approach this topic with these kinds of thinking I was worried about that, whether I might be unintentionally gatekeeping people who like the carefree/boppy character archetype in videogames. But ultimately I'm more concerned about my 'perceived' shift in more pandered genres coming to life in warframe (I'll address this bit later), ie what the developers are making, and not whether the playerbase uses them or not. End of the day I think people who like aggressively cute and feminine anime tropes are welcome to enjoy warframe with the rest of us, because really Warframe does have very heavy Japanese influences built into it from ground up. You're right. I was wrong to misjudge HoD because there is a fascinating story hidden underneath the entrati family's. Not to mention the art of the area, from its environment to its weaponry, are very, very well done. Part of me might had biased myself against the Entrati family because I could feel how hard the writers we trying to make them relatable. It was a bit off putting at times. I thought an actual group of survivors in constant agony would've been more appropriate, considered how thoroughly the infestation can subsume other factions into their hivemind, yet characters like grandmother seem to be barely affected by it. But maybe that would've made the story too grim and unenjoyable. But yes, I gave an unfair appraisal of Heart of Deimos, and you are correct to point it out. I think my rundown on the sevagoth questline covers this bit. To reiterate, intense build up towards a mysterious element or character, but in a bid to make the story 'relatable', there is a sudden shift in focus on someone's personal drama that gets resolved in a cliche manner, the mysterious element is flimsily dealt with. After you see this happen multiple times ( Kuva queens in TWW, Ballas in Apostasy prologue etc) you start to suspect the writers are just doing it for cheap thrills, they are actually unsure of how to satisfactory conclude the story they've built up, yet they try to pander to the audience with cheap relatable story anyway. It's harsh criticism but I'm a bit sore from being let down by the wasted potential, really. I hope you're right, and that my call for caution is self-perceived and unjustified. I do think however that creative diversity is not a free pass for a 'do whatever I want' in any art medium. This is a fallacy that can lead to its uniqueness and core identity being compromised. Star wars is an example of this, where the 'do whatever' has resulted in several cullings in both art and media to reign in the story's canon, just to ensure that its internal logic is able to exist. Yes, I believe art in longstanding mediums have an internal logic, it must be internally consistent with its thematic approach. Warframe hasn't festered as badly as Star Wars yet, but it's still something to note. Just like how creating content in any game runs the risk of introducing 'powercreep' that, if left unchecked, ruins the game's balance, art in warframe should be periodically evaluated for 'visualcreep' to ensure it doesn't go out of hand.
  7. Yes, this is true. I've avoided commenting on teaser images/concept art/early model showcases because they are subject to change and lack context at these stages. It would be unfair to critique designs when even DE is unsure about how they should exist as a final product And that's the trouble with the entire business. We've reached the point where of 'half of the frames, half of the cosmetics' are like this. One-off cosmetics for events like christmas and valentines are fine. Funky one-off tennogens like giant butterfly wings and turbine engines are fine, they add a bit of levity and player choice/customisation to the game. Once they reach a certain threshold however (like where we are now), there needs to be a certain evaluation to check whether this is beginning to muddy the aesthetic and player interaction of the game. Is warframe still warframe when we have up to 4 players riding on (horizontally wise) hallway sized surfboards. constantly clipping on edges, ragdolling enemies around and launching (sometimes) brightly coloured water? I'll leave that up to you to decide, but it doesn't sit right with me. This is not specific to Yareli but part of this critique also ties in with a gripe I have against the current room-nuking warframe meta, especially considering how adamant they were against tonkor/rj excalibur/4ash/4saryn in the past. Abilityframes are not fun to play with, and especially with how saturated they are now. They have vastly infringed and taken over design space+combat loop that used to be reserved for problem solving encounters with precision gunplay. Further infringement by 'less warframe-y' designs will not be welcome. That being said she does have some interactions with secondary weapons, so compared to her recent predecessors, she's already more interesting to me than sevagoth/xaku/lavos i would like to make it clear that I like games like genshin impact. I think they are wonderfully crafted and offer a good quality experience. Simultaneously make it clear that I do not think that being 'anime inspired' (which I dont like labelling Yareli as) is a bad thing. But just like Warframe, (I'll exaggerate to illustrate my point) if for the next 4 years I continuously introduce hypermobile infection-built faceless constructs with PBR models instead of cel-shaded ones into Genshin impact, that simultaneously fly in the face of the character switching, elemental combat in favour of gunning down and mutilating enemies with non-elemental ballistics. (or god forbid spamming 2 and 4 to clear every encounter). It will be a controversial decision and people will raise questions about it.
  8. Perhaps. Part of me still feels strongly against octavia as a warframe, partly because of how awkward the questline was, and partly because of how much she warps the warframe combat loop. Side note I think the Shwazin was a more appropriate way to introduce player created music into warframe. I don't have high hopes for Yareli, but I can see her existence hinting towards seperate, and in this case more humane, form warframe production, to explain why more autonomous and expressive warframes like Protea and Baruuk can exist. Newer 'model's of warframe seem to hint towards this too, especially Revenant, Xaku and Sevagoth, since multipart warframes intermingled with void magic are definitely not of orokin design. Post-orokin warframes, anyone?
  9. But who knows. I'm a man with specific interests and I unfortunately have a bias towards the weird and the strange. Does anyone else have any other opinions? Do you think that a Warframe with a lighthearted theme will help you appreciate the game more?
  10. I'm writing specifically about how the game's recent aesthetics are detracting from the atmosphere, the aesthetic and theme that the game has been built up from for so many years. You're right in saying that I can just ignore them when other players use horribly coloured joke warframe schemes, I have one myself, but it's a cause for concern when the game (I feel) which had a very unique design is slowly homogenising with mainstream media. Remember how warframes very cleverly played on the faceless ninja theme in a futuristic environment. Strange tools, strange armour pieces. When warframe had eyes (ivara) they only had one, and it's in a sensible manner (it's a sharpshooter frame, intuitively the eye makes sense). Even designed elements like limbo's british outfit was made to look like it melted onto his body, rather than an actual tophat+suit (unlike its prime variant). It's in contrast with this that Warframes like Yareli are a bit on the nose. If it helps frame the picture, try imagine titanfall 2 suddenly turning into a wii golf. Every subsequent gamemode is no longer focused on pvp but on singleplayer golf, and every subsequent titan is basically 20 feet variation of a golf club. Sure it's all in good fun, the golf enthusiasts among us will enjoy it and tell the other titanfall2 players that they're taking it too seriously. But is it still titanfall 2? You're more than welcome to play the surfer warframe if it suits you. Personally I think I will try her kit too. But I would like to remind us that there's a limit to the boundaries you can push before something becomes gauche in a composite art medium as extensive as Warframe.
  11. I like your point about nightwaves. You are right. Though it is a pity there wasn't much to work off with, and the gameplay aspect of it was a bit dull. I do hope you're right about the narrative refocusing once they return to the New War. Parvos' arc looks promising too, I sincerely hope it doesn't devolve into another self indulgent family drama. Yeah, she gave me Barbara vibes too. I wouldn't quite call it anime but it was a bit too girly. There's nothing wrong with girly aesthetics, but this is Warframe. You're going to be parkouring through dystopian realities, wrecking havoc with your lovecraftian powers, melting and twisting armies with into pools of viscera; it honestly doesn't quite work with what Yareli (and a few other warframes and primes) look like. I've not heard about this Gara interaction. What is this?
  12. To preface this, this post isn't about Yareli's kit or mechanics. I'll just say that DE has done a tremendous job with this medium, and I like that they're experimenting with K-drives in normal missions. I'm more concerned about the overall art/story direction the game has been heading towards tldr; It's a bit too much pandering at this point, I think. I do hope Warframe regains its tighter focus on the narrative and art design. Clash in preexisting context and newer warframe designs Warframe (the game) has pitted us against waves of transhuman factions in dark corridors, deserted landscapes and sterile space environments. When the sounds of ballistic weaponry and laser bolts weren't punctuating the air, there was always an eerie electronic tune humming in the oppressive silence, to remind you of how alien this world has become (props to the sound design for this). It was mysterious and depressive. A lone weapon in the dark invoking otherworldly powers, holding reality in its perilous grip. Warframes themselves aren't much kinder either. They are supposed to be heavily corrupted organisms formed from an invasive and traumatic procedure. We've all played the Second Dream, The War Within, The New War. A child with autism sacrificing himself to keep vigil against a dark threat. A man forced to kill his firstborn at the whims of a cruel creator. There is a dark history behind the Warframes, these super-weapons built to be the last line of defense against existential threats in a hyper distant reality. So where does the warframe in a cute blue dress that surfboards and draws water hearts fit into this? Between the warframe that turns the game into a rave party and disengages the basic combat loop of use gun shoot enemy(octavia) and the focus on family drama in what's supposed to be the heart of a devastating ultravirus (Heart of Deimos), I find that the game has lost its footing and the original reason why it was such a fascinating sci-fantasy medium. Its tight focus on mysterious futuristic or deteriorated corridors and dark individuals, now juxtaposed with brightly coloured and increasingly contemporary skins and designs. Appeal to human emotions and personal experiences are good and helpful in humanising environments, but when the actual story elements and art design take a backseat in favour of these qualities, the juxtaposition is violent and immersion breaking. Clash in preexisting themes and newer approach to writing Here's an example to further elaborate what I found to be a problematic approach to writing in Warframe: I played Sevagoth questline not too long ago. The premise was mysterious and tense; an ethereal ship untethered from reality responding to call signs. With my preexisting experience and knowledge of the game these questions came into my mind: Would there be more about the void? How has Sevagoth been affected by this? These questions served to hook me into the narrative and encouraged me to actively participate. All suspense related to the void and Sevagoth was promptly shattered by a sequence involving me pressing 2 and 4 to a person singing about their personal tragedy for 2min30s. Sevagoth gets unceremoniously jettisoned into space a minute after, and I'm no longer compelled by the narrative or any detail it had to offer after its conclusion. Conclusion It's a bit too much pandering at this point, I think. It's very similar to Dr.Who storytelling. Too much visceral cute/sexy designs, too much appeal to human emotion, not enough substance to appreciate. It comes off as disingenuous at times, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. To reiterate, I do hope Warframe regains its tighter focus on the narrative and art design. I'm happy to discuss this and talk about it. Covid has ruined many plans for a lot of us, DE included, so its understandable if they are finding difficulty in producing content. What do you think?
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