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  1. When will be registration for Guide of the lotus available again the last one was a looong time ago honestly
  2. Yeah i have the same problem im trying to become guide of the lotus just because im almost 5 years but don't know how :(((
  3. OOOUU yeah Finally some more FUN was getting bored .... Great job DE !!!
  4. That is really nice but what about us on PS4 !!!
  5. Sadly i'll miss all the fun im gonna be ar WORK :((((((((((
  6. YeeeeY amazing cant wait to see Nezha rework . Its will be in this update right ???
  7. BTW guys its not update but just MAINTENANCE !! lol XDD
  8. That is so awesome i just hope that everything will happen soon i cant wait to see and try the new super cool stuff in action . YOU'RE AMAZING DE
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