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  1. I forgot to mention, we currently have [3] slots available.
  2. Hello, I am a representative of "dicht". Well known speedrunning and event clan. We're looking for experienced and fast players, who can also commit themselves to prolonged endurance runs (if an event with a leaderboard is present.) We are looking for people who have at least 90% of the frames in the game. The minimal MR requirement is: 27 Knowledge of English is mandatory (bonus points for German!) We are a very old clan with rich history and we want to extend our ranks with new, potential Warframe professionals. If you are interested, please leave a response in this thread. We have all research done (weapons, pigments etc.) You MUST have Hydroid forma'd and ready to roll. We have scored #1 (in the Shadow Clan category) in these previous events: Pacifism Defect - #1 Ambulas Reborn - #1 (the true score has been denied) Clan ranks!: dichtator - Warlord jordicht - Member Dojo:
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