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  1. Lucas just realised that this mission had well and truly reached the "t*ts up" stage as his scanners picked up a rupture in the half light. Closely followed by still-warm bodies geting launched into the inky black surrounding the accursed vessel. 'Holy sh*t, that's the other teams!' Without even opening the comms to notify the other members of alpha, Lucas had already cranked the vessel atound and had begun to make his way towards the floating comrades - every second counting when it came to their chances of survival. Lucas already saw at least one liset assisting in the cleanup, but that wouldn't be enough to get them all in time. Arriving in range, he set the ship to hold position as he sprinted down towards the central docking ring. Already wearing most of his environmental gear under his clothing, all he required to get some people back to his ship was his helmet, a small sheilding device, and his EVA pack. Otherwise he'd be suffocated, roasted by radiation, shredded by micro-meteorites, or just stranded in the void an arm's reach from safety. All of those he'd much rather not have happen to him at the moment. Reaching the airlocks, he opened the compartment holding the rest of his gear, donning it as he prepared to head out. He also grabbed a few emergency life support systems that provided a temporary shield that housed a breathable atmosphere so the user wouldn't succumb to the vaccuum of space. with all his kit sorted, and with his lex at his hip just in case, he cycled the atmosphere of the compartment and ventured out into the inky black. Short puffs of the EVA pack was all that was needed to get him moving, and almost as soon as his body was out of the ship, He linked up his helmet's HUD with Celeste's data feeds - showing the locations of remaining operatives that hadn't been rescued already. Now, he decided, was a good time to put out comms, and let the others in alpha what was going down. "Garmr - 1 to Alpha, I am going EVA. We have operatives floating around out here and they aren't going to last much longer. I need backup ASAP" With that short recap out of the way, he returned to the task at hand, looking for any operative withing distance before they succumbed the the howling abyss of space...
  2. Lucas, currently trying to recover both himself and his vessel from the utter throttling that ensued the passing of their...guest, overheard the mental transmission sent into his now tender brain cavity, knowing that there might be some more resistance incoming. "God damnit, that stung....Alright Celeste, systems check - see how that wave knocked us about and double check on essentials like reactor output and engine operation. We need to be able to get the hell outta dodge if needed." "Checking - ......All systems operational, however maintainence may be required on reactor components due to prolonged energy fluctuations. Immediate action not neccesary for safe operation" Lucas, now glad that his ship wasn't going to fall apart at the seams, proceeded to reply back to the quesiton posed by the organiser. "This is Garmr-1, and i can confirm zero's account. Nyx warframe housed inside one of the lanterns letting out god knows how much void energy. Absorbed almost everything we threw at it, until Garmr-2 contacted it. Called itself Altair, set off, then boom - gone. Zero's Archwing got shredded, but the rest of us are mostly ok, if not a bit shaken. Will evac when requested. Out."
  3. Lucas, also in the midst of recovering from what could only be described as mental sanding, responded to kassandra's communication. "Can confirm, Ghost Lance, signatures match that of a nyx, but something is deffinately off... Looks like Zero is communicating with it. Just hope he does a good job of convincing whatever it is we're dealing with. If his goes south though, I still have six torps. Could probably overwhelm that thing with combined firepower.... "
  4. Lucas, for the most part, had been maintaining his silence, all the while trying his damned hardest to determine just what the hell Alpha was facing here. Nothing they were throwing at the now converted lantern seemed to do anything to it - if anything, their efforts just seemed to make the problem worse as time went on. And Lucas was starting to get sick of it. He started running scans of the anomaly, trying to get a clearer idea about what energies were at play, and with the help of celeste, cross-reference that with anything that could dabble with these types of forces. It was a reasonable assumption that this was void energy, that much could be acertained from the sheer nature of it, so the main database focuses would be against orokin and, potentially, tenno sognatures. Opening up the comms once more, the pilot voiced his thoughts to the rest of the squadron. "Alpha, this is Garmr-1, Deliverance. Don't fire upon the lantern - I'm running some detailed scans on it and cross-referencing them agaist knows signatures. Since i'm pretty sure it's void energy, it won't take as long, but keep a minimum safe distance until we find out more. Garmr-2 and Ghost lance, see if you can find out anything in regards to signal transmissions between the anomaly and the Half-light. Might be able to cut communitcation and stall for time if there is anything linking the two" With that, he stopped transmitting and doubled down on sifting through the info the scanners were feeding him, looking at whatever results were showing up as they came through. 'God knows we need to find out what we're facing, and fast....'
  5. [Lucas Edwards - Alpha squad] "10-4 Ghost lance, Retreating now. Garmr-2, crank that washing machine around and get moving. We've got the Ghost Lance covering our retreat. Stay frosty, folks." With that, Lucas cranked the ship around and began burning away at full speed from the now void-spewing lantern, the Deliverance gaining velocity at a hearty 5gs of acceleration. Deciding that around 700 metres per second was a good enough speed, he cut throttle and flipped the ship back towards his original location, tracking both the Lantern and the Ghost lance, ready to lend a hand if things went downhill...
  6. [Lucas Edwards - Alpha Squad] "Warning - Unknown energy surge detected, Evasive action reccomended" Lucas was now seriously questioning the tactical aptitude of most of Alpha squad, whose apparent solution to every problem was 'shoot first, ask questions later'. Even though He himself had armed torpedoes in preperation, he wasn't about to let them fly until he knew what he was dealing with. And now it looks like the others had just kicked the sh*t out of the proverbial hornet's nest. Void energy started surging forth from the rift at an alarming rate, Celeste sounding that off as an alarm that very much reccommends getting the hell out of dodge, so he opened up comms with the rest of the squad, alerting them to the current predicament. "Alpha squad, this is Garmr-1 - Deliverance. I have a funny feeling that we've just kicked the hornet's nest here, reccomending retreating to safe distance before we get blasted, thoughts?"
  7. In the moment that lucas' scanners showed that the targeted fighter had been completely obliterated by the incoming fire, the dead spot that was being created by the last remaining lantern emerged in the void. Lucas didn't know what it was, what was causing it, or how bad it would be, but he knew that it probably wasn't a good sign. Just as he was emerging from the debris field, his comms lit up with the transmission from Kassandra. Opening a channel back, he responded to the request. "This is the Deliverance. Good to hear we've got a few more hands on this, who knows how this is gonna pan out. What's your take on this dead spot? Because if I'm being honest, I've got 6 high yeild torpedoes with its name on them, ready to launch. I don't know what that'll accomplish, but it'd be better than sitting here twiddling out tjumbs while sh!t goes downhill" While the transmission was going through, lucas maeneouvred the ship towards the Ghost Lance, eventually positioning the smaller ship on her left flank as they trundled towards the dead spot.
  8. [Alpha Squad - Lucas Edwards] Lucas was already putting together a plan to exploit this anyway, having quickly realised that the fighters could not only be confused with little more than diving into a debris field, but two consecutive shots from a railgun within a short amount of time was plenty enough to down them in one go. And Lucas decided that he'd implament that knowledge immediately. Charging up his main railguns, he turned the Deliverance to face the position of one of the lanterns, coincednetally the one designated by zero only moments before he attacked. With the twin railguns set to fire off in a staggered configuration, theoretically allowing one round to hit mere moments before the second one impacts, lucas engaged his lateral thrusters, strafing the vessel until he popped into an opening for a brief moment of time. With Celeste already calculating the position, and with zero's targeting data confirming the location, Lucas pulled the trigger as soon as his nose appeared from behind the asteroid. The railguns, just by sheer virtue of size, were roughly twice as powerful as the ones housed on the Vanada, maybe even a bit more than that with a bit of power tweaking. The recoil sent vibrations through the whole craft, and a pair of white-hot streaks of relativistic tugnsten hurtled their way towards the target. After the shot was let off, Lucas continued to strafe until the Deliverance ducked behind another hunk of space junk, waiting for the rounds to impact and, hopefully, see that lantern turn into a smoldering puddle of it's own wreckage...
  9. [Alpha squad - Lucas Edwards] "Warning - incoming hostiles. Defenses online" As the pair of lanterns approached, the turrets aboard the Deliverance opened fire. Streams of tracer fire spewed across the black, each pair of guns following a specified target. Intermitently, the tracer fire would be joined by the streaks of relatavistic tungsten, the Velocitus turrrets firing off at manually selected targets as Lucas evaded as much fire as he could. Knowing that he'd be out-maenouvred in a heartbeat if he stays out in the open, he cranked the vessel over to a nearby debris field, hoping to narrow their attack options and funnel them into fire arcs. As he went, he released chaff in a hope to distract any targeting systems the ships might have, the slivers of metal dispersing in an effort to overwhelm their scanners and targeting computers. Lucas decided to open up the comms, stating his current predicament. "Deliverance to Alpha, I'm trailed by two hostiles. Heading into a nearby debris cloud. Shields steady for now. Gonna attempt to narrow down their attack options via limiting their agility. Standby for possible need of assistance." As he finished, the Deliverance reached the edge of the debris field, and Lucas began to put the corvette through it's paces, weaving the vessel throuhg the maze of asteroids, ship fragments and discarded materials in an effort to limit his exposure to enemy fire. All the while, his turrets keps working away, spraying fire in all directions as the fighters attemted to approach for attack runs.
  10. [Lucas Edwards - Alpha squad] Lucas was about halfway through mentally throttling Zero for firing his weapons without even having a damn target solution, when he noticed something strange with the indicated blackspots on his scanner. They were moving. Mostly towards both Alpha and delta squad as they approached the dreadnought. In short order, the sharp jarring of the mental communication was felt, confirming his suspisions that yes, the deadzones were in fact moving away from the vessel. "Must be the welcoming party then...bet we would've had more time if that twat ahead of me didn't shoot off too soon...Better get a bead on what the hell these things actually are" Choosing to loose his stealthy approach, since it was pretty damn clear they'd already blown their cover, Lucas began to send out several high-intensity scans to determine what they were facing, and how many of them in the process. All the while, he punched the throttle, begining a wide circle to allow himself to keep some distance while staying within scanner range. "Celeste, set autocannons to point-defence, and arm torpedoes. I don't want to be caught with my pants down while figuring out exactly what we're facing out here" Celeste acknowledged, and went to work. Meanwhile, Lucas opened up comms with the rest of Alpha team, relaying his intentions and keeping them updated on the situation. "Alpha team, this is Garmr-1. I'm scanning the area to see just what we're facing here. Standby for updates, and get ready for a sh!tshow, people..."
  11. [Lucas Edwards - Alpha Squad] Lucas nodded in acknowledgement, keeping the deliverance's vector stable as the Vanada departed. As soon as the cameras showed that the vessel was clear, he retracted the docking clamp and began making his way towards one of the "blackspots" indicated on the hud - courtesy of the navigational data fed by the children of the flower earlier on. 'Much stealtier, my ass. Bet I'll stay hidden for a while longer than he is. Gotta get moving though, that ship isn't going to stick around forever...' Opening up squad comms, he made an effort to get in touch with the rest of the team and see what their opinions were on the situation. "This is Edwards, or Garmr-1. Anyone else on Alpha team, what's your status? Any idea about what to do next?"
  12. [Alpha Squad] A short flash of light would be all that would signal the arrival of the Deliverance. Lucas looked out towards the target vessel, mostly just taking in the sheer mass of the thing. The briefings were one thing, but to see it in person was another entirely. Shaking his head to get him back into the rhythm of things, Lucas immediately brought up the scanner display - working to find how many ships were defending this thing, as well as find out just what was hiding behind those black spots mentioned in the briefing. "Keep your eyes on that scanner, Zero. We've got to see what we're dealing with here..." As he said that, lucas slowly eased on throttle, not climbing above half way to keep his thermal signature down. Still, the vessel began to patrol around the area, attempting to pick up any signal it could zero in on.
  13. "Garmr-1? Really? Eh, at least it's hard to mess up with anything. Good luck pronouncing it from text, though. Right - let's get this show on the road." With that, Lucas increased throttle, engines roaring to life as they battled gravity; the craft slowly rising from the pad. Rotating the nacelles, Lucas directed the thrust so the Deliverance eased backwards, raising the landing gear as he crossed the pad threshold. Once in open lanes, he turned the craft towards the exit - the numerous control thrusters as well as the landing engines aiding in doing so - and once he was lined up, he engaged the main engines. Even at this low throttle setting, the vessel gained speed quite quickly, and before long at all, the Deliverance was in open space. After a brief moment of weightlesness, the artificial gravity kicked in, and the two were officially on their way. "Incoming navigational data - uploading to flight computer now." Celeste stated as a new notification popped up on lucas' screens. "Well Zero, there she is. Got the co-ords locked in and ready to make the transition to FTL. Game plan, at least how I plan on making this game work, is for us to jump and scout around a bit 'til the rest of the squads arrive. While we're there, until things get heated, we're both on scanners - spiking targets and strategic points of interest. Once the fighting starts, however, you'll go straight to the Vanada, take out smaller targets and do close range assaults on the ship where you can get past the defence systems. I'll stick to larger targets and possibly long-range bombardment if needed. However, this'll all hinge on what Donovan is bringing to the table. If he's got a bigger ship, I'll join you up close, providing heavier firepower when you decide you want some bigger holes made..." Realising that he had left the station controlled space a while ago, Lucas turned to lock in the co-ordinates for the ship, and lined up for his entry into supercruise. "Right. Let's do this!" And with that, he charged the drives, pushed the throttle to full, and shot the Deliverance into the inky black.
  14. Once he made sure Zero wasn't going to break anything while working on the ship, Lucas made his way inside and began his pre-flight checklist. Starting with the area around the craft, He checked the landing legs, engine nacelles and other things like panels, maintenance readouts and diagnostic checks on software before heading to the rear cargo lift. Reaching the lift itself, he stepped on and made his way into the vessel itself, locking the lift in place once it was secured. Once a thorough check of the cargo area was made (Supplies secured and no loose debris around the place in case things get bumpy), Lucas began the forward checks that eventually led to the cockpit. By the time he was reaching his seat, it had been a solid 20 minutes, with Lucas noting that Zero had gotten to the stage where he was maneuvering his Vanada into position for final placement, and he likely wouldn't take too much longer. Getting back on track, however, the man positioned himself in his seat, and began booting up systems. As he began, the screens in front of him flickered to life, and a smooth synthetic voice spoke from both the cockpit speakers and the comms. "Auxillary systems online. Startup sequence initiated - Welcome aboard, Commander Edwards, Shall i commence launch protocols?" Celeste - the ship based AI. Another carryover from the ship's ancient heritage, this program proved to be just as good, if not better, than a cephalon - monitoring the status of the vessel and the space around it constantly to make sure things were going smoothly. He usually went straight for the startup as soon as he sat down, but paused to givezero time to finish. "Not quite yet, Celeste. Zero's gotta finish his modifications before we can do diagnostics and get this ball rolling..." Celeste replied in here ever smooth accent, respecting the pilot's request/ "Understood, sir. I will await further instruction..." Not 5 minutes later, Zero was heard coming through the door behind him, Lucas hearing that the Vanada has been fitted and stowed away. "Nice. Just have to do some final diagnostics and then we can get outta here. Celeste - begin startup diagnostics and luanch sequence" A simple acknowledgement was all she gave as she went to work. First was the reactor. A low thrum could be heard as it powered up from idle, while the displays on both Lucas' and Zero's cockpits lit up with more information. Power output, engine temps, weapon status, sheilds, the works. Reactor spooled and reading stable power levels, the fuel pumps kicked in, and in short order, the engines were started - quickly coming up to their idle temps and run speeds. Shortly after the autoloaders for the turrets cycled, mechanical thuds sounding from them as they completed their tests. And with that all done, they were ready to go. Lucas linked up with the intercom with zero, giving him a heads up. "Alright, we're set. Just need to get clearance and we're burning out of here. you want to handle that?"
  15. ((Lucas Edwards - Alpha Squad)) Lucas went up to him before looking at his archwing, already going through the process of finding exactly where to put the damned thing. As he got next to zero, he brought up his wrist display, booting up the projector and displaying a hologram of the ship above it, showing possible mounting points for the Vanada based off his scans. "Alright, we've got two options, those being the cargo bay at the rear of the ship, and the airlock/docking hub at the centre. Personally, i'd go for mounting it via the extendable docking clamp on the topside of the ship. the cargo bay, while giving us a lower scanner cross section if we choose to house the Vanada internally, would take way too long to fabricate, and will likely upset the weight balance of the craft. Not to mention that there's two massive thrusters mere metres away from you as you dock and undock. Not really an ideal entry/exit point. The docking port, on the other hand, is a much easier approach. Since it'll most likely already have the re-enforcement needed to hold up the vessel even in stressful manoeuvres, all we'll need to do is modify the Vanada with a docking clamp that'd be compatible, wire up the neccisary electronics and supply transfer equipment, and then attach the damn thing. While i do have concerns about scanner cross-section, once detached, the clamp retracts back into the hull, so once you're off, it doesn't matter." Lucas shut down the hologram and looked back at Zero. "So, that sound good?"
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