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  1. (PS4)skelingtin

    PS4 Chimera: Update 23.10.6

    this hotfix also allowed a few hundred people who havent been able to login since last week (chimera update) to finally be able to play again....which is obviously dope since i thought i wasnt going to be able to play til fortuna...
  2. (PS4)skelingtin

    WARFRAME PS4 Version 01.63 - Updates Not Downloading

    u got the server bug from the chimera update. at least one form of it. you won't be able to do anything until DE fixes it. it's happened to a few hundred ppl (im guessing conservatively) me included. just play another game until the next update and hopefully we'll all be able to play again. sidenote: the bug is only linked to your account so technically you could just start a new account and dwnload the update....you just won't be able to use your main account until the server bug is fixed.
  3. (PS4)skelingtin

    (Chimera PS4) Login failed. Check your info. (Fixed)

    if you downloaded hotfix 10.8 then im very sorry man...that fix was supposed to stop this problem that started oct. 11th...and ppl were still saying they were unable to login after the update and its been almost 30 days. sorry, we're going to have to wait until DE fixes this. and a little acknowledgement that this is a serious issue from them would be appreciated. it's good PR seeing how severe this bug is for ppl....even if its only a few hundred people so far.
  4. (PS4)skelingtin

    (Chimera PS4) Login failed. Check your info. (Fixed)

    no, this isnt a problem that we can fix. it's a server issue on DE's side and, from the sounds of it, more and more people have been not able to log on. It's linked to your account contacting their servers. not your ps4, or internet, or anything else like that.
  5. (PS4)skelingtin

    (Chimera PS4) Login failed. Check your info. (Fixed)

    You're in for the wait. You should hope hotfix 10.8 hits next week. Then you should hope it even works, because PC players who have the hotfix still can't login (It was the entire point of the hotfix lol)
  6. (PS4)skelingtin

    Unable to login

    It's the chimera update. They updated the servers and it blocked a bunch of accounts (Mine too) You can still play on an alt account but until they fix it your account will be unable to connect to warframes servers on any platform (i.e. PC, PS4, XB, or Switch) u can still use the website or mobile app though. Please submit a support ticket.
  7. (PS4)skelingtin

    5 Year Anniversary!

    any chance of getting that 10.8 hotfix soon so i can finally login to get this awesome stuff?
  8. (PS4)skelingtin

    PS4 Chimera: Update 23.10.6

    ive done the research and it's from DE updating there servers with the chimera update. theres no work around for this. it just disabled like 10% of the community from logging in. we have to just wait til a hot fix comes in a few weeks. play red dead or somethin.
  9. (PS4)skelingtin

    I can't Log In

    happened to me on ps4 as well. right after chimera installed i could no longer login. i've done everything i could think of besides buying a new ps4. my alt account can login just fine though. so it has to do with there servers after applying the update code...long story short like 10% of the community can't login until they fix this. you'll find similar posts going back all the way to oct 11 when they first "updated there servers" we just have to play something else until they fix it. there are no work arounds for this its on there side. sidenote: im sure they are working on this but some acknowledgement about the problem would be great.
  10. (PS4)skelingtin

    Cant login

    happened to us on ps4 aswell. desperately hoping for hotfix 10.8 soon...it said it fixed that problem. til then i can only access warframe from my phone app. fyi i can say nothing u can do works as its server side on their equipment. learned that after clearing my cache, resetting my ps4, reinstalling warframe twice, changing my passwords and emails on all accounts, and restoring all my liscenses...we just have to wait.
  11. (PS4)skelingtin

    PS4 Chimera: Update 23.10.6

    i havent been able to login since the update...."login failed. check your info." i just wanna play the game.
  12. Update 1.65 has fixed the login error.