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  1. a bit nervous about the forma needed for all this..
  2. Can we keep the enormous Kavat bug on Railjack please, that one is funny.
  3. I'm guessing DE stats show many active players stockpiling plat and having even more plat tied up in thousands of relics. I played with a guy who said he had 10,000 !! High ducat value items like primed chamber helps to release that wealth, bring prices down, make items more affordable for newer players and boost the game a bit. Having expensive plat value meta items nudges the game towards becoming a 'have lots of plat to win' which is dangerous in terms of sentiment towards DE so this price reduction and levelling is probably intentional. Primed Chamber may be a mediocre mod but it's helping boost the game at the moment. A clever move by DE we might see more high ducat value items appearing or existing prices go up, especially now that fully loaded primed mods are becoming the new go-to for making plat. Excuse me I have an appointment at Vodyanoi.. (spel)
  4. When piloting a railjack I can't see if there's anyone in the domegun position, when I use the minimap overlay. I can see everyone else though. It would really be useful if I could see if someone was there. Must be frustrating for the boomer too wondering why I'm not helping with targeting crew ships. I find the minimap overlay very useful as a pilot so I can see where everyone is positioned or if they're moving towards another position. e.g. someone might be headed to the forge which means I don't have to go there or there may be someone headed to a downed crew member or they might be almost at a repair so I know not to bother interrupting flying to remote heal it myself. I don't like the mini icons on the right they're not very intuitive and as a pilot there's not much time to scroll through everyone's cam views to see where they are. I also can't see enemies using the overlay - annoying if not a bug. Yeah I know, get some friends, join a clan, use a mic. get gud etc. but I think this little tweak would help promote railjack in general especially in public games.
  5. Great day for completionists and I'll scrape together some doocats to get it but.. not sure it's really worth it, maybe for Eidolons?
  6. Done it twice. Don't know what's worse, losing 5 hours shaking off something you don't need in the most unpopular part of the game (2019 survey), or getting vilified on a forum for being human. Would it really be that much of a problem for you leet players out there if the game was interrupted by a 3 second confirmation mechanic that already exists in multiple other places in the game to help out us lesser mortals? Get gud? really? We're supposed to be pulling together..
  7. +1 I've done this twice and wasted 5 hours of my life getting rid of something I didn't want in the most unpopular part of the game (2019 survey). I mean what harm would it do? I doubt there'd be a thread on these forums from people complaining that they wasted 3 seconds of their life to kill a larvling!
  8. I have also done this - bye bye 5 x forma. Didn't realise there was a 'right-way-round'. Hope that weapon doesn't become meta because if it does, I'll need to throw another 5 forma at it.
  9. Whether the Kuva Nukor is OP by design or just a happy co-incidence is anyone's guess but I think DE will allow it for as long as it helps encourage players back to Liches, which took a hit in their 2019 survey.
  10. Well it warms the cockles of my heart to learn that everyone is in complete agreement to my brilliant idea, which I didn't blatently steal from Borderlands, nope that's just a complete coincidence. Looking forward to DE implementing this :)
  11. So as we approach the big level 30 sometime this year I think it would be a great idea to have option to reset your game at 30 back to MR 0.... yep you lose all frames, weapons, credits, focus, plat, mods, endo the whole shebang. You just get one unique stripe for your shoulder and keep your stats which will have a new indicator on the stat page showing you reset. Steam achievements will all go to bronze because guess what? You can reset 2 more times after this and then get gold ones and a max of 3 shoulder stripes 🙂
  12. The ptsd caused by farming Liches and Ephemeras at launch has ensured I'll never enjoy doing them no matter how much easier it becomes. Still waiting for my beta tester medal for helping future players have a better experience. I jest of course because such is the life of a hungry Warframe addict. Keep that new content coming DE but please go a bit easier on us next time.
  13. It's hard at the moment because the solo mode called "Command" hasn't been released yet. I agree railjack doesn't seem very popular at the moment with not many people joining unless the sentient ship has appeared where Shedu parts can drop. Railjack is next level co-op where communication and teamwork is almost mandatory. If you want to develop a useful and sought after railjack skill look into being a crew ship boarder. Good luck.
  14. Larvling shows weapon: Should have been there day 1 I’m sure it was considered at the time, hindsight eh! No back break animation: Pity, it was fun as you witnessed the demise of your poor team mate with lots of ‘rip back’ or similar comments in game chat. Valance transfer: Good for completionists but no obvious meta has yet emerged suggesting a 60% elemental gain on these particular weapons is worthwhile. You’ll need to boost their base stats to make this interesting. Double ephemera chance: Still not worth the very high probability of being lumbered with a ‘non ephemera’ Lich for hours, days. Better to trade for it. Liches staying longer: Really? The feedback indicates people don’t like it and you’re making it a longer process? This just makes the worse part of Liches even worse. More suffering ahead. 2 more weapons: Forcing players back into a system they don’t like just to get MR in the hopes that these small changes will make them suddenly deliriously happy about Liches is a bit too much to hope for. No ‘Lich be gone’ option Just take a deep breath and fix it with this bold and scary but simple solution. This isn’t really one of those times where you can tweak a few parameters. Summary: These changes don’t address the ‘horrible thing’ which is having to kill the Lich on average 8 times (for me) just to get rid of it if there's no ephamera. Also you have a greater chance of winning the lottery on a scratch card than guessing the next correct symbol of the code sequence. There are too many symbols. And what’s the point of Lich levels when they always go to 5? Tweaking things after deployment is a very successful, tried and tested process which is awesome, progressive, gets new content out there quickly and I’m a huge fan. However I think the Lich system is different as the analysis for 2019 shows. Let’s be bold with this one make it easy and move on to other things that people can spend time doing. Don’t let it drag you down any further it’s caused too much aggravation and lost sentiment. You can’t win ‘em all. Good luck.
  15. So my 90 Vidar is going from being one of the best currently in the game to the worst roll possible! RIP all the farming to get it. Ah well such is the life of a beta tester 🙂
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