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  1. Thanks folks, glad i can hop in my Titania again! <3
  2. Tried to subsume pull on my Xaku in config B but it ate the resources but didn't apply the ability :( I tried doing it one more time and putting it on config C but no dice. I'm just wasting piles of resources at this point trying to produce bile in the helminth https://imgur.com/a/n1AaPqs
  3. Tried it again since i'm a sucker for punishment but put it on Config B this time instead of A and it worked!
  4. Hi there, I've tried to subsume marked for death on my ash in a few places but i can't seem to get it to stick. I currently tried to put it on his 1 but it's still showing my shuriken. I've tried putting it on 4 as well with no luck. Going into the mission and testing to see if it still works only uses the original ability and not Marked for Death. I've managed to put it on my Inaros just fine. Can see some screenshots here to show what i mean if that's not too clear. https://imgur.com/a/46Oxemi
  5. Bumping, having the same issue. I can't access my full wheel since one of the recent HoD patches. It looks fine in the gear equip/select screen but it stops at item 13 in the missions.
  6. Thanks. Also hi Voltage where are you
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