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  1. I have never seen anyone use the Tiberon. Even i use the Stradavar instead of it now and it still gets the nerf. If they don't put the disposition at 1.0 when starting, no one would be able to sell their rivens for thousands of plat.
  2. I was surprised with the Arca Plasmor. Everyone considers it S#&$ now and never uses it, yet it get's dropped. I have never seen anyone using the Tiberon for the last 6 months, but it still gets dropped. The Fulmin is as expected, it will continue to lose .2 every change until it hits the bottom, i'll sell my riven before next Prime Release for the mandatory 2000 plat.
  3. That's the thing, giving us end game gives us NO reason to spend money.
  4. We don't have end game content because it wouldn't be anywhere near profitable. Think about it, where do they make the money, releasing new frames/weapons. Who buys the new frames/weapons, low-mid people. End game people don't spend the money because they have nothing else to do, so they farm the stuff/plat they need. Doesn't take a genius to see.
  5. It's a free to play game. Free. If you want stuff faster, buy platinum and rush it. That's how they make money, you know, for their FREE game. It's the business model every other F2P game uses and Warframe is very generous in everything they offer. Learn to take some #*!%ing time out and not stress over having that weapon/frame RIGHT NOW!!!! Or if you do need it right now, buy some platinum to support the game and rush it.
  6. And what, have them miss out on the 40p i spend to buy Greater Lens's to turn into Eidolon one's? Sometimes i think you all forget this is a F2P game that still needs to make some income.
  7. Where as now you can log in whenever, complete the minimal challenges offered that take a maximum 2 hours a week, and then buy whatever you want whenever you want. All this hate on Nightwave with people acting like watching your phone 24/7 for the right alert to pop up, running onto the computer to do it, is much better than just doing Nightwave whenever you want at whatever time and then just buying the item. Never understand your type.
  8. I didn't do any of these (only have a score just over 4000) but it seems pretty S#&$ty you will block/ban/remove people for using abilities that are in game. Why can't they use a Loki to teleport someone to their death? That's just smart thinking...
  9. We are still waiting for something to spend Cetus rep on...one step at a time.
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