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  1. I'm interested to know how you spend your time and what you try to aim for when you are playing. Like, do you see an Aura Forma and want that so you grind Arbitrations non-stop until you get one? The game is RNG, that is how it's designed and what it's main grab is for consistent players. Tell me also, would you be happier if say, i just sent you every Frame/Weapon/Mod/Drop in game today? Would that improve your experience to have everything available? 60 minute missions we're a challenge and it was proven by how many people couldn't do them and complained about them. They do get challenging after the 30-40 minute mark for most people. Although i side with you here, nothing is too hard in Warframe and i have setups myself to easily handle most if not all situations. The most challenging i've had recently was pushing the 4000 mark in the new game mode, that was fun 🙂 But yeah, i would like to know how/what you play when you do login. I can have an idea of what i want, a frame, a weapon, a drop etc, and manage to enjoy myself while trying to get it, even if it is a 2% drop and i haven't gotten it in 2 months of playing. I still fail to see how, if the game just gave me it after 10 runs, that would make me happier. There is some joy still to roll those dice and get what you want, yes it does get you down if you can't get the one thing you are obsessed over at the current time, but that's why you aim for multiple goals and spread your time around. Help out new people to take a break, works for me.
  2. So play the game. If you only put in 20 minutes a day, expect to get 20 minutes worth of loot a day. It's people that play 20 minutes, but want what others spend 5 hours to farm, like you, lazy.
  3. Brings back memory of Hildryn and all the people claiming it was totally unfair and ridiculous that they had to wait 7 days to grind for her just because they didn't want to spend $$$ or Plat. Even though the event fit the theme/release and if you really wanted, you could still get Hildryn right away.
  4. The effort IS the RNG. You complete that mission to try and get it. That simple. I ran for Wisp when it released, i got 4 or 5 Systems in a row to start. Did i chuck a fit and complain and demand drop rates be upped? Surprisingly no. I just ran it again. There already is another way of obtaining them, by buying them with platinum. This is where it starts getting funny, because you want stuff to be given to you just because you complete a mission x amount of times. Warframe is RNG, always has been, hopefully always will be.
  5. Yeah, i've been playing for years now (nearly 700 days login, 2500+ hours) and i've never seen so much of the current complaints. We still had low drop chances back then, but somehow we survived and flourished in it, surely if it was as terrible as people claim it is now i wouldn't of stuck around so long right? I also had a few complaints, mainly Harrow from Defection....grinded that with clan mates for 3-4 hours, had enough at midnight and went to bed, they got it the next run!!! But hey, no biggy, i just did a few and i think it was 2 weeks to get it finally. I think alot of this stems from them seeing something, getting in their head they NEED it right now, and then complain because it's hard to grind out 50,000 resources in under 20 minutes to build what they want. Warframe offers so much, when i was leveling up if there was something i wanted to build but didn't have enough Mutagen Mass say, i'd build other S#&$ and get around to it when the Invasions pay off. That seem's like too much trouble to do these days.
  6. Yup, it's starting to drag on me now. I want proper mechanics/gameplay discussion and all we seem to get are constant whinging and requests to dumb down the game. I know what Warframe entails, i've done everything and experienced it all, at no point did i sit there and go "#*!% i wish i could just get 10 times the resources" or "why doesn't this part just drop after the 10th run!!".
  7. While i understand Hema research, you understand that is a guild requirement right. And if you choose to have your own guild with you as a sole member, then you are making that farm harder on yourself, not the game. If however, all members of a guild participate and donate, it's not really that hard.
  8. Trying to understand the current element of entitlement people feel they deserve. Combing through Reddit, i usually do this for mechanics discussions and such, Warframe's Reddit is unfortunately just filled with thread after thread of people complaining and whinging over the most basic of things. Currently we are on the "game is unplayable because Hydroid/Khora/Nekros don't stack now". Before this we had threads of how drop chances should all be raised to 5-10% minimums, how items should be easier to get, frames easier to get, Nightwave easier to complete. What is with this? How does being handed everything in game give you satisfaction or make a game more playable to you? Why is it you can't be arsed to work for the rewards? Why do you feel entitled to get something, because someone else got it? This new resource is a good start, people want more of it straight away. It should drop more frequently, the rewards of it in between rounds should be doubled/tripled/quadrupled etc etc. Why? I needed to build Wisp, so what did i do? I played the game for 30-45 minutes and already had enough materials for her. Now while i'm researching the weapons i reckon i'll get enough resources to build that. Without any numbers being raised. Why is that so hard? How far do we need to go before the game just gives you every item when you log in now? Why must we take what little challenge we get and remove it. 60 minute Survival is another good example. Why should that change? Because some people can't/won't do it? Now it's 30 minutes for next season. Could probably solo that now. But yeah, those people can now get everything, isn't that awesome? Just not seeing why we are listening or even still, caving into these people that continuously want everything made easier or just given to them. /end rant.
  9. We are still waiting for something to spend Cetus rep on...one step at a time.
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