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  1. Haha, have fun with this one. Message support, they can give you the old "we can't do anything about it". You are just stuck, same happened to me and support just told me too bad.
  2. Since it's probably way too much to ask can you fix it so we don't randomly have to listen to everyones 10 minute speech when we goto an open world, how about giving us the basic, simple, easy, well-used, option to SKIP all dialogue. Nothing worse than talking to someone then going #*!%, better go make a forum report, and it's still #*!%ing talking when i tab back to it .....
  3. The Soaktron Rifle Skin can't be used on most rifles.... Why sell a 'rifle' skin if it doesn't fit rifles? Needs to be updated to include every rifle as it doesn't fit on any of the current popular ones. Big let down after buying.
  4. Bug - Cedo alt fire will stagger you if any enemies block the explosion, meaning although you are 30 metre's away you will still suffer the staggering effect....
  5. So just noticed, if you send the projectile from Cedo off and an enemy 'blocks' the explosion, it staggers you. No matter if your point blank, or 50000 metre's away, you get staggered.
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