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  1. What are the issues: Speed mods no longer make Cloud Walker go faster. Happy to show this to anyone in game, or to see for yourself, try completely unmodded Cloud Walker speed vs putting all the sprint speed mods on. Sliding/crouching while using Cloud Walker doesn't make it faster like it used to. You can easy try this yourself to see that crouching while using Cloud Walker doesn't change its speed. None of this was mentioned in the patch notes. Why are these issues: Wukong is still perfectly capable and fun for missions. I'm a novice here, but one of the main probl
  2. Please fix Wukong's speed nerf or clarify. It appears that neither the crouch speed boost nor sprint speed mods increase the cloudwalker speed anymore.
  3. @[DE]Megan Can we get some clarification if this was intended? Wukong feels so slow now 😞
  4. It doesn't work at all with my Gaze primary either.
  5. Garuda's Talons are not normal exalted though. They do nothing special, and they're not tied to an ability. If they shouldn't be able to benefit from Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds, like they previously were, then they should be unable to equip those mods. Also, please revert the change that unlocked the position of the the Railjack tactical overlay map. When you're at the front of the ship or at the back, parts of the ship, specifically teleport points hazards are covered up by other parts of the UI.
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