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  1. The Eidolon Ephemera should be Eidolon Body Ephemera as it is one of the best and can't be seen when using revenant's 4th since it only relies on footsteps which is a waste. Here is a comparison between Smoking Body Ephemera and Eidolon Ephemera https://youtu.be/MiTGUSkRpP0
  2. I have wasted more than 24 hours on these rooms and opened more than 200 doors 95% of the time as nekros and had an ivara in squad with me 75% of the time, haven't sniffed a single mod of these 4: Anti-Grav Array, Gale Kick, Kavat's Grace and Odomedic.
  3. I have opened maybe over 200 mostly rooms 95% of the time as nekros and had an ivara 75% of the time, got nothing so far
  4. In which mission the #1/8 usually appears I did all kinds of missions (especially exterminate and capture) for more than 12 hours it didn't even show up once
  5. I downloaded it via discord and optimized and verified the cache I still don't see it and I am subscribed to Nitro games How to solve I tried making the shortcut method on steam directory didn't work
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