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  1. Checked out a bunch of other rifles and there's a lot that don't work. Fulmin, Amprex, Basmu, Zenith, etc. So it seems like it basically only works for your run-of-the-mill assault rifles like Soma, Karak or Braton.
  2. It also doesn't work for primary kitguns, which is probably the biggest oversight, since they need it the most.
  3. Just like the name "Universal Medaillon" and it's description implies that you can use it with all the syndicates, but alas ...
  4. Man, I have no problem with the download size being big, but why is the download so freaking slow? 280KB/s? That's gonna take ages.
  5. What ever happened to "we will add other ways to obtain vaulted primes"?
  6. I'm also not getting as many drops. The dupes are ridiculous too - I got 35 cards in total, but only 8/10 motives, while I have 5-7 duplicates of some of the other ones.
  7. Think of it like the Eidolons.
  8. Necralisk isntances are completely devoid of other players now for me, and there is no matchmaking for bounties. Restarting the game didn't work.
  9. Too bad, I was hoping they'd adress the Son Token economy with the next hotfix. That's probably the no. 1 issue with Deimos right now, they need to fix that asap.
  10. It should also be noted that fishing is much "easier" than in Cetus and Fortuna, since it only requires two baits that can be found just lying around in the world, and don't have to be bought with standing.
  11. To be fair, conservation being a requirement is new.
  12. No they aren't, they are a massive improvement over the old standing system.
  13. The token system is great, why do people complain about it? A single bounty mission can give you 10,000 standing worth of tokens. And you can hoard them, so you can play a bunch of bounties when you have some time, and then trade them in at other days where you don't have so much time to play. That's a fantastic improvement and greatly DEcreases the grind. It's so much better then Cetus standing (Fortuna is good now, but was worse at launch). Fishing and mining has also been required for Cetus and Fortuna, so that isn't new, only Conservation was purely optional before. There is one
  14. There's no correlation between these two things. You don't need to nerf anything to make the other abilities worthwhile.
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