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  1. Rant. So I log in and a mail pop up: Looks like free sfuff , no mention of anything required. But guess what, Prime gaming required. I dont have Prime gaming, I dont want it and I dont need it. But "you can try Prime for free".... Same with some loans and pay from second month. Just marketing. If you have to send us mails like this at least put the Prime Gaming info in it. Since today I am not clicking on anything from Darvo and will delete the mails the second I see them. Wish I could set filters on mails like in real life. /Rant
  2. Can confirm, just used one on mission after killed first hound and she did not appear.
  3. Here is your problem. Amalgam offers something else while slightly reducing the overall dmg. Yours Serrations can in theory be split into two mods. Imagine one extra mini slot. You would fit classic Serration in normal slot and one of the options in mini slot. But that is actually possible, just put Reload/magazine/projectile speed mod in one of the normal slots today... but wait ... that means you will lose one precious slot that could be use for something like elemental dmg. Basically you will lose dmg for some utility. At the end, your "options" will lead us to where we are now, but with one more "mini" slot. Thing that was suggested many times before, some kind of utility slot, which lead us to Weapon Exilus slot that is in game right now.
  4. What I like to do sometimes is get few beers , turn on some good music and just do random Relics runs with anything I find fun to play. I usually end up with some rares and sometimes even some vaulted stuff. And when new primes comes out all you have to do is wait 3-4 days until the market saturates from farmers and the pieces are totally cheap.
  5. This is really not necessary. Most of the frames have same problems (Rhinos Roar, Mesas Shatter Shield,...) and changing color for one frame that has even a big indicator right in front of you wont solve anything. I personally would love to see some HUD changes/customization. That would for example show remaining time of some abilities next to crosshair.
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