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  1. That would be ok...problem is combination of male/female parts. This means the different parts need to be more compatible so they need to be more adaptive. And this leads to extra bits to cover such uneven connections. Just look at waistband parts, they are just floating around operator to prevent clipping but making them look unnatural.
  2. I am not going to argue with you because that is the reason these topics are created in General forum, to create political/social rage discussions. If it was really about customization it would be in Feedback.
  3. From my experience from Steel path publlic. About 80% ppl are MR 25+ and have no problems contributing to the mission. Sometimes i see high MR ppl doing nothing or ranking weapons ...in Steel path...come on guys. But the number of players below MR 15 that are actually useful is really low. There are some , usually second accounts or veterans without need of MRs but until we get some real skill check (MR tests are some, i mean you are forced to solo them and found a way to do them as easy as possible), MR is all we can look at. So i am happy it at least have some restrictions. For some real challenge (or find the cheese) i would make the whole Steel path solo only 😄
  4. It seems like you are the one hurt here. But tbh i dont care, simple switch cant do harm but i think there are more important things and issues to address. From better hair to better face changes.
  5. Clearing whole starchart will not give you enough to buy the armor. I did three runs survival (70,90,70 min) to farm about 80 Steel Essence. Tbh its still better than doing eidolons since you can do it solo.
  6. I am using female operator and i totally love the new operator suit. But i am afraid it will get destroyed. As was mentioned on stream it will be remade as modular to combine with both gender types. And this will require some tweeks so the different parts wil lfit together. As could be seen as past operator armors this usually leads to more bulky parts that do not fit the body too well. So please try to make it as little bad as possible 😞
  7. Did 70 min solo Survival yesterday. Enemies were hitting levels 250+. Didnt use single Ammo pad. Steel path is not meant to be endgame but a playground for most efficient builds. Of course your favorite build to clean missions lvl 50-100 wont work.
  8. Steel essence drop is too low. Like i cleaned 1,5 planets and did 30 min Survival and did not get any Essence (not counting the 2 for clearing planet). Why are the drop rates so low? Its not like we can buy anything special for them. Low Riven sliver drops are fine.
  9. Mover-NeRo

    Equinox 2.0

    I personally would welcome some changes on Equinox. As someone who is more interested in night form i find the range strength of Pacify a huge miss. You already have to build for range and yet it provide less of an effect. Also switching between Night and Day should be more fluid and dynamic, encouraging player to switch and not penalizing him for it.
  10. Deadlock protocol was quite well done. Not many gamebraking bugg..personally i didnt find any. Sound is great. Art is great. Protea is well balanced, quite strong (with latest buffs) and fun to play. Grind was ok..didnt feel exhausting. Thank you DE.
  11. It was my melee build..not all Saryns are nukers. And getting in melee range with this Ancient is the problem.
  12. I was always wondering how can he one shot my Umbra Saryn with 1337 HP and 877 armor. I am supporting some more telegraphs.
  13. Its similarly themed as last Ash deluxe. While quite detail in texture i am not fan of this theme.
  14. As was mentioned. You can not trade with your starting platinum for example.
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