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  1. She is doing Aoe DPS...that is her role. But so does Mesa, Volt (yes who woul thought he can do more than just run, right?), Or Equinox... If you Nerf her other frame will just replace her. Look at how Ember ended. Even Hyldrin can do more dmg than Ember now.
  2. ALT + F4 when there is no content update and i claimed my login reward. But other than that i have Kdrive and Archwing on mouse and F keys for gear items.
  3. My test run ended after 35min, returning to ship, seeing Network problem and not getting any rewards, not a single credit so mine is pretty bad...
  4. Arbitrations update..sure lets give it a go. After 35 min run we all extracted...rewards: nothing, no mods, no arcanes, no essences. Rant:
  5. Shot it..reset it resistances..shot it again... I dont see any problem here.
  6. I was experimenting with Gauss whole day and there is small Battery management issue. I would like a small tweek to : little bit more battery level from walking/sprinting remove passive battery drain from Redline
  7. Dont enter Leverian as Operator..the things you will see !!! Glad its fixed :D
  8. I dont understand why? If you have RTX card like me you should have no problem with FPS in QHD...i am for example having 140FPS in QHD while underclocking GPU to 60%
  9. This would be the same as making all resources just one resource that would drop everywhere and every item in Foundry would cost only this resource. Kinda dull right?
  10. Something like : https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Purity https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Justice https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Truth etc... ?
  11. I like it. What i dont like is peoples greed. That they rather keep riven then dont use for months,asking ridiculous prices rather than selling it to someone who might have some fun with it. Every time i see someone selling riven for something like 9000 i block them, there is no reason i want to do trades with someone like this.
  12. After rank 30 its not meant to me rewarding. Its just something extra.
  13. Dont let yourself be fooled by ppl sayng CC + CD rivens are best. They are actually weaker for almost all weapons, than combination of DMG/MS + One crit stat. Best way is to put it into dmg calculator and do the math like NeutuoS mentioned.
  14. Tbh..the original looked better. Now its just blank.
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