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  1. I got free Destiny 2 base game long ago. I played and it was not bad..later i even bought the Forsaken dlc that contained like 3 DLCs. I had quite some hours of fun. Not as near 4k i have in WF, but i dont hate the game. Sure its worth to try...as distraction, fill up. Its not like i play only WF. But we all know we will be back to WF new content for years to come 🙂.
  2. I support equality. In that case i dont take "these people" as different group. I take them as everyone else. And so i dont feel the need to support these groups. That acts actually create division. Because it present them as different. You are gay or something..ok..just stop demanding special attention or free stuff.
  3. There is just so much wrong with your post... But what get me is calling Mag trash. I bet you made unbalanced STR build and after you pressed 4 not everything was dead. I am so angry i wont even tell you how to play her..
  4. I personaly like balanced frames that can do more just one button trick. But sadly Wisps 4 feel really week. Even some unforma weapons are more effective. Its not like it cant kill stuff..its just by time you activate it and blindly aim at last know position where you saw the enemy..you can just shot them.😑
  5. It wokrs like this, anytime you use moving ability it emits wave that dispel your abilities and block them for few seconds. So DONT use operator Dash. Even thing like Zephyr 1 trigger this effect. The reason i see behind this is to force players to do the jumping on ropes and evading electricity part.
  6. Lets sum up some delicious Orokin recipies: Warframe one human some Helminth infestation cooking until hard as iron on the outside Cephelon one human .Just the mind, throw away the body. 12V battery keep mixing until it has no memory Sentients one human (or million depends on how big galaxy you need to colonize) light (make sure it wont corrupt itself at long travels) ??? Orokin towers meat...alot of meat...(human meat?) for special Cetus tower use one Unum (person?) gold security ayatan tresures Its just me who starting to see a pattern here... Of course this is just random thought and there is no clear connection between Sentients and actual humans...but it made me wonder.
  7. No. The last thing i want when doing long survival is to camp small room with one door for ~hour. Dont know about you but i play to have at least some fun and staying in one room guning down what comes from one direction for long time is boring as hell. Personaly i prefer big rooms with multiple entrances where all 4 players have enough room.
  8. With that budget i would go for Radeon RX 570.
  9. I thought you could use... bullet jump ? TBH. Sometimes i think we should go slower for more tactical approach. Anyway..there are rumors that we will get auto sprint.,..so you can always use some Sprint speed mods.
  10. Does Pulling (Mag) enemies into lake and watching them drown count?
  11. I am not even trying, got the blood one ant that is it. Others are just too RNG and dont reflect anything just luck.
  12. Saryn Prime. Using all 3 Maxed Umbra mods. 1450hp and 877 armor.
  13. Using Oxylus with Scan Lifeforms makes every Conservation spawn into Pobbers.
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