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  1. Yes! That was my crazy combo I did once I finished all the urgent ones. There is no real logic to giving Wisp dispensary. But I was like hell let her become the ultimate "drop it likes hot queen"
  2. Let us add Condemmed to that list. It gives you a similar CC to Ensnare-yes it does not grab as many enemies. It gives you shield boost similar to Pillage. Hence you get two core mechanics of two high quality subsumed abilities. I appreciate FireBlast and Smite as abilities that work so much better when given to other frames. But folks give condemmed a shot on Nyx, Nekros, Nova (holding them in place allows for headshot hits with Nova's 2).
  3. For real! Condemned is such an underrated ability to subsume.
  4. Its very well know be the people who play Inaros---he has no abilities. Whatever ability you infuse into Inaros will actually be the 1st ability Inaros gets to use. I have put into each config slot of my Inaros prime a different ability and they were the only real abilities I end up using (Smite, Warcry and Ensnare).
  5. FACTS! I never used Hildryn once I leveled her. But ohh my goodness thank you DE for this Helminth system. Once I started trying out Pillage I was like this white rice of abilities---it goes good with everything. Ok except for Inaros and Nidus (stop the jokes before ya start) But really: Pillage + Mesa Nekros Mag (its so unfair) Ember Banshee All work so good.
  6. You folks were so damn helpful on my Nekros talk (I would have never thought of Pillage+Nekros or FireBlast+Nekros). I am looking to improve Titania. I would replace her 3rd ability or her 1st honestly I see them as doing similar things. But what to put on her. Warcry has caught my attention. Titania mains please let me know what would work best for your frame.
  7. I am not a Nekros main. However, I am always recognized that he is still hands down the best for framing (2nd is Khora). I want to know from any more experienced Nekros mains what ability would be good to add. I plan on droping Soul punch
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