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  1. TLDR; Bug fixes often may come at the end of development life cycle. I'm curious if it may have to do with the "Enterprise Life Cycle" of Warframe. I know when we develop our own software we go into O&M (Operations and Maintenance) late into the life cycle of our products— HOWEVER, it does eventually occur as a good amount that which is currently in O&M still has a ton of overhead that can be improved to lower cost. Of course, this may largely be irrelevant to actual gameplay improvements in something like Warframe as we are talking about satisfying customers in a different way. I wouldn't know, I don't work on video games (But sometimes wish I really did!!!). Warframe is really pushing outward and onward with their content development. It's a trail blazing approach. Backlog grooming DOES occur, but only to those defects that hold high priority. Otherwise they spend a lot of time pushing for generating income through new warframes and platinum sinks and adding new content to draw in an audience. I respect it for what it is, although I wish there were areas invested in with a different approach in terms of player retention. They know where their cash cow is an push it hard, can't blame them I suppose but I think it sacrifices QOL standards to the game itself which are somewhat disingenuous to the game's full potential. That's also understandable though, I somewhat firmly believe most larger games end up sacrificing their "best potential" to retain a broader audience. And that audience brings dollars.
  2. Another conversation on modifying the combat yet again. Don't hold your breath. Development has done nothing but ignore the problem beyond writing it down as a whiteboard topic and the community carebears get triggered with any idea of change. This game has been pandering to a lame "safe space" strawberry donut audience for ages now. If you can't play with one hand and the other eating a donut your idea must be terrible. The resistance to any needed change in this game for long term health and improvement is baffling.
  3. Would it be possible to add a mini boss encounter to the trash mob engagements? Similar to Dynasty Warriors when you encounter another hero? We have things like Vor and Nox, Bounties, but what if there were more occurences of mini bosses with condition modifiers similar to what Diablo 3 does, only with a Warframe spin on it and enough added complexity to get to thinking about combat again. Anything to create more engaged combat. Even put them in second rotation of the aabc lineup, maybe 20 minutes into an endless mission so there's a clear space for those who don't want to fight mini bosses to still get a clear shot at full rotation of rewards?
  4. Warframe used to be about space ninjas, now it's about super soakers and life preservers. It's like putting lipstick on a pig. Yet another game mode with the same core issues to the gameplay unresolved.
  5. Two things I'd like to add reading some comments here in the thread. 1) Break away from assuming better gameplay is only for veterans. 2) Better combat doesn't necessarily mean more difficulty is the caveat to imrpove the combat from.
  6. It's not that I don't appreciate your post. It's just that I'm so jaded with this issue as it has been reported so many times longwithstanding with no change in sight over. And over. And over. I've been "woke" to the trash mob brainless format of Warframe for seriously around three years or so HOPING for it to get back on track to something more enjoyable.
  7. ikkabotz

    Light Saber?

    I was thinking it'd be fun to have a weapon that looks somewhat reminiscent to a light saber that we could actively use to counter incoming blasts that could then kill enemies, also with effects similar to what a light saber does? Of course I don't want it to scream Star Wars, but how fun would it be to slash enemies with a laser blade? Perhaps similar to sekiro or bayonetta in that when a counter is executed with near perfect timing it opens a window to block a shot or kill an enemy? I could see that being very fun to use a build without shields that relied on execution of timed counters with your weapon.
  8. Did you not read anything from the post or thread replies or something? Plenty is mentioned on what's wrong with it, especially its interruptions of what players are intending to do. Most people want more control, not less of it. I would almost like to see a way of countering ourselves if it does still exist, something I time myself when desired to use.
  9. I'm sick and tired of any thought or criticism of the game equating to "taking a break" for solutions from people in their responses. There's things that can be developed to improve gameplay for veterans and new players alike. This sort of "take a break" validating has done nothing but give development a free pass to let the more outstanding issues reported in forums to slide over and over again. The core issue is the gameplay itself, of that was more fun beyond rewards people would continue to play after being modded and out of new content.
  10. The problem is anybody who can really affect the change you're desiring don't care. There's huge resistance from the average player, the devs don't acknowledge it. The type of request you're making come around full circle off and on over the lifespan of the forums and goes nowhere. I don't think the devs really care about improving the gameplay in that way to be honest, it's sucks but it's what I'm really seeing out of it. For whatever reasons there's a huge resistance around the idea of adding anything to the complexity or change of combat. Honestly almost every game I've seen that gets into the position Warframe is in now won't develop into any added complexity and it really sucks.
  11. What's great is players with time playing are trying to identify a full stop gap to the game eventually coming to all those who laugh at them for it now
  12. I've said it before, but I really feel it's a disservice to conversations on improvements to the game being lumped into a veteran vs new player approach. There's really no reason for conversations around enhancements to gameplay to have that sort of wedge inserted. A large amount of the more stagnate mechanics to the game are present throughout it. Particularly the combat and ai system. A lot of the needed improvements to good gameplay apply to players new and old. More often than not it's a distraction to separate the two.
  13. From my own point of view this type of thing fulfills a power fantasy but does not fulfill intriguing or enjoyable gameplay. I get bored af with it. Whatever approach, a challenge is needed as current "god mode" format leaves very little to enjoy in the current sandbox to play in
  14. It started with deleting dark sectors, which killed clans. Then they killed the void. Then they stopped doing events. Then they removed raids. Then they made big empty open worlds. Then they made long, boring, unrewarding arbitrations. I'd like to see more development around the game adding a challenge or cooperative gameplay, not the opposite.
  15. Warframe already went down the path of difficulty appeasement and power fantasy gameplay ages ago. The negative side is Mod linking adds another layer of power fantasy to snub players. E peen measurement system. Sorry I'm salty, but people have no idea how many of my favorite games die out to casual 'elitist' culture rotting the gameplay into button pushing factory, "my schwartz is bigger than yours" measuring contests with horrendous gameplay. I absolutely detest what it potentially does in shifting good video games to bad. They end up whining things are too hard or can't accept change (like a different build in the supposed "meta" of Warframe that exists (yeah, right)), when in reality all they really care about is feeling how "powerful" they are and fear losing the power fantasy. This power fantasy is ALWAYS more important than how the actual game plays itself. Games suck once a build becomes the primary dictator of the game— group building is about mod requirements or gearscore over the players creativity and skills, ability to mesh w teammates, etc. Too many devs appease this mindless power fantasy bullS#&&#036 for the cash in and destroy the integrity of the gameplay;. The sad part is the majority of casual gamers fall into this kind of crap, so often once a game gets big you see it evolve into something usually brainless to play and everyone talks about their powerful builds which becomes super frustrating when you initially finally find a good multiplayer/coop game. The apologists usually say "Warframe never was about skill", well whatever. I know all you do now is show up with the mods you grind or forked over the money on to flex with a build and brag about to a brainless combat system. It didn't always used to be that way.
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