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  1. Game has already failed long-term realities and is beyond repair, those still in love with it have a true love song for the game and DE coddled themselves with this type of reception to not change, or there are players too new to see the flaws. Development won't change, because it's not a priority to leadership and it never had to be one. At this point, Warframe is what it is. Take it or leave it. Grind it till you can't, that's all there is to it. The same AI you fought at the beginning of the game, will behave the same way as the AI you fought by the end. Only with perks, and Rivens, and eas
  2. Blah. Does anyone else get tired of seeing people completely delegitimize a post with comments like these and get a ton of favorable "likes". I get it, but mentally its a stale approach to things and I don't get why mods let it fly around here. Anyway, forums. Shrug.
  3. Guzman does it all the time. It's super obnoxious combing through threads looking for the clearing through the wasted or bloated thread. The literal play by play of this thread moments ago when I started reading it. Somewhat interested in responses, sees Guzman asks self "Isn't this the really annoying guy", three pages later of responses of two people in a pissing contest with little man syndrome. I see your response basically validating how I feel about it too.
  4. Sooner or later players will realize despite how many positions they make for an "end game fix", DE does not hold the same interests, nor the same position for said "End game fix". Warframe is what it is, the gameplay is the evidence. DE has made no claim to position themselves outside it FOR YEARS.
  5. The game isn't fun to play, it's literally that simple. On the topic of relevancy, this game has been a cash cow push to the cash cow audience. This is another filler thread to a primary issue. DE have been tone deaf to it, seem dumbfounded on what it really is, but really that's a play on leveraging responses to maintain course on their status quo which is to take no action at all. I guarantee this won't get resolved. DE play dumb on this topic and enough people play into what they want to hear and in their wallet for them to get away with it. We're going on at least four years to the subj
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