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  1. Game will always be an example of what could have been to me. Started strong, then veered off into some type of appeasement machine never executing on a level of intrigue of core mechanics. So many cool aspects misapplied to bring it together. Pie with no crust. Core issue w armor scaling never addressed. Inflatation difficulty. Horde Shooter. All the other nomers applied to it. Unsatisfactory risk/reward. Basic principles missed for years. Wonky development ideas focused on uninteresting background mechanics taking signicant time and resources.
  2. There are people who can't afford it who do spend it too. But that's besides the point. I think its a rip off.
  3. It's insane to me people claim "DE need to make money somehow in F2P" yet don't blink an eye on a 140 bucks for Prime Access. Sure, it's a player's choice to purchase it, but that's pulling pants down for what's offered in the kit. There are people who have easily spent over a grand on Warframe. I guess what bothers me is somehow some folks think Warframe is struggling for profits.
  4. This is what happens when devs dont listen to their audience. Empryean looked like a miss before ever getting off the ground, why they pursued it shows their stubborness to do what players dont want
  5. I work in IT Project Mgmt as a Scrum Master, I'm pretty familiar with your second point. Nothing I was saying implied an immediate fix, it's suggesting DE doesn't run with feedback well in some of it's most predominate issues based on their players reactions (aka product owner) and that potentially hurts things in the long haul in developing things targeting player interests in the game...or another way of saying it, if you're going to keep throwing things to a backlog and never do anything about it why bullS#&$ like you are? It's more about what they place emphasis on when they're developing not keeping in touch with the audience. Of course we hear about how you can't please everyone, you can't expect to change things to make everyone happy. And part of that is true, but frankly the game could be better and considering where they focus their development I think that's where the core issue really is. There's a better approach in there but at this point I think things are so formulaic it'll never deviate much.
  6. Isn't that the point of all this though— if enough players really want a change and we're told there's a reception to feedback and a real player to dev relationship, that you would expect something to happen along the lines of what they really want? And if what they really want isn't happening isn't that fair grounds for criticism in a game still "in development"? I feel like the elephant in the room, over and over is there's a tension on what players are holding out for "soon" never delivered and trying to still hang on to what they love about Warframe. For myself I just stopped enjoying the game and waiting out for what they said it will be compared to what it really is. Frankly the noncommittal tendencies on forward progress and improvement on the variety of existing scope to the game got too frustrating.
  7. That's the MO on these forums. If you aren't blindly supporting DE than the rules of engagement are to try and degrade the original post as being infantile and dumb. Also, related to OP's topic. DE are always slow to listen or implement changes effectively loudest driven by feedback. I already lost all patience with DE /shrug. They have a history of releasing content and abandoning it later.
  8. I actually like Inaros's kit for the most part, use a karyst w him while you open enemy to finisher dmg and you get a significant amount of health back w a significant amount of dmg dealt. Amongst several other things I enjoy when I play Inaros. He's one of my favorites to play in survival. If he went, so be it. I don't play wf anymore. Nothing surprises me w this game at this point, and I don't say that happily. Now I just lurk to see what stupid thing will happen next.
  9. Whoops. Lesson learned, you're still going to get counted for a strike. They make on exception for you they have to make one exception for everybody and just sounds messy
  10. Anyway, too bad so sad RIP game. Everyone enjoy talking circles around an already screwed game while they steal your money
  11. Will people please stop talking about Destiny? It really has nothing to do w this. Warframe is where it's at due to its own problems
  12. Game turned a corner a long time ago in quality and interest for a bunch of weebs to play it, successfully pushed everyone with a shred of honest criticism away from the game. Now it operates in a sorry state of too little too late and risks pushing away the core of whale weebs that remains to try and save grace in retaining a broader audience already long gone. Ultimately came from developing w deaf ears and stubborness of knowing better than what players want. I don't feel sorry for them at all. They developed the game around complacency to the audience that would never fault them. This is the result, a bunch of weebs in denial that can at most try to 'laugh and shame' an audience away amd talk about Destiny taking away numbers as if it has anything to really do w it. At this point I'm just enjoying watching it all go down. This game is going down because it's boring to play which matters a lot with all the tedious grinding.
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