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  1. I miss video games just being video games, this type of feature should be so low on the totem pole of priorities on what's important to develop for WF right now. Agree with other comments, baited topic. It's not that I don't agree, it's juat not that important w everything else lined up in the game. If it's a quick fix, implement. Hopefully it doesn't blow up into an absolute black hole of discussion and triggers. So exhausted w these topics trying to belly up something positive otherwise.
  2. Well something needs to change to pull myself back into the game, I've grown super bored steam rolling everything. It doesn't matter how many new content drops or game modes are dropped if I can continually defeat enemies so easily that I don't even get to appreciate said effort to develop the game. I'm not saying this to be spiteful, it's just my honest impression that when I use the things I spent the time to acquire in game, the mobs die so quickly. I'd like to still use that which I acquired and enjoy the combat too. I feel that's a reasonable ask. When the time to kill is too fast, it starts feeling too much a "push button to immediately resolve situation" kind of thing. I don't necessarily need more challenge, just want to have fun at the end of the day. I really like some of the format of games like diablo where you encounter a "boss" with combat modifiers between the easier mobs to melt.
  3. I don't play at all anymore, nothing in this game ever changes. Haven't seriously played since around 2018.
  4. That's exactly what I thought. I read it and just don't believe this stuff. I'm sick and tired of games catering some fringe reactionary group of players and making everyone else deal with it. There's Modern Warfare's "Skill Based Match Making" coddling bad players, there's Last of Us 2 inserting a foot-in mouth narrative/prerogative plot over the original foundation —largely being a meaningless driver of meaningless story telling to fit an agenda—. This is getting so old. It's not like games haven't done this before, what's with some of the people that play this game.
  5. I like this direction of conversation, it's more on point.
  6. You interpret things however you want. Higher risks, should have higher rewards. If we want to start "interpreting" each other, mind you're the one who keeps inserting interpretation and assumptions around people's basic points. You sound like a professional victim.
  7. Higher risk, higher reward makes sense. Stop acting like it doesn't. Why wouldn't it. Full stop, get over it.
  8. Stop whining competition shouldn't grant exclusive rewards or increased rewards, there are plenty of grind wall formats or other formats players can choose to pursue that are equally as exclusive. Let people see some rewards for playing in a challenging format for crying out loud. If a player wants to show off something because they took the time to do it in a skill based OR grind format....GET OVER IT!! Generally speaking, when I see something I want and can't get it. I find out what it takes to get there, not whine it's not fair till it's given to me. Sometimes I flat out accept I can't have everything I want in a game right away, or even EVER. That's the point of rewards, it adds value to playing and makes it more fun...There's nothing wrong with "Haves and Have-nots"!! Why should people have everything!?!
  9. Second Dream was amazing and the fall off/decline since then has been strong for me. For myself I can't really think of something since then besides Umbra and Harrow content that I really enjoyed and stood out in my memory. Relics and adding all the UI stuff were probably the most impactful "NOPE" moments for me. Once I stopped sharing keys and have group w randos pushing for rewards in the void, derelects, etc things in the gameplay got super boring. I really didn't like the UI changes it went from a really clean HUD really accentuating the gameplay to a really busy HUD w icons all over really of no impactful significance on the screen. I also get really tired of the easter egg hunt for void traces or whatever on relics because again its an element distracting from the combat/core of the game.
  10. You mention you don't think DE will be able to fix/change this game and I agree. The state of the game is pretty transparent and a lot of the debates ongoing within forum really conceptualizing high-level changes aren't very realistic to what the platform is rooted in.
  11. This game more often than not isn't sweaty, I suppose there are times a carry does occur but other side of the coin you are meant to carry noobs
  12. I'm not offended, I just get tired of people making about a million different narratives around a point from someone in a feedback forum spinning it into they don't know how to think for themselves when really things are more simple and genuine than that.
  13. Some people really don't care for the state of the game and you're overthinking why that is. Why is this something that always needs an ulterior motive to some folks on these forums and lengthy validation beyond that. Simply calling people sheep is the easy way out and really not particularly respectful to an opposing point of view different from your own. The same attitude could be said of anyone regardless of their point of view. Stop being lame, you're just making "tenno" look bad.
  14. It's not that I don't empathize w your post, it's just that I'm so apathetic w the same cyclic issues in Warframe that will never change. "Rewarding gameplay" "Challenge" "fun", same words around a revolving door of the same issue that in all honesty isn't that elusive to those out of time w the frustration. The amount of energy spent on the topic, to see it really going nowhere in terms of development understanding (or rather acknowledging) what's wrong with the gameplay experience has grown stale. It's not some big mystery problem to figure out anymore, knuckles are simply being dragged and so much development was "doubled down" on ideas avoidant of these issues that now we are in a state of arrival and risk even less likely to have the issues addressed.
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