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  1. 2500. would offer more if i had it too. lol.
  2. oh thank god, people with busy lives will actually be able to make it to the end.
  3. Further improvements towards Operator hairstyles that include a hair band. hair line looks 0% better.....
  4. Vanhline

    Warframe Builder

    the conductor mod for Octavia appears to be missing? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Conductor
  5. fix the new hair plz! the hair lines are freakin bad!
  6. he actually did say in the dev stream last week that he was wanting to release pt2 this week. i am totally okay with it not coming this week, they'll release it when its ready. i just wish that if they say something like this that they would at least acknowledge us when we find out it in fact is not coming out this week...
  7. are there any plans to add higher levels of exalted weapon customization? i feel like this is a big part of fashion frame that is just being completely ignored. like example, excal umbra should be able to choose what blade skin to use, umbra/normal/prime. valkyr should be able to change her gaunlets, normal/prime/gersemi, this would alow valkyr to remove the gauntlets by choosing gersemi. Mesa already has this with her peace makers, everyone else should benefit the same. also any plans on altering garuda animations? i remember when she went back tot he drawing board there was mention of her ult movement being like a waltz but right now if you move around wile charging you look like your waddling. railjack progress, general ETA? even just first/second half of year? general ETA on melee 3.0? update speed? now a days most success in this gaming world centers around quick updates in smaller scale rather then dropping massive updates once per year. warframe started out this way but has shifted to the slow large update schedule that leave people in these "contend drought" situations. any plans on shifting the formula to push content out at a fast pace?
  8. i started like 3 week after lol, april 13th i think.
  9. to be honest i feel like Titania need a larger rework then that. spell bind and lantern ar basically the same ability but with flair changes. the changes to tribute will make it easier to use for sure but despite the collection process adding some flavor its still a pain in the butt concept and need more then what your proposing. latern/spellbind: need to be rolled into 1 ability. shes doesnt need to abilities that basically do the same thing, they already feel like two halves of the same ability. razorwing: is in a good spot, adding the vacuum will help allot, though a buff to her melee would also be appreciated as it is very lack luster once the enemies level moves up a bit. tribute: needs removed and made into an entirely new ability. its a distraction, the user is just chasing around butterflies the whole time instead of staying on mission. would love to see something added that has some high level utility to the rest of her group at the assistance of her razorflies. something like wile active the flies attack things around targets in trouble(within the aura) and CC the bad guys around people at the lowest HP, swarming them and doing damage, this would also work in a way of rolling lantern and tribute together instead of lantern/spellbind. just a random suggestion. you could even cycle attitudes on the flies through press/hold for different effects. this would having s similar overall effect but feel much more fluid.
  10. i was very happy with how my operator looked after the changes, in fact i have never liked how my operator looked until now. i hope this reverts aren't going to kill it....
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