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  1. oh i totally bought it, its not a bad skin. i just think there is some room for improvement. 😛
  2. so i love the design aspects of her new skin. she needs some work though. she it wildly out of proportion with her original model making every other helmet basically a non option. the neck is larger then the whole base of multiple helmets... these wild proportions also make her look kind of meh: the cloth around her tummy makes her look like shes has a beer-gut. her helmet is larger then like the whole torso of the original model. her thighs are made super wide to justify the meet up with the flowers then they siphon down to normal just past the knee, looks silly. can we maybe please try and pull her proportions closer to in line with the original frame? its really very unattractive. i know this is a pipe dream, models almost never get changes post-release no matter how badly they might need it, just thought i share my thought. just one girls opinion.
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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