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  1. Vanhline

    Pyrana Stradavar Riven

    well the pyrana one went quick
  2. Vanhline

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.3

    i was very happy with how my operator looked after the changes, in fact i have never liked how my operator looked until now. i hope this reverts aren't going to kill it....
  3. Vanhline

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    they have literally done it every hour since they started saying they would be doing it hourly....
  4. Vanhline

    Warframe Builder

    mios stats not updating correctly when modded, my mios build has allot higher end stats then the build tool does with same build equipped . not displaying correct DPS.
  5. Vanhline

    Thanks For Watching Devstream #65!

    Loki's whole mid section needs to be redone on that skin, not doing the concept art justice at all...
  6. Vanhline

    Devstream #65 Overview

    The link for the rapier attacks don't link to anything to do with the rapier...
  7. It's happening. Check out @rebbford's Tweet:
  8. Vanhline

    Update 17.9.1

    why do you not just tell us what they are?....
  9. Vanhline

    Warframe Builder

    kaszas fire rate is wrong, it has a 1.0 and the tool lists it at 2.0. the dual kama prime still need to be added.
  10. Vanhline

    Psa: Toggled Abilities And Drain

    having duration effect power drain is a horrible idea! i assume this means negative duration will cause an ability to drain MORE energy, this makes fleeting expertise completely useless.....
  11. Vanhline

    Buff The Vaykor Hek's Crit Damage?

    It doesn't need a buff
  12. Them doing nothing more then the proposed changes would have a significant negative effect on the game. Burst damage would remain the same wile sustained design would fall through the floor as you would be reloading 2 to 3 time more often or just not using the mod and diminishing the dps just as much. You can't lower the damage curve and keep enemy scaling the same and expect things to go well. That said. Enemy scaling is actually the root of the issue and why the damage from multishot is required. If this were to be addressed when making the change then it would be more then welcome but they need to leave the multishot alone until they are ready to tackle the real issue at hand. Typed on phone...sorry for grammar.
  13. It is going to lower damage. If your doing the same amount of damage per clip but having to reload 2-3 times more often because each shot is chewing through more ammo then the time spent shooting goes down and your overall damage output is significantly lowered.
  14. Vanhline

    Update 17.3.0

    why the hek not?