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  1. Glad to hear, hope the game has improved and I was wrong about worrying but judging from some responses it seems unlikely that is the case.
  2. Yeah that's what I was suggesting, that the old variants stay as alt skins while the redesigns remain.
  3. Personally I would love it if some of the older released Warframes could have a redesign of their primed variants while the old design would stay as a skin *cough* Mag Prime *cough* What old primed warframes would you love to see redesigned and polished and given an update in terms of style? You can mention weapons as well!
  4. This is a Warframe I'd rather play more because of their aesthetic, much like I do with Nidus since I love the idea behind the Warframe or Volt or Frost because of how cool they look however Grendel's flaws seem to be so apparent that I can barely brush past them. Like what's the preferred playstyle for him? Is he in need of a reworked or some tuning to his abilities? Currently what I struggle with is how much energy he drains based on the amount of people he gobbles up, how do you build this Warframe it's pretty aggravating to try and figure this out. Is he just plain bad?
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