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  1. It always makes me laugh when players suggest changes due to trade values and costs. DE has never said anything about the player economy, and I'm pretty sure it's their lowest priority, if even a priority.
  2. I wasn't saying NT didn't work at all with Valkyr, I was mainly interested in it's effect on Hysteria. I spam Paralysis so perhaps it's worth keeping equipped... but seeing as that's her one spammable power, I was wondering if anyone else had noticed an improvement with her cast times elsewhere. It may be better to just go with another mod if there's only one buff for one power. Thanks for the info.
  3. All of them? What was the lowest planet you got mods from?
  4. I think I need this in my life now. Thank you for that thought. When we get cat companions, we need this updated as well for maximum Catframe enjoyment.
  5. I ran nightmare missions on Mars and Earth and got no end of mission nightmare mod, but one was rewarded on Saturn. Is there now a minimum level requirement for these mod rewards? I also noticed no mods dropped from enemies. I was running the missions to get the new mods, which I'm uncertain if they even are given as rewards yet. I had previously done a nightmare alert (I don't recall which planet, but I think it was Yam) and an enemy dropped one of the new mods. I didn't see anything in the update notes about the drops/drop rate for nightmare mods from enemies nor anything about a change
  6. I tested my Natural Talent-modded Valkyr against my partner who doesn't use NT and it seemed our power use times were the same. Are there frames which NT doesn't benefit? Particularly of note was Hysteria, which I was hoping NT would cut down on the scream animation, and I also hoped it would make Paralysis much faster.
  7. I saw some chatter and a mockup for showing you're marked and by what in the squad UI, but I didn't see a hard confirmation from the devs. I think this in addition to your idea would go a long way toward ebbing frustrations, especially now that a lot of people are Stalker hunting. I got marked 3 times in an hour and haven't seen him in weeks. Alternatively, it would be nice if these marks just "wore off" after a time so we'd know we're no longer marked and can reset our assassination clock.
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