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  1. Hey guess what, nightwave is back lmao
  2. While nice, this still doesn't address the actual drop rates of Corrupted Holo-Keys, which were by far the worst part of farming them. I really hope more is done on this matter, because as it stands it feels like removing these weapons from Sisters has somehow made the farm even worse.
  3. If Warframe has consumed your life to the point where going a single week without Nitain drops has caused you this much grief, I suggest stepping away from the game and rethinking some of your priorities mate.
  4. Tying Granum Crowns to the Sisters system is a terrible idea. Either give us the choice of weapon for the Sisterling to have or please unlink the two. It can takes literal hours to get the right weapon you want from a Grineer larvling without any cost. This is just a slap in the face to players if left like this.
  5. Just out of curiosity, will DE be addressing Riven Mods buffing Warframe abilities that scale off of stat-sticks? It seems to be in a similar vein to these current changes, but I've not seen anyone mention it in quite some time.
  6. I am desperately hoping Nox will also make an inclusion on this enemy list, as they are by far some of the heaviest and tankiest enemies we yet have in the game.
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