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  1. I had a “broken” frame idea where it could detach its limbs like weapons, And it’s Head operates like a Sentinel: ”Hyperion” — the Amputee Passive: Hyperion’s detachable limbs operate like ammunition wielding only 2 hands, but 1 foot—as his lore states he lost his 2nd foot in the Old War, leaving his incomplete blueprint only with a holographic copy. At full ammo however, his aim glide can extend into jet boosters from his hands & foot that allow him unlimited elevation, at the sacrifice of weapon use. When downed, his 4th ability automatically initiates. Oculus Mode is an Exalted weapon with its own customization. Utilizes Sentinel mods for the health, shields, & Hyper Beam. Health: 200 / 400 Shields: 350 / 600 Armor: 250 Energy: 150 / 250 Speed: 1.15 Hyper Beam: Precise Laser beam, focuses damage the longer it’s active. Assembly: Dismantles himself in a teleport, reassembling wherever he chooses. Optimization: Each lost appendage is replaced with a holographic copy & has a 30 second recharge time, unless recalled prematurely (affected by efficiency mods): (2) Palm Unit #1: Fires hand onto an enemy, sending them off in a haywire flight path, following his reticule direction (Duration: 3 - 4 - 5s ~| affected by mods). Fire on an ally to give them a personal jet-pack activated by aim-gliding (Duration: 10 - 15 - 20 seconds). Allies receive a 5 second warning before his Palm is recalled. (2) Palm Unit #2: Launches fingers as tiny heat-seeking missiles, utilizing the same element(s) as his melee weapon. (1) Base Unit: Launches his foot at a target, transforming into a net, trapping & draining their life force into a small energy beacon. Detonates after duration. (Duration: 10 - 13 - 16s | affected by mods) targets nearby walls will snare onto it. Oculus Mode: Detaches head, acting as a mobile sentry, airborne on the battlefield. Melee to deactivate its airborne state & instead sprout a pair of arachnid-like legs to crawl along the ground, walls, & ceilings. During this mode, secondary toggle may either deactivate & cloak his body or reactivate & follow the head performing all ordinary attacks except abilities. Oculus mode has a 2nd power set: Omni Beams: Large beam reduces to a smaller barrage of lasers—functions like primary weapon Primer: Deactivates head turbine to be picked up by his own body. Charges its laser over time, capping at 1000% damage. Secondary toggle throws the head like a grenade, detonating an energy pulse on impact, reactivating the turbine. Sentry Scan: Scan enemies & download their weaknesses into pickup items—glowing with his energy color. Additionally, scanning Eximus units will employ pickup items with knockdown/ elemental resistance benefits. X-ray the ability through thin obstacles. Each enemy scan applies +0.5% punch-through damage for him & allies—influences 1st ability. Deactivation: Return to your body—must be within visual range of it.
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