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  1. Stopwatch? Bruh... 6 seconds for most of them. Exceptions: Corrosive - 8 Radiation - 12 That's all, like not hard to remember. And that's coming from the guy with nearly 6k hours played...
  2. You know what? I read the post like completely wrong. Maybe. I thought you suggested to delete non-primes like right after leveling non primes. So the question was for the most part "why claim primes right after leveling non-primes" cause as @Uhkretor said - Helminth exists.
  3. ^ this I would love so much for her 2 to have "hold to always cast on self" function, but alas.
  4. Why though? Primes do not give that much of an advantage if any for a new player. Unless it's equinox, but that one is not in the OP's list.
  5. No option here. If it requires less work to achieve bigger numbers, everyone will use it and not use anything else.
  6. You say it like missions don't give you anything at all for doing them. Warframes? Weapons? Recourses? Mods? Platinum? Nah, the rep is where it's at. I fill my cap in about 15-ish minutes, and for some magical reason I play more than 15 minutes a day.
  7. It unlocks locker around a console, the one you hack to stop alarms and all that stuff.
  8. I upvote Lunaro room. Never played it myself, but having a stadium in the dojo seems to be a good idea. As krc said that's a system born from clan wars. Currently you can use it to have a clan for clans. E.g. you have ghost tier clan and want more people to talk sh*t in chat and to have more likeminded peopel to play with. You have 2 options: up your clan's tier and thus upping decoration/research/building costs or make/join an alliance with other clans in a similar situation
  9. This. One should at least try to do hunting with the amp given. Otherwise getting rep for better amp/arcanes will be so slow you'll see the release of half-life 3 before having anything better.
  10. I think it was mentioned somewhere in the thread, but the shieldgate is a countermeasure to being one-shot by some random ass bullet you haver had any opportunity to avoid. I remember seeing clips of people killed by a guy standing on the other side of the door even before said door was even half opened through like 5k ehp including shields with quick thinking on top of that. Yeah, DE need to rebalance a lot of things, but if we loose that "protection" just constant shield regen won't cut it for this one-shots.
  11. @(PSN)MambaTaIity @iPathos You 2 do realize you are answering a topic from 4 years go, right?
  12. But as far as game mechanics are concerned rocket launchers are snipers. They even use sniper ammo pickups
  13. You. It will go up. Unfortunately daily login decided I need Neural Sensors today, so I can't give you a screenshot.
  14. Yes, so? How did we survive in the dark times when you didn't get boosters in the daily reward? Or in the early days of the new login system when logging into the game in the morning before work gave you 3h booster? Looking at people claiming the game can't be played without a booster makes me laugh. If you think you absolutely have to play when you have booster cause it is wasted and it doesn't worth it when you are not... well, I think you chose the wrong game.
  15. Bonus grows with the amount of days you logged in. My boosters are 47-ish hours. Depending on rng I can run with a booster for like a week. So just continue playing and you'll get your 24 hours boost.
  16. Not just a bit. It looks much sus. Ok, so since are up for calm talks, I can say that with your last post you made your point and reasons more clear. Some stuff we probably can't agree on regardless, so I'll not go into that, cause no point - we'll be sticking to whatever opinion we have. Yes, I didn't, I mostly don't care about nullies anyways. But I'd like to reiterate yet again that "a**hole" section" is deliberately written in an "elitist" way to mimic how "high and mighty" people talk in forums arguments. Obviously I overblow things much and ignoring some stuff on purpose in those. You still seem to not get it and answer to those seriously. That proved to be effective in pulling some fair arguments out of you though :P I don't have problems with all those methods mainly cause I don't see them to be held like a holy grail and repeatedly popping up in chat like Hydron does around 50 times per hour. People just get comfortable with doing nothing resulting in most cases in some real stupid mr20+ players who as I mentioned before somehow manage to die while playing Inaros. Then these members of "Cult of Hydron" continue to spread it further. All other places like the ones you mentioned, like onslaught needs to be figured out and do not have cult following - this is "work", to turn on the brain and curiosity for a bit. Ofc Hydron doesn't produce only brain dead players, that fully depends on the person doing fast leveling. I firmly hold the opinion that new players don't need fast leveling, they need to learn the game a bit. For me Hydron is a trigger word. Thus every time I see "Go to Hydron" in chat directed to like mr1 makes me want to grab something and smack the person answering that over the head. No, I didn't. It's just that in my experience in most cases such radical suggestion/topics/whatever come from entitled people who just hopped into warframe 2 hour ago and can't get something shiny or have skills of Polygon journalist playing Doom. Thus instant stigma of "oh boy, here we go again".
  17. I saw at most like 3 of them. That said I didn't do PT for a while now. Also iirc you shouldn't even have them if you deal with alert beacons fast. Have you been ignoring those?
  18. But wasn't that way patched up not so long ago so you can't glitch into the heist without SU max?
  19. Woah. Apparently I hit where it hurts most. Call me a sniper. One wo... ok three words - Thanatos Scythe Skin. Nothing else comes even remotely close to this in terms of melee looks. I wish it was usable on everything. Now when I'm done with good things, lets get back to arguing over the internet, cause fun (no). I could just not write stuff here cause people already said what needs to be said, but alas. Keep your cool during the next walls of text and we yet may come to some middle ground of understanding. Thus I start my obligatory being an a**hole post section. This concludes my a**hole section. Now to the normal-ish way of speaking.
  20. I had pretty much the same setup last time I was doing vaults bout a month or two ago. So imo it is viable. As people mentioned, you have a plethora of options regarding warframes. In addition to ones named already I'd throw Octavia in. She can easily defend stuff by dropping mallet + amp, though she will struggle with killing mechs cause those don't care much about mallet and low health pool, yet you'll still be invisible so that helps. Using her with your condition will be hard though, cause going invisible requires to spam crouch button.
  21. This. And also probably not presenting the most common of ores like the best thing ever with red carpet and fanfares (I'm looking at you, ferros). Those constant giant popups with sounds are bothering me to no end (not to mentioned they are coded like crap and nightwave challenge progression is tied to you actually looking at those instead of skipping 'em). I swear it feels like there also should be 5 min long epic chorus chant for every mudrock there is to get. Lets apply that to nanospores!
  22. Like a lot a lot Look, I usually advocate for new players friendly stuff and try to be a grounded person with no elitist mindset, but this... Ok, lets turn the "Ima elite playa" mod on for a bit. What's the point of this? Is having stalker weapons some sort of graduation certificate? "Look I'm not a newb anymore, I have Hate!" How do you call being told by your friends this exists then? SP is NOT meant for new players, thus it is only natural to them not being able to know about that stuff. Also with you having 50 hours playtime it's rich to be talking about being ready. Especially considering you are running mr13-14 gear on a mr9 character. Not the best high-mr gear in the world for the most part, but still. You have the damn kronen! Buying stuff =/= being ready. Being given all the mods by other people =/= being ready either. Also how about having evidence? With the selection of gear in your disposal I find it kinda hard to believe your claims. What are you solo killing those guys with? Aklato or MK1-Furis or regular Burston? Also while we are at it, don't run the kronen/gram build you were given. Try out the build you should have gotten with the mods you actually acquired in missions, not bought with plat or given to ya. Heck, run those Scindo or Ankyros you have. Hard to drop some weird demand on ya in warframe department, cause you pretty much have only immortals in your inventory Ok, run Nyx. She requires at least 2 buttons to survive. Aaaanyways, have some god damn patience. The attitude of "Ima need this high level content NAO!!!!11111 Give it to me!!111" is what make me boil. Back to not being a d*ck. It is anything but to the benefit. I'm not making a big secret that I despise Hydron and Helene leveling practice. That's how we get legions of brain dead high mr people who somehow manage to die while being f-ing Inaros! Inaros, Carl! Yeah, mr doesn't mean anything in terms of experience but even that number aside, when people are sending new players to those "exp farms" it is a giant, monumental disservice to both those players and the game. It doesn't teach them sh*t. DE were removing ways to taxi people to stuff they were unintended to be participating in (e.g. that was locked behind some kind of progression goal) for some time. Like Profit Taker fight. Granted that was achieved via exploit of sorts. Also as far as I know one can't be taxied to lua without second dream or to kuva fortress without war within even though once can be absolutely able to clear missions there without mechanics granted by those quests. So having the taxi to SP seems like a totally out of place thing. All and all you should not be able to load into SP mission without it unlocked, that's an oversight on DE's part.
  23. Now gaze will be nerfed as well :D
  24. Just one question should help you make your decision imo. Are you doing any finishers at all? Especially with Zenistar of all things?
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