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  1. S.Faiz


    i got predator....price?
  2. What do you by 750K more to go..? You already have 2.25M kuva?
  3. Where the hell are the community managers?
  4. Atleast Rebb should come out and let us know if its today or not just like she did yesterday. That way, we will be able to move on( to some extent ).
  5. If they would have done like this, then It would not hype the game as much as it was hyped during Fortuna and POE. At the end of the day, warframe is a bussiness, they need hype to get more player base which such big update brings.
  6. I feel sorry for all lthose players who are hoping for the update drop today...😂😂😂😂😂 meanwhile everyone at DE are preparing for the halloween.
  7. Good point because last time during Fortuna Update, the update dropped but the annoucement was made later
  8. Why do you have to ask such scary question?
  9. BOOM....and now your wish has been granted.
  10. All those who are saying friday is a bad day for any update (I dont disagree), are you telling me that they are going to work on halloween? (just wanted to understand the situation)
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