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  1. solo survival hard..? I haven't done it but i dont think it is hard...at best it would be more active play style... The only scenario i think it would be hard if player would normally be using some "press 1 button to cheese.." way to grind it..
  2. Guess you didn't got the meo...next prime frame is Inaros
  3. If there is no scaling reward...this game mode will be dead for alot of players... even for te content creators.
  4. 300 waves...on defense....solo... wtf man...get a life..!!! congratz for making that long run..!!
  5. Nah mate.....I'm playing warzone alot but cannot find a group to play it for long sessions. So after seeing the annoucement, I felt like player base is again divide, and thought maybe some players would be interested in other game. So looking for them only.
  6. After looking at what this update is going to be, i'm focusing on other games. Therefore would like to know if anyone here is playing COD Warzone? Let me know if you are interested in playing together.
  7. Considering DE's track record..I bet you are right
  8. Disappointing update...Just a simple Nightwave Update...
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