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  1. Yeah, I ain't droppin' $60 on some armor during the Steam Sale, I can WADE in games for that kinda money ;p
  2. As far as I understood it, it's a smaller craft you can call upon while in a mission to do stuff... dmg, heal, dunno... More importantly, can you get one without paying the 175plat for the thingie?
  3. This sounds like a nerf. Nerfs are not rewarding.
  4. Requires certain frames to do well. Rewards awesome cosmetic only the "leet" will get. Discourages pugging. Nope, don't like it.
  5. Thursday is the new wednesday, which usually means friday here. Why'd you move updates from fridays again? D:
  6. lol, remove huge maps, limit cell carrying capacity... so we'll run just as much, but over a smaller map... -_-
  7. What the ****?? Really? Who in their right mind will bother with MPrime, if it's just gonna give some gimp player weapon xp, instead of everything getting xp?? Doesn't the entire group receive xp when frames use aoe powers? You're killing Nova, first the $&*&*#(%& gradual spread, and now everyone else gets credit for the kills? I can't even express how aggravated I am now, it really feels like you take the whiners as gospel. What's the incentive for playing Nova now? "Credit to team"? Pfft.
  8. MPrime's change is ridiculous. Now other players can just watch for Nova casting MPrime, and before it spreads, cast their instant aoe dmg, and "killsteal". (Sure, we're all on the same side, I've heard it all before, but if killstealing wasn't annoying to people, there wouldn't have been MPrime crying to begin with). Also, the new animation/cast effect/whatever... Nova is now hosting lasershows, and it looks...oO Really, lasers?
  9. Cool, nerf the only ability most Novas use, and ignore the other ones entirely. All nerf and no buff makes Nova suck.
  10. I need to learn not to put reactors in single pistols -_- Where's the AkBrakk?
  11. Two things. If you want to kill Phorid, why would you ever defend invasions? Also, more resistances? Cause 2.0 wasn't complicated already :o
  12. Stop releasing weapons that has to be nerfed after. Especially as event rewards.
  13. Oh, and THANK YOU DE for the halloween colors for 1 credit! Much better than the july 4th thing ^^
  14. I kinda want the Machete and the Corpus gun... but that's not gonna happen. No matter who wins, the loosers won't get a melee weapon, and no one gets the "looser" weapon.. What'll they do with the weapons for the loosing side? Just never release them? /e: misread :o
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