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  1. Your constant reliance on tactical alerts and Fortuna really just drive home that all of this is missable. Tac alerts aren't always accessible, Ambulas reborn isn't something that was required for my progression, and Fortuna was already answered. You brought this to ME. I didn't ask to talk with you, If you want to be rude, then be rude elsewhere. I'm not wasting my time with you anymore.
  2. Actually, I didn't know about Frohd Bek which sort of proves my point. Although the wiki says So I don't feel bad about that. And as a third counterpoint: Running into a high-level Corpus is not knowing about them, or their hierarchy.
  3. Source? And clarification actually. That statement can be interpreted several different ways. E2: And of course, you'd need a good reason for an Operator who has never learned about high-level Corpus at any point (a distinct possibility, considering pre-Fortuna players) to have that opinion.
  4. The Operator does not make that distinction.
  5. 1) Ripline. Is so much fun. 2) High-level survival missions. My favorite part of the game. Grab a full team and just go wild. Cutting lose in Warframe against the biggest threats just feels right. 3) Ability Mods The customization of Warframe probably deserves ten accolades in and of itself, but being able to mod abilities into new versions really drives home how deep the customization is. Also, I like the view that "fixing bad abilities" generally means "adding more content"; 4) Railjack Not 100% there, but it's fun. There's a lot to do and a l
  6. At that point, they'd need a reason to not lob meteors into planets at sublight. Which would be insanely cool, but also unbalance the factions a bit.
  7. C'mon man. I'm not happy about the situation either, but the last bit is unnecessary.
  8. Background lore is good, individual story beats are awful. Everything seems fixed around downgrading the setting, making things less mysterious and presenting every single mystery in front of the player to show "how cool is that" "This is a thing!". There's very little good background on characters. When they get a character right (Eudico, Ordis) they're generally shoved aside in favor of a character that doesn't make sense. (Little Duck getting Scarlet Spear instead of Baro, who actually has reasons to run into sentients, purple Lotus, Rus on Scarlet Spear instead of Hek) And chara
  9. Don't know about suddenly. Nora (and Wally) are why I quit Warframe years ago. Too many mentionings of my "lizard hind brain" and stoner ramblings, paired with the once-a-day jumpscares. (I was hoping for a mute/remove popups/ban Wally function when I came back) Lotus is annoying too, and Ordis is saved by having a fairly good in-universe reason for being repetitive. Also, Ordis has some really good moments in the Octavia quest.
  10. What's stopping Rewind from using the time warp mechanic from Prince of Persia? It's one of the most beloved platforming games ever and the mechanic would feel GREAT with Warframe movement!
  11. That doesn't stop the pop-ups. It's no more a solution than opening a chat tab to a random clan member then leaving it open to hide the chat window. These are very basic things that should have been changed last time I was playing. The fact that they are still unfixed now is... bad. Heck, I've been on the forum for about a day to figure out the state of things and I've seen 3 separate "mute Nora" threads. This is not a small problem.
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