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  1. There is no knockdown immunity animation. That means you only expect a single failure over the course of 10,000 incoming knockdowns. Hardly a winning argument for handspring
  2. While it would certainly bring up the power level, the same/similar effect could be achieved by just increasing the base damage. Having only non-damage mods could make it a bit interesting, but if it's just the usual "stack all the +dam mods" then meh.
  3. Infinite double jumps where? Tailwind doesn't reset her jumps, nor do any of her other abilities to my testing. But you miss the point. OP is asking for a faster hover, not claiming Zephyr is low on mobility. Tailwind also still has the issue of its momentum cancel on hitting a wall having a fairly restrictive angle for activating. Movement speed (not sprint speed or parkour velocity) buffs affect the speed of the hover. So stuff like Dispatch Overdrive, Jet Stream, and Molt.
  4. Agree. Even better, all warframe slots should have a built in Unairu polarity to make people really think about trade offs and to reward those who invest lots of forma into them. Mod link was such a bad addition because it allows easy copying of others builds. Honestly all youtubers should get 2035’d for sharing ideas and builds. Back on topic, exilus slot has really hard slotting options. It’s really hard to choose whether or not I should slot Primed Sure Footed over something else. Good thing I can just grind more and spend more time ranking up a new frame for when I want to slot som
  5. Deadlock Protocol is when it got changed.
  6. Again, you're conflating issues. You've chosen a benchmark that is weighted against most guns by design, and then complain that they can't keep up with melee. That is an entirely separate issue from whether or not Airburst Rounds is good.
  7. So let's lay down some basic facts about Acolytes first: They're immune to viral procs They have scaling DR They have proc caps The third point in particular is very important, as it neuters one of Kuva Nukor's greatest strengths: Its extreme status output. So using them as a benchmark isn't really good as they innately favor weapons that have extreme single hit damage. With that said, here's Kuva Nukor vs SP Selkie Acolytes. I've used Arcane Precision in all to approximate Airburst Rounds. I refrained from using any frame buffs, though normally I have Xata's Whisper in
  8. You'll be waiting for a month or so for Airburst Rounds, but sure, I'll give my Knukor a swing against acolytes later and get a video .
  9. So why are you using it with Zephyr’s augment then? It makes Precision “bad” Jet stream builds already want strength. This augment want around neutral strength. Ergo there is a reason to use strength. Speak for yourself. My Kuva Nukor kills stuff extremely well even on SP. You’re conflating two issues. One being that melee is stronger, which is separate from the damage buff on Zephyr’s augment.
  10. Only if you’re using Arcane Precision. Might as well say (insert +damage Arcane) is bad because Vex Armor has a much higher buff. Sounds like you found a reason to use strength. Plus Jetstream needs strength. Still assuming the use of Arcane Precision I see. You can use it as a slot replacer for Hornet strike to fit another mod on your secondary. Also how are secondary weapons unpopular. Last I checked Kuva Nukor topped the usage charts. So your issue isn’t with damage buffs but that melee is better? This post feels all over the place.
  11. Untrue. Using Embolist (35 base damage, 41% SC, 12 FR) with Hornet Strike / r4 Barrel Diffusion / Tox 60 / Heat 60 / Sure Shot / Carnis Stinger gives you ~300% status chance per damage instance, resulting in 36 gas procs/sec. Each gas proc will do 35 x (1 + 2.2) x (1 + 1) x 0.5 = 112 damage. If gas proc damage is not capped at 10 procs, I should be able to get above 1120 tic damage with ease. This is not the case however, as you can see here.
  12. I'll say right off the bat I agree thrown weapons could use some buffs and/or a gimmic (a good one). With that said, some flaws in your arguments. Puncture is actually the better damage type when you're starting out. Great vs armor and only a minor penalty on shields. Base Hikou are the same MR as Kunai (MR 2). Completely agree about the prime though, as its locked behind RJ, which is the "hard" content of the game. Talons actually do 250 base damage when latched. Its weird and not mentioned/hinted at anywhere. But yea, most throwing weapons aren't really good, espec
  13. Tainted Shell (Shotgun exilus mod, -77% spread, -55% fire rate) already meets all the requirements for an exilus mod. Namely it doesn't increase DPS directly. Plus it already has similar counterparts that are exilus mods across shotguns, rifles and secondaries. Double-Barrel Drift (Shotgun exilus mod, -20% spread and recoil while sliding) Narrow Barrel (Shotgun exilus mod, +30% accuracy while aiming after hitting an enemy) Gun Glide (Rifle exilus mod, -20% spread and recoil while sliding) Vile Precision (Rifle exilus mod, -90% recoil, -36% fire rate). Guided Ordna
  14. Nexus app shows your real amount even after hitting the UI cap afaik.
  15. It's not a gattling gun though. Doesn't have multiple barrels, though the single barrel it has does rotate.
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