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  1. I've stated its limitations. It hampers your movement and restricts weapon use. What? Not mentioning ground finishers relates to true damage how? You're the one who claims it can do true damage via front/back finishers, which I've said I am unable to replicate. The context was invoking true damage, not being able to do ground finishers. You can't cast Undertow while in Tidal Surge unless you are exiting it as I stated already. I've tried numerous times to enter Undertow from Tidal Surge to no avail, despite what the Wiki claims. Because my original comment was about how
  2. Only Juno Corpus that can proc electric are Juno Sniper Crewman, Juno Jactus Osprey, and Juno Oxium Osprey if I remember right. Juno Oxium Ospreys are pretty much trivial given their extremely limited attack range. Jactus hit hard, but that's not from electric procs. Mine explosion is just blast and doesn't proc electric. The shockwaves are Impact, and are what proc electric. Currently, shockwaves do 50 Impact damage and proc electric. They hit 3x (likely a bug), resulting in a 75-76 damage electric proc. However, the shockwaves are unaffected by enemy damage scaling, so it'll always be th
  3. Enemies moving around are harder to kill than ones standing still. That's not subjective. Tentacle swarm makes enemies move around, and consequently harder to kill. When an ability makes enemies harder to kill, how is that not an annoyance? How is it flinging enemies subjective? It does that. There's no matter of opinion there. Pull also flings enemies in a similar fashion, hence the comparison. Hyperbolic how? I acknowledged it can stealth. Void mode also stealths you and has a faster move speed. Still can't make it do stealth damage too btw. And its relevant because Operator
  4. Most of the ability changes seem fairly interesting, but if you're going to give ranged or AoE attacks to infested, they need to have very low base damage. Venin Mutalists and Carnis are already broken with their 60 base damage projectiles. Already do, and a fairly high amount at 15 base damage per tick. Yes to the general idea, no to the ticks every half second and a 50% status chance. Infested really don't need more buffers. They already have 3, and they're stupid strong. Additionally, Undying Flyers would probably need to be toned down a bit. Right now they
  5. It suspends on non-charged throws. Blocking no longer affects it.
  6. Currently the projectiles from heavy attacks are very underwhelming. My suggestion is threefold: Make them pure Toxin instead of their current distribution of 12.5% Impact, 18.75% Puncture, 31.25% Slash, and 43.75% Toxin. Give them a forced Toxin proc to mimic Quassus with its forced Slash procs Don't split the status chance between projectiles. Additionally, it would be appreciated if it and Quassus had their projectile stats displayed in the arsenal, much like Gunblades have their shots shown. While we're at it can we get a similar feature for zaws equipped with Exod
  7. Sure. And you still seem to miss mine. Being able to do a bunch of things poorly or being able to do tasks that everyone can do doesn't make you good or really special.
  8. So here's my original post. The only "untrue" statement is that Undertows CC also disables your normal movement, which just happens to be mostly true instead of completely true. The only statement of matter of preference is "Tidal Surge is a mediocre movement ability" Except a multi-tool can still do the mundane jobs effectively while retaining ease of use, but you'll need the tool box for more specialized jobs. Hydroid doesn't do the mundane jobs any more effectively than any other random frame and doesn't have any special ease of use. The best thing he brings is probably t
  9. Discount as in your movement is heavily restricted, and you lack the ability to use weapons. "Non-discount" stealth would not restrict weapon use and movement so heavily. Skiajati is discount as well because it restricts weapon use, while Arcane Trickery is not since it doesn't restrict anything while active. And you still fail to address my point. What good is it that he can do all the things if he half-asses them?
  10. Undertow disables jumping, bullet jumping, rolling, sprinting, and heavily reduces walk speed. So while you can still move, it essentially disables movement. I acknowledged Undertow can function as a discount stealth ability, but every frame has an option to stealth like that by virtue of operator. When I tried to get enemies to take stealth damage, I couldn't. As for true damage, what other of his abilities have it beside Swarm? I'd like to know. And being able to do all those things doesn't mean much really. Lets look back at that list. completely shield the player from any damage
  11. Yea that's pretty neat, except Undertows CC also disables your movement, and Tentacle Swarm's CC is unpleasant as it makes enemies an annoyance to kill. Tidal wave suffers from Pull's syndrome of flinging enemies. Tempest Barrage's CC is alright. Undertow can stealth I guess, but Operator does the same thing but better. Also stealth damage only with Zenistar, and I'm not sure that even works anymore. Tentacle Swarm's damage true damage isn't exactly much to be proud of. 200 dam/sec isn't exactly stunning. Both of which prevent you from doing anything really. Tidal
  12. I did think about giving them all a small AoE, but ultimately held back to just focus on "easy" to implement stat changes. I do like the idea though. My reasoning for making it Plasmor on ground as well was to have the advantage of enemy punch through mainly. Though that could easily be emulated by giving it 2-3m of punch through and leaving it as flak instead I suppose. Either way, a status chance increase would be good either way. Looking back yes, I did go a bit far. I was trying to make it, Mausolon, and Phaedra be a trio of machine guns that focus on Crit, Hybrid,
  13. As it stands, many archguns are mildly underwhelming. They're supposed to be powerful weapons, but many of the older ones fall a bit short of the feel. Most of the blame can be placed on mods, but as I understand it, archguns where meant to move away from high bonuses on mods and focus more on good base stats, so as to help bridge the gap between unmodded and fully modded damage output. With that said, all the following DPS numbers use the following build: Primed Rubedo-Lined Barrel, Dual Rounds, Parallax Scope, Hollowed Bullets, Critical Focus, Automatic Trigger, 120% Elemental, and 120% El
  14. You’re right that you can completely resist toxin damage, but wrong items. Adaptation + Antitoxin will make you immune to toxin damage so long as you stay away from venomous eximus.
  15. Still gonna use Xoris over it for the majority of content since larger explosion radius. Plus electric procs tick instantly and one shots most stuff still
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