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  1. Its a known bug where you can get extreme range on Komorex's explosion from this thread, where no one believed the poor fellow.
  2. For reference, they used to do 7 base damage on contact, 4 base damage on explosion
  3. Try 100-150 an hour disclaimer that this is primarily for pc cause console has issues with spawn limits Also syndicate farming is capped to 12 missions per day (18 if you have all 6 positive I guess, but that’s a hassle) Steel Essence is always available to farm for however long you desire, limited only by boredom yourself
  4. "Speed buff bad cause it doesn't work well on this 1 tileset." I for one welcome going fast. Energized Munitions is useful for low mag/higher RoF guns (hello 4 shot Tonkor, 8 shot Vectis Prime) Empower benefits Hildryn for breakpoints (allows full strip reliably), and Buffer Chroma/Rhino. Xaku can get added to the list of breakpoint reaching too. Nova finds use with some speed/slow hybrid. Baruuk can find use of it since Desert Wind typically uses a low duration build. Frost for hitting full strip on his 4 (or close anyway) while keeping the rest of his abilities spammable. And I'm sure
  5. Except steel essence is the most efficient kuva farm and the best way to prep for new PA/unvaultings.
  6. It was a during personal (i.e. non-work related) stream, and it was Pablo just expressing his feeling that he felt that he didn't quite get her balance down perfectly. There was even a forum post where DE confirmed there was no nerfs coming at all.
  7. Because why do I need more damage when I already have tons of it? Going faster is always nice, Energized munitions makes certain weapons much more fun to use, Empower is useful for hitting certain strength breakpoints. Granted a bit more niche for Empower, but hardly bad. As for compared to what: Shuriken (augment is cool but the more single target nature is rather meh), Silence, Ice Wave (sleep abilties exist), Tempest Barrage, Decoy, Null Star (remember, you need basically 5 mods to reach and maintain 90% DR), Well of Life (Blood Altar too tbh), Tesla Nervos, Spectorage (its aug is mildl
  8. The difference between Bramma/Catchmoon and Saryn is that they dominated their weapon categories. Saryn may see high usage, but she doesn't dominate her category. Marked for Death nerf was a bit overzealous, but as they said, it didn't follow their intended design, nevermind the fact that it was bug riddled. What they should've done is nerfed the base value to 25% with a hard cap of 150-200% of an enemies max health
  9. Infested Mobility, Empower, and Energized Munitions are all decent if not good.
  10. Its not ruined though? For a while it was in a poor spot, but the Deadlock Protocol stealth buffed it (along with other beam shotguns). So I'll say again, have you used it at all recently?
  11. Because as it stands right now, the ability actually has a higher DPS the way it scales, barring some exceptions. Making it use enemy weapons would actually be a downgrade. Now arguments could be made about effective DPS and whatnot, but I'll leave that alone
  12. Nice changes, but can we get an increase in the weapon's targeting range? Currently it's rather low at 8m.
  13. NS is just a toxin mod basically, with the perk of being able to buff certain warframe abilities that are considered "weapons," usually projectiles. Shock Trooper/Smite Infusion/Elemental Buff augs in general used to be able to buff certain frame abilities too, though it seems that this has been fixed.
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