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  1. Rivens should not be part of the equation when considering weapon variants to be upgrades/downgrades for the general playerbase
  2. Consider the fact that Kuva weapons also have other boosted stats? Kuva brakk becomes a 100% status crit shotgun, both Kuva kohm and Drakgoon can hit 100% with more ease and are hybrid capable to boot. Kuva karak has noticeable stat upgrades over karak wraith too. The only outlier is the Kuva ogris, which is basically just a side grade
  3. I know how it works now, and I'm saying that its good that it stacks in a way more consistent with how other buffs stack with themselves now. Old CO was busted to hell and back ten times because of exponential scaling (which happened because it was multiplicative to itself). New CO actually has a semblance of balance to it since it is additive to itself, but it just needs to not be additive to base damage mods. Congrats, you and Raikh (and me) are in agreement. TL;DR keep the way CO calcs right now, but change it to a total damage modifier instead of a base damage one.
  4. "small nerf" The thing is that exponential scaling gets out of hand really fast. Far better to make it consistent with how other stuff stacks on themselves i.e. additive to self instead of multiplicative to self. The only change that would be needed I say is to just make it a separate multiplier from base damage mods/buffs.
  5. This just in, man angry that busted mods got nerfed
  6. I don't have access to all the new follow through values (Patch notes don't state what they used to be unless they were changed, and wiki doesn't have values yet). From a bit of testing I've done with ones that have been changed: Hammers: Claimed to have had 0.2 follow through, changed to 0.4, was actually 0.9 originally Heavy Blades: Claimed to have had 0.2 follow through, changed to 0.6, was actually 0.9 originally Nikanas: Claimed to have had 0.6 follow through, changed to 0.7, was actually 0.7 already Rapiers: Claimed to have had 1 follow through, changed to 0.7, was actually 0.6 originally If you have any particular ones you want tested, just let me know what the value on PC is
  7. Follow Through was always present, people didn't notice it for the most part since many popular weapons had relatively high follow through values. In some cases, follow through was buffed, but many of the high range/high damage melee weapons had their follow through nerfed.
  8. Would people stop saying its capped? Its not. That is what was initially said in the melee workshop, but instead they merely changed the way it was calculated. I'll repeat; The current version of CO is not capped
  9. I mean, nidus + boltace is definitely gonna get you flak. This is definitely an excessive response from other players of course, but using stuff like that is putting a bit of a target on your head. If you wanna play with friends, you can set to invite only. You won’t get standing of course, but it will allow practice. At the end of the day though, if you want to get standing, you have to get good.
  10. Haven't seen it mentioned yet, but some of the claimed old follow through stats are wrong. For instance, DE claims that hammers used to have a follow through of 0.2 which was changed to 0.4 in Update 26. They actually had a follow through of 0.9, which is a significant difference, especially given that follow through is exponential in nature. What I have tested so far: Hammers: Claimed to be 0.2, was actually 0.9 Heavy Blades: Claimed to be 0.2, was actually 0.9 Nikanas: Claimed to be 0.6, was actually 0.7 Rapiers: Claimed to be 1, was actually 0.6
  11. That's a given, its just that innate elemental weapons get less of a boost as compared to pure IPS weapons
  12. After looking at the collected data a bit, it seems that kuva weapons with base innate elements have part of this base innate element "stolen" by the weapon specific bonus. The formula seems to be (IPS) x (bonus %) + (bonus %) x (innate element)/(1 + bonus %) is what your weapon specific bonus damage will be, and (innate element)/(1 + bonus %) will be your new innate elemental damage. Little bit of number fudging after, but this is likely related what was mentioned in the patch notes.
  13. Given that Gara's 1 only scales off of melee mods, not melee weapons, I don't see how this is possible.
  14. I think you’re missing the point. Even if people don’t care about multipliers and are going to just be all about just getting as many hits as fast as possible, that means that the number of multihits is relevant. Either way, such an easy change would have a large benefit for those of who do care about multipliers, multihits and forced procs. And if the response is just “test it yourself if you care” believe me I have. There are stances that defy attempts to find the multipliers (Gaia’s Tragedy happens to be the latest one I’ve been testing).
  15. They’re still working on it, and while not trying to be an armchair developer, how hard could it be to implement this?
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