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  1. This is because Galvanized Shot doesn't apply to part of the calculation. It doesn't apply to the part outlined in red
  2. Meanwhile Sevagoth and Epitaph (both of which are void storm rewards) are just chilling in the market.
  3. The answer is heat proc mod inheritance. So what happens is when you first proc heat, all heat procs that refresh that initial heat proc use the Heat and Faction damage mods of the weapon that created the first heat proc. So to take your example of Hikou Prime and S&A Prime. Hikou does 36 base damage. Add a faction mod and that "base damage" goes to 36 x 1.3 = 46.8 damage. You have a 60% and 165% heat mod, so your heat proc damage will be 46.8 x (1 + 0.6 + 1.65) / 2 = 76.05. Multiply again by the faction mod and you get 76.05 x 1.3 = 98.865 heat proc damage (Game calculation rounds at steps, but our value is close enough to what was observed). All other heat procs "steal" and replace the last two steps of their own calculation with the multipliers from this first heat proc dam calculation. So heat procs from S&A Prime refreshing a heat proc from the above Hikou Prime will add: Silva & Aegis Prime has 318 base damage You have Steel Charge equipped (I assume from reverse engineering your damage numbers), so your base damage goes to 318 x 1.6 = 508.8 Add a primed faction mod and the "base damage" goes to 508.8 x 1.55 = 788.64 You have a 60% and 90% heat mod equipped, but Silva & Aegis Prime is now using Hikou Prime's heat mods only for the heat proc damage calculation So +60% and +165% Heat mods. Hence 788.64 x (1 + 0.6 + 1.65) / 2 = 1281.54 Multiply again by the faction mod, but S&A is using the one on Hikou Prime now, so +30%, not +55% 1281.54 x 1.3 = ~1666 heat proc damage added. Add 101 to 1666 and you get 1767, which is the value you observed. Hopefully that explains it.
  4. So I think DE should cap frame slots at 20 and Weapon slots at 50 so you are forced to improve and refine your current builds. I don't see how having unlimited frame and weapon slots would make any reasonable improvement to the system. Inventory management is a thing this game has hints of, and I am sort of a fan of it. See how nonsensical that sounds? If you're allowed effectively infinite weapon/frame slots, why shouldn't you be allowed effectively infinite riven slots.
  5. Don't see any compelling reason to have a cap if people are willing to fork over the platinum to do so. Yea have fun "improving and refining" your rivens. Kinda funny given who it's coming from.
  6. Teeming Virulence is not a flat crit buff like Arcane Avenger or Harrow's Covenant. Teeming Virulence works the same way as Point Strike or Critical Delay. So 2% increased by 532% is 0.02 x (1 + 5.32) = 12.64% crit chance. Not very high. If you really want the alt-fire to wreck, I recommend using Mesa's Ballistic Battery. It increases the base damage by a flat amount (1600 damage at base strength if memory serves right), and Cedo's innate CO passive and Galvanized Savvy scale off of this new damage value (unlike most weapons with Ballistic Battery). So at base strength, you get a seeking glaive doing 1620 damage. 1 status proc makes that 1620 x (1 + 0.6) = 2592, 2 procs make it 3564. Slap on Galvanized Savvy for even more damage per proc.
  7. It does, but it's a bit odd since it retains the Lotus symbols on the bottom of the magazine, along with other parts of the model. For reference: Afuris with the Verv Skin Dex Furis with the Verv Skin
  8. Its a skin for both, but it only comes with a potatoed Furis
  9. How does killing stuff defeat the purpose? You still gain affinity. Leveling your weapons by "leeching" off of other's kills is 50% "more" affinity per kill (assuming you have no other weapons equipped), but that's easily negated by each enemy giving +500% of their base affinity thanks to stealth bonuses. A single run of Adaro will max a weapon and a half (or two if you get a high spawn count/lots of heavy units) with booster, and you do runs pretty quick once you get into the swing of it. Don't fool yourself. Most people in ESO/SO are there to farm affinity in some shape. Rotation rewards are just a bonus, affinity is the main goal. Most people only care if you are actually AFKing. If you're "actively" playing most won't care.
  10. Stealth Adaro for weapons is easy. Just need Banshee + Gloom or any frame with Ensnare infused. Frames with just a simple sleep ability also work for weapons that can oneshot. You can also use it to level frames with infused Silence + AoE weapon (Bramma is the easy go to). Or infused Rest/Ensnare. Can even just use Magus Lockdown instead of abilities, but that's kinda hard to keep up. Beyond that, there's ESO for weapons, and SO for frames (preferably with Thermal Sunder infused).
  11. Title. Magus Destruct functions the opposite of what the description says. So an enemy neutral to puncture damage will take 65% less damage instead of 65% more damage after a single application of Magus Destruct. Magus Accelerant functions properly despite being the same arcane effectively.
  12. It's not particularly surprising that you got deleted. Vambacs have 180 damage on direct hit (68.75% Impact and 31.25% Slash), and 120 base damage on explosion (100% Blast). They also have a 2.5x crit multiplier. For reference, A Bombard has 25 base damage on direct hit and 40 base damage on explosion (65 total) A Napalm has 50 base damage on direct hit and 50 base damage on explosion (100 total) At level 88, a Vambac does 2919 damage on direct hit and 1946 damage on explosion, potentially more if one component crits. 5k damage isn't anything to sneeze at for a lot of frames
  13. More like you realize that you're shouting into a void, so you might as well move on to an issue that stands a chance of changing.
  14. The +100% damage bonus from the 3.5x zoom is actually just +100% physical damage, not +100% base damage. So it does not affect elemental mods. What makes it weird is that the +100% physical damage bonus is considered a (partial) base damage increase for the purpose of DoT procs (unlike all other sources of +physical damage), but elemental mods do not scale off of that value. Example: I put a +90% Heat mod on. So my un-scoped Komorex will do 87 + 87 x 0.9 = 165.3 damage, of which 78.3 is Heat. This results in a heat proc damage of ~83 damage. Using the 3.5x Zoom will only result in 87 x 2 + 87 x 0.9 = 252.3 damage, of which only 78.3 is Heat. This results in a heat proc damage of ~126.
  15. Why not the Chem Lab. You know, the place with all the Grineer weapons. This feels like a lame excuse to justify the Bash Lab's pointless existence
  16. Because you where contending that there was no cap. So the logical conclusion is that there should be no upper limit, hence the challenge to push it higher. Key phrase is "If you hit the old cap first." The fact that the new cap is 90% of the old if you hit the old is just a convenient feature of the cap's formula (current health x 0.1 + 450) I can't determine that you hit the old cap as you didn't show previous hits. But this should be easy to replicate your video though, right? Just use the same build and run Lephantis again. So yea, shotguns (be they primary or secondary ones) are among the highest raw DPS guns. Some napkin math (😆) puts max bonus Kuva Hek primary fire and Pyrana P (not counting the passive) at around the same ballpark DPS vs Lephantis when modded (433k vs 371k) Kuva Hek using PPB / Hell's Chamber / Critical Deceleration / Primed Ravage / Primed Chilling Grasp / Blaze / Primed Charged Shell / Shotgun Spazz Pyrana P using HS / Barrel Diffusion / Lethal Torrent / Primed Pistol Gambit / Primed Target Cracker / Deep Freeze / Primed Heated Charge / Primed Bane of Infested. Kuva Hek alt-fire almost 2 tapped the Grineer head using that.
  17. Did you damage it before that image was taken? You have a video; sharing that would be far more useful. Because I can't replicate that at all on a non-grineer head even when using a stronger glaive (Cerata) and a stronger Chroma buff. My only method of replication would be to damage the grineer head a bit first to lower the cap. That or you're not hitting it with sufficiently high damage (extremely unlikely given its Chroma with a glaive). Humor me and do another video starting from the drop down and ending after damaging all 3 heads. Here's me doing that: With this build: It does "line up perfectly" because it is now below the expected cap, not above. When pretty much all your damage is getting smacked by 90% DR regardless (actually 97% since Lephantis phase 2 just has 70% DR baseline), yes the best option is to just pump up the DPS for a "normal" weapon. It's decently hard to hit that for a lot of weapons. If you look at https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Weapon_Comparison, you can see that the top (base) raw DPS weapons are typically shotguns. Arquebex is an outlier in that it has so much damage per hit damage that it actually suffers from consistently overshooting the cap, but this is not an issue for most "regular" weapons. To put it back on the original course, this was my original issue I don't (necessarily, never used it against them, but Kuva Hek alt does well I enough so I don't really doubt it) dispute the effectiveness of Pyrana Prime vs Sisters, but that they have Lephantis's damage reduction mechanics. Edit: No sister for today unfortunately. I forgot I had an active Lich, and my desire to interact with it today is near 0. I will do it (someday), but today is not the day.
  18. That was within 1% of my expected value, which I said was an approximation. I changed 2 by values by 2% or less for the relevant formula, and now they fit what you see perfectly. But here, have some videos showing the damage cap matches my calculations at various Lephantis levels. I hope you can rely on the health level scaling formulas from the wiki, given that they too are self-made (not by me though). Lvl 125 Lephantis: Grineer takes 5367 damage, Corpus/Infested takes 5222. They have 49,171 and 47,725 scaled health respectively. 0.1 x 49171 + 450 = 5367 and 0.1 x 47725 + 450 = 5222 (rounded down) Lvl 35 Lephantis: Grineer takes 1198 damage, Corpus/Infested takes 1176. They have 7482 and 7262 scaled health respectively. 0.1 x 7482 + 450 = 1198 and 0.1 x 7262 + 450 = 1176 Lvl 25 Lephantis: Grineer takes 843 damage, Corpus/Infested takes 831. They have 3933 and 3817 scaled health respectively. 0.1 x 3933 + 450 = 843 and 0.1 x 7262 + 450 = 831 (rounded down) Vectis Prime build used for all 3 (Point Strike under riven): I didn't say that DPS was the only thing that mattered, I said that that the weapons recommended where not just because of the projectile count, but more-so because they have very high DPS. That they're less likely to run afoul of the hard cap and "waste" damage is nice but more secondary. Not as if you very likely to hit the cap multiple times in a single shot at high levels without hefty buffing anyway Oh hey would you look at what I said in response: GHS stats are basically irrelevant, or push it further to my favor: Scenario 1: His Sister is weak to every element modded for there Great, it takes +25% more damage. Not a very appreciable difference Scenario 2: It's neutral to the elements modded for. Scenario 3: It's resistant (-50%) or immune (-100%) to the modded elements That just strengthens my case as that means the Kuva Nukor should be doing less damage than I stated. I'll grab another Sister tomorrow and strip its armor though, just for this. I never claimed it wasn't good though? I didn't even imply it. Heck I don't think I've even really mentioned it in relation to Sisters at all really. I talk as though it's a readily tested claim. Anyway, I've hopefully offered sufficient evidence that Lephantis has a hard damage cap.
  19. Have some context please. They're talking about Lephantis. Lephantis can't be encountered in any of those places. Hemocyte exists sure, but since they prefer to stick to literally what was said, I'll do the same right back at them. Not like it would be a good test for Pyrana vs Arquebex since you're stationary with Arquebex while you can move with Pyrana, and Hemocyte loves to sit on you.
  20. You do realize how stupid that sentence is right? I have offered what the cap is. What, do you want a chroma + glaive hit against a lower level Lephantis? I’ve said what the cap is already. Your image even confirms my claim as to what it is after I adjusted it with new testing. What would you consider proof of a hard cap? I’m afraid I don’t live in the future where you can use Necramechs in normal missions You can check actual numbers to see if what I say about Lephantis’s damage cap and reduction add up. I won’t claim everything is completely perfect, but it yields decently close numbers. I’m not stuck in stone that my formulas are perfectly correct. I’ll grab the sister’s resistances/immunities in a bit, but from what I recall she wasn’t resistant to Blast, Corrosive, or Heat, which where the only damage types on my Arquebex. Weaknesses are more or less irrelevant as they are only +25% to that damage type. They won’t (or shouldn’t) influence your modding given that magnetic has a stronger bonus vs shields, corrosive stronger vs armored health, and viral vs unarmored health. Edit: Here's the Sister in question How to cite myself?
  21. Within 1% error of my calculated value, which I did say If I adjust it to be 0.1 x current health + 450 and say that the Corpus and Infested Heads have 396 base health while the Grineer has 408 base health, everything lines up perfectly. Taking the sum of damage required to kill the Corpus head matches it having 396 base health too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. But you should be able to push it higher if it doesn't have a hard damage cap right? So add a bit more strength to Chroma, use a stronger glaive (like Cerata). No? The weapons I see recommended are ones with extremely high DPS typically. Most weapons have a sufficiently high fire rate at base to already incur the penalty, and modding for multishot is just default. So you might as well just go all in and use the highest DPS weapon you can get. Pyrana was the recommended gun for years and, would you guess, it has really high DPS. Doesn't hurt that crits get doubled on Lephantis phase 2 as well. Wisdom of the crowd might have the right idea, but the wrong reasons why it's the right idea. Theory requires strong evidence. Not very much has been given in that regards (as it would seem to me anyway).
  22. It has a hard damage cap equal* to the head's current health x 0.099 + 450. A level 125 Lephantis head has ~48207 health, and as such an initial hard damage cap of 5222. I'll note that the SP health modifier doesn't apply to the 2nd phase for whatever reason. So there's your goal. *That's an approximation, numbers diverge a bit after a while. If you're hitting the cap each time though, the new cap is 90% of the old one's value though. It also has a baseline DR of 70%, and a scaling one equal to [0.1 x 450/(per hit dam)]. Additional hits within ~0.25 sec get punished with a stronger version of the scaling one, approximately equal to (0.01 x 450/per hit dam) a DR of approximately equal to just 0.1 instead of the scaled one i.e. the + 450/(per hit dam) term gets dropped. Multishot is still punished by all other enemies with "special" DR though. Lephantis punishes additional hits in close duration, Demolishers count your total burst DPS, Treasurer/Aurax Moas give a -50% penalty or so. Just because you think something is incorrect doesn't mean you know what the correct thing is. I'm not really talking about effectiveness though. It's tangentially related sure, but it's not my point
  23. You underestimate how hard Arquebex hits. Its hitting for ~2.5 million damage per shot (counting the 4 viral procs affecting her) before armor. That Nukor has a per hit damage of ~900 (not counting that one crit). Then why bring Lephantis up at all? Lephantis's is know for its hard damage cap, not a soft damage cap like what Demolishers/Select Empyrean Corpus have. You can't truly cheat Demolisher's or Aurax Moa/Treasurer soft caps with multishot, so that lends itself to saying that you can't cheat soft caps on enemies introduced after them. And Apples and Oranges are both fruit, yet it's not advised to compare the two.
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