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  1. All it does is serve as a timegate to Yarelli (aside from the research time for the parts as well). That's it. There's nothing else in it. We already have a lab for Tenno stuff; why not put her in the Tenno lab? Now I'll be defeatist for a second realize that this "feedback" will change nothing, but still I think it still needs to be said.
  2. Blame Voidrig for having stupid numbers attached to its exalted weapon for DE upping the DR on Sisters. Couldn't nerf that and ease up the DR because the people treat nerfing clearly overpowered weapons as worse than death.
  3. Gun CO mods (Galvanized Aptitude, Galvanized Savvy, and Galvanized Shot) do not work on projectiles or explosions.
  4. It's still an issue to this day for melee. As for getting it fixed, it's usually how many people make a complaint about it.
  5. Title. They (Galvanized Apitude/Savvy/Shot) scale off of base 10 damage instead the weapon's base damage on projectiles, if it even works at all. And here's the funny part; Melee had the exact same issue with projectiles and CO.
  6. U30.5 made an undocumented change to Scrambus and Comba. All variants inflict a knockdown on their nullification pulse now. Please remove it.
  7. Feels sluggish even with both wind up mods equipped. Also FYI, there is no wind-up cap, just UI rounding.
  8. For those unaware, Tenet Flux Rifle is just a regular rifle, not a beam like its base variant. Please make it a beam
  9. You can just put them on your actual melee you know. All that changes for exalted weapons is that you run gladiator mods on your melee instead of Deconstructor.
  10. Except Orb Vallis denemies got elite variants that where actually stronger than the pre-nerf versions within 10 days of the orginal versions being nerfed.
  11. Gara having a combo system would feel kinda awkward IMO. Khora and Atlas (No love for posterboy Excalibur's Slash Dash?) have AoE with free movement or an auto-target. Gara has neither of those. Her tap has free movement, but is very narrow. Her hold has AoE but no free movement. Basically you're not encouraged to spam it like the other statstick abilities. Would love some actually viable status chance on them too.
  12. You're losing the Deconstructor statstick, guess that means you can't equip Gladiator mods on anything I guess. If I was to point out that you can still equip Gladiator mod on your melee and Warframe I'd be wrong though, since that's disagreeing with you.
  13. Nice to see attention being brought to sentinel weapons. With that said, can you perform a balance pass on current sentinel weapons? Most are very underpowered, which leads to utility ones being the best option.
  14. Kinda half-baked, but lets go. Armor level is static, with there being 3 armor "levels". Steel Path's armor modifier is removed. Light-Weight class - 300-600 armor (2-3x multiplier to HP) Units like Butchers, Scorpions, Shield Lancers, Ballistas, and Hellions get put into this class. Medium-Weight class - 900-1500 armor (4-6x multiplier to HP) Troopers, (Elite) Lancers, Evicerators, Seekers, Drahk/Hyekka Masters, and Elite Shield Lancers go here. Heavy-Weight class - 1800-2700 armor (7-10x multiplier to HP) Bombards, Napalms, Heavy Gunners, and Nox go here Health Scaling is given power scaling with an exponent >1. Unit base health is rebalanced to fit into the classes (Something like Light - 100 HP, Medium - 200 HP, Heavy - 400 HP perhaps) Corrosive gets buffed to a 90-95% strip at 10 procs, viral gets nerfed to 3.3x damage at 10 procs. If you want some extra spice, tie a speed modifier to base armor level so light-weights can move faster, but heavy-weights move slower.
  15. https://steamcommunity.com/app/230410/discussions/0/3046104862452980797/ Wording is weird, but it would seem to imply that it doesn't use mods. Or not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. It's in the main body of the post. Was added a day after as part of a FAQ
  17. +1 lemme get a bigger boom on my Corinth. Coming with Sisters of Parvos.
  18. Looking at the wrong number there. That's Pandero Prime's status chance. Tenet Detron has 10% SC per projectile. Also worth noting that Tenet Detron has 10 pellets vs Mara Detron's 7 pellets. Lich/Sister damage bonus will push it ahead. With a 60% bonus you'll have a total of 416 damage on the Tenet Detron.
  19. So the Tenet weapons offered from Ergo Glast will have an innate elemental bonus like Lich/Sisters weapons. In the Arsenal Divide workshop video, Rebecca has a Tenet Agendus with a ~39% Heat bonus. So with the rotation of weapons being weekly, how are we supposed to get a weapon with a bonus damage type we want, let alone getting a 60% bonus? If we can buy multiples of the weekly weapon that solves the issue of getting a 60% bonus, but doesn't solve getting a bonus that you want.
  20. Cycron is a beam weapon, and as such is auto. It’s not hard to check its stats. Chat link and wiki is just a few clicks away.
  21. With new shotguns entering both the Kuva Lich and Sisters of Parvos system, a touch up to the existing Kuva shotguns would be appreciated. Currently, Kuva Kohm and Kuva Brakk both have a minimum damage of 1 after reaching max falloff range (26m for Kuva Kohm and 20m for Kuva Brakk). This value stays at 1 even with a 60% bonus. Assuming 60% bonus on both weapons, this means you only do 3.125% of your damage with Kuva Kohm, and ~4.81% of your damage with Kuva Brakk at max range. This means using them at any sort of range is heavily punished, even more so with their natural spread. Base Kohm does 26.7% of its max damage at max falloff range of 25m, and base Brakk does 40% of its max damage at max falloff range (22m). So can the Kuva variants match their base variants falloff? The Kuva versions' falloff values seems to be an oversight, perhaps a field that was simply left at a default value.
  22. Agree on Tenet Cycron being kinda lame. Its just a worse Kuva Nukor, even before you start using flat crit bonuses. Bonus points for Galvanized Shot widening the gap even further (Kuva Nukor can get 5 unique procs, for a potential damage bonus of +600%, Tenet Cycron will only be able to get 3 unique procs, for a damage bonus of +360%.) It'll be fine, but where's the bit that'll make it really distinct from Kuva Nukor. This is what gets upvoted? You can literally say that about any weapon. Detron doesn't even have a particularly fast fire rate. There's nothing special about it to exploit. I'll take OP's idea of giving it Quellor-like alt-fire any day over a lame "you just shoot faster" alt-fire.
  23. It’s a beam weapon. All beam weapons are auto (held).
  24. Kuva Bramma is a bow, and Reaper Prime is a Scythe 😇 To OP: If your issue is survivability, Nezha and Wukong are easily accessible frames with good survivability. Most frames with invisibility (Loki, Ivara, Octavia, etc) do the same job of keeping you alive. Shoutout to Zephyr for having good survivability, a great damage buff/acceleration in the form of Tornadoes, good crowd control, and being easily accessible. For damage, pretty much any prime melee weapon should have you covered. Dual Swords, Polearms, and Single Swords are notable for having strong weapons that are easy to get (Dual Ether has extremely cheap building requirements, Orthos Prime is easy to farm and is ~25p on https://ps4.warframe.market/items/orthos_prime_set, and Broken War is a quest freebie). When fighting Grineer, this is what your melee should probably look like https://i.imgur.com/1gb2P3p.png. (If you don't have a primed mod, just use the normal version.) If you like guns, beam weapons are a decent choice (Convectrix, Phantasma, Phage, and Synapse are all pretty good). Most Kuva weapons are good too, especially those with AoE. Generally speaking, your weapons choices are pretty open if you're fighting Corpus/Infested, its just the Grineer that want the top dog guns. For missions that don't require killing (Mobile Defense, Hijack, Interception, Sabatoge), you can just run a frame with large area of effect crowd control abilities. So stuff like Nova's Molecular Prime, Khora's Strangledome/Ensnare, Octavia's Resonator, and other similar abilities. Hopefully this helps a bit.
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