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  1. They are being used in the same general sense here. Leqesai's posts clearly have an oppositional tone to OP's request that Acid Shells be given a better falloff value. (The really funny part is Leqesai argues that after using a frame with strong buff that is counting things it shouldn't when triggered by Acid Shells) I fail to see the relevance of the following quotes following, other than Leqesai not being fully informed on OP's Topic.
  2. Arbitration drone inherit mission faction too. I don't know about crossfire/missions with multiple factions, would need to check.
  3. It's mediocre without those two frames at best. Decent vs Infested since they only have health, meh vs Corpus since shields make up a decent portion of their EHP, and just bad against Grineer thnks to most of their EHP coming from armor. Notice that the people saying its good are using Saryn/Garuda/Xaku as their reference point Gaurda/Saryn/Xaku makes it good/decent because they offer Armor Bypass + 3.3x damage multiplier*/Shield Bypass + over 100x damage multiplier*/Armor and Shield Bypass + 5x damage multiplier* respectively *Assuming 210% power strength and appropriate builds on Sobek and respective frame Yes they are.
  4. It's really not as significant as you might think. Every gun has a +360% damage mod now, so 200% damage is just a ~44% relative gain. And that's not counting using Serration/Galvanized status mods. It's not a terrible buff sure, but I'd take a Warframe related stat buff anytime over it.
  5. +1 the visual terrorism needs to go Even with reduced settings it's obnoxious.
  6. Not so sure about removing a decent chunk of slash procs. There where a few removed here and there, but not much if memory (and wiki history) serves me right. Some stances even got slash procs added. As for the DPS gain, that was more because of stances getting damage multipliers added/enhanced. Crossing Snakes is a good example of that. Went from basically no damage multipliers to having 3x damage on some hits.
  7. Was dead before that. Alloy is the far more dominant armor type, and Corrosive just loses to Viral on that. Better per proc value, and even when Corrosive "wins" (at 10 procs and >6500 armor) the damage increase relative to Viral is laughably low. Add in Heat and that breakpoint shifts to 13k armor. "Careful math" not really.
  8. So the reason people oppose Acid Shells being given better falloff is because Saryn makes it good? Really? She makes everything good, thanks to her cocktail of self-buffs and enemy debuffs. The combo isn't even as good as just bringing <insert AoE weapon with no LoS requirement> with her. Same for Garuda.
  9. Video was made less than a week after Knell released.
  10. Not true, at least for the past ~3 years, if it was ever true at all. They inherit whatever mission's faction is.
  11. Here's the funny thing; Knell never had a two round magazine. It was also given +20% status chance per stack for free as well, no nerfs for that. Your whole statement is predicated solely on the chance that DE would somehow nerf Dual Toxocyst in exchange for some QoL, which is a silly view. Macroing on console isn't something easily done by most, and I already have my scroll wheel bound to other stuff. If you're so afraid of it getting nerfed for QoL, I'll take a free macroed controller from you. Surely you're not some casual who can't afford a mod controller for someone else.
  12. You must've never heard of Primed Slip Magazine or Tainted Clip. 1 mod to get your precious 2 mag back. Why should I have to shell out 100$+ just so a weapon has some QoL.
  13. It did say 0.5 originally on the wiki. I changed it shortly after posting
  14. It's 1 unless the UI is wrong (not the first time)
  15. You can at least “fix” that with mods. There’s no mod to make things full auto. “Spend $100+ just to give a weapon some QoL.” I’ll stick to my scroll wheel.
  16. You've done the same in the past for Knell. A minor buff to the base fire rate would be appreciated too.
  17. Would’ve preferred an upgrade system instead. Spend resources and credits to permanently upgrade your existing crew mates. Make the bonus traits random but reroll-able.
  18. PC doesn't have to wait for any of that. That's not a compelling reason why they couldn't have gotten it this week.
  19. Base Flux Rifle has 100 mag effectively. So Tenet only has 20% more magazine. Tenet Flux Rifle losing the beam classification is a massive nerf to its status chance due to how beams interact with multishot. That loss is partially rectified by Flux Overdrive being bugged on it to give +400% status chance and double all other status chance mods. Flux Overdrive being bugged in Tenet’s favor is what makes it better than the base version mainly.
  20. Still not not reading I see. Reduced rng != reduced difficulty/grind. Let's make up an example. Say that Veil Void Storms drop 2 Holokeys, guaranteed. Is that a more or less difficult farm than the Dev Workshop change of 10 Holokeys at a 37.5% drop chance?
  21. That’s quite easily turned right back at you. You’re not open to the idea of reduced rng, which is not the same as farms being made easy.
  22. It's not being asked that it be overly efficient. It's being asked to be made consistent. To bring in the outliers, even if the mean rises a bit. It's an analogy to illustrate. Most analogies have a degree of intensification to make the point. Again, not saying it has to be done all at once. You keep pushing that when I've made no such claim that it should. You can still have long term player engagement with guaranteed drops. So they can have their cake and eat it too. Also you can't buy Tenet melees for plat, bit of a contradiction to your statement there.
  23. No one said you have to farm Sisters all at once (you have this weird habit of thinking people said something when they didn't). I pointed out that the return rate is low. This is exacerbated now that players have had a month to do Sisters, and furthermore by their non-evergreen nature. Once you're done with Sisters, them dropping Holokeys becomes worthless. As for breaking stuff up, I did. There's only so much new content to go around however, and Holokeys were still needed long after I finished Sisters, even when mixing up the two. It helps in the same giving a dollar bill to a student in college debt helps. Sure they're better off than before, but did it meaningfully change anything?
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