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  1. Might take two people interpreting your statements in a different way than you intended as a sign that you weren't clear in your original post.
  2. They've mixed and matched prime accessories before. No need for the original frame to be with them.
  3. https://www.warframe.com/news/prime-vault-opens-august-10 DE forgot that Nyx is already unvaulted I guess. And hey Rhino. . . again. Yay
  4. If it's applied to enemy drops only its basically worthless, as most of the drops you care about aren't from enemies. A few niche cases for special enemies with non-guaranteed mod drops perhaps, or Eidolons. Funny thing about Eidolons though Also you didn't specify that the weapon without forma/mods had to be the one killing in the original post, or that there would be killing at all. So stat-stick logic is the direct conclusion when you don't specify those conditions. Also you could still do statsticks. Take a umodded sniper rifle, beat the enemy with your melee, then kill with the Sniper.
  5. If it did, I should see my counter increase with Roar vs without it. Without Roar: 817 damage With Roar: 1062 damage 1062/817 - 1 = 30%. No applying twice.
  6. Roar doesn't apply twice. It only applies when damaging an enemy. So it doesn't actually add any damage going in from Mass Vitrify shattering, it only increases Splinter Storm's damage when hitting an enemy. Even if Roar did double dip, Eclipse would still beat it while operating at 55% of its maximum value at "reasonable" (250% and below) strength.
  7. Both are the same in the end for Shattered Lash feeding damage into Splinter Storm, with only the buff % determining the winner. Example: You have infused Eclipse and 100% strength (neutral). You cast the Shattered Lash + Mass Vitrify combo 3 times. On the first you get 800 x (1 + 1.5) x 0.5 = 1000 damage stored. On the second cast you get the same amount again, so 800 x (1 + 1.5) x 0.5 = 1000 damage stored. Ditto for the third, so 800 x (1 +1.5) x 0.5 = 1000 damage stored. So you now have 3000 damage stored. That's simply expressed by 800 x (1 + 1.5) x 0.5 x number of casts. So in the general form, it's 800 x (1 + Eclipse %) x 0.5 x (number of casts) For Roar, it's going to be (total damage stored) x (1 + Roar). Damage stored is just 800 x 0.5 x (number of casts). So it's just 800 x (1 + Roar %) x 0.5 x (number of casts) [800 x (1 + Eclipse %) x 0.5 x (number of casts)]/[800 x (1 + Roar %) x 0.5 x (number of casts)] simplifies to (1 + Eclipse %)/(1 + Roar %). Eclipse wins at all strength when at full power. It will continue to win so long as it is operating at ~21% of its maximum buff. It's slightly more nuanced given that the stored damage from Mass Vitrify has a component not affected by Shattered Lash (and consequently not affected by Eclipse), but that's just 800 damage, and is inconsequential as its value is so now compared to Shattered Lash's contribution (For reference, an ideally (at least 1 version of it's ideal statstick anyway) statsticked Shattered Lash is doing 23,907 damage at neutral strength, so that 800 damage is only 3.24% of the total damage going into Splinter Storm). So TL;DR Eclipse and Roar are effectively both multiplicative to the total damage of Splinter Storm, so the higher buff wins.
  8. Braton and Lato are sold for credits in the market, and melee doesn't need many mods to work. So it wouldn't require huge arsenal refits or meaningfully cut down potential power, it would only make a lot of your arsenal feel even more useless.
  9. Guaranteed drops in reference to void storms, the primary method of acquisition. They could’ve easily made them like void traces. Guaranteed drop, rng amount. That way you’re always making progress, while still keeping the rng.
  10. That still doesn’t solve the sentiment being expressed. 10 sisters is 8-10 hours if you’re going at a good pace. I made no claim that they didn’t hear, just that the majority of the feedback beyond “the grind is bad” was ignored.
  11. No, they missed the majority of the feedback I've read on the forums with regards to Holokeys. I won't be claim to be the Lorax and speak for the trees, but you can just go to the workshop and see that many people agree with the sentiment that the issue was frequency, not quantity.
  12. More like listened to it in the wrong way. What most people wanted was consistency, usually in the form of guaranteed drops, even if they're at reduced amounts. Having a better sense of progression does wonders even if the average farm time is relatively unaffected as it helps bring in outliers (a form of bad luck protection as it where). Sisters dropping 1 holokey on final showdown is laughable and makes no real difference. Veil dropping 10 means they're just on par with Saturn now.
  13. Can't really thrall (hound) farm Sisters, which is what I've been talking about. Not really lucky either, you just need to know how to play the mental game. Most people seem to target survivals after the rage meter has built up a bit, making them a perfect place to start and unlock the requiems. Of my 39 Sisters, 22 have been rank 3 or lower. I'm confident in my mission total for them because I nearly always follow the same pattern: Survival, then Rescue, then Exterminate/Capture.
  14. It is an outlier yes. Beams get to cheat with multishot if you didn't know, and beam shotguns don't really follow the rules with regards to their innate multishot. So Phantasma is a double cheater, just like Phage, Convectrix, and the Quanta (Vandal). Yes, it is an outlier because of those factors with regards to electricity (You missed the AoE part too) And my point was the you picked the outliers for your electric examples.
  15. It's still an outlier due to it's grouping ability in addition to the other factors mentioned. I can't get the same result with single target weapons correct, since Proboscis Cernos' advantage with electricity (and what makes it an outlier with it) is the combination of the factors, not just a single one. Nice to see no mention of Phantasma, so I'll take it that you agree that it is an outlier. Edit: Also funny how you use Tenet Agendus as one of your examples. You know, the melee weapon with the *highest non-heavy attack base damage in the game after a 60% bonus, and a very good stance to boot. *excluding gunblade shots (which were another of your examples)
  16. It takes ~9-12 missions with everyone stabbing when I was doing them. How many with not stabbing?
  17. There's nothing to really memorize anymore though. You have 2 things that influence your attacks: Moving forward or not moving forward and blocking or not blocking. You can combine the two actions to form the 4 combos (most) stances (should) have: Not moving forward (+ not blocking) Moving forward (+ not blocking) (Not moving forward +) blocking Moving forward + blocking The rest is just actually pressing what you have melee bound to.
  18. Out of the 39 Sisters I've hunted, only 7 have gotten to rank 5 with the stab on sight tactic. 5 of the 7 rank 5 Sisters happened within the first 6 before I got the strategy down. Now I usually kill by rank 3.
  19. Phantasma: Outlier as it has extreme status chance (133.2% at base) and is a beam and as such gets to double dip on multishot in regards to DoT status procs. Hardly representative of most weapons. Proboscis Cernos: AoE with a self grouping mechanic which makes electric proc’s value soar. Innate viral frees up modding slots. Not representative of most weapons. Where we not talking about guns? And please, I do test stuff. That’s practically the only reason I play nowadays. At least try to come up with better ad hominems.
  20. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Tenet?commentId=4400000000003492321 TL;DR: Elements added through mods are always taken into account first, then the innate element and progenitor bonus element are ordered according to this specific order: HEAT > COLD > ELECTRIC > TOXIN, or HCET.
  21. People still believe the Arsenal these days? Take into a mission and you’ll see it doesn’t.
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