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  1. I got the standing but the quest is still marked as "uncompleted", tried doign it again, completed it again, still didnt get marked as "completed"
  2. 2xx is Schwaak, which is a plasmor 3xx is Granmu which is a 3 burst grenade launcher
  3. same, my sec penta goes from 26 to 40 with this mod should be 26+30 = 56
  4. As of right now, the ephemera takes from your warframe's energy color. It would be real nice if we could give it its own color, like the Regalia (sigils). Because for example the Bloody ephemera that I want to use on my Nekros D would end up looking like orange juice, and changing fashion frame just so the ephemera looks good is kinda annoying.
  5. Thank you DE, from the bottom of our hearts. Now Mesa P's *assets* are finally up there with Nidus Deluxe, Nezha Deluxe and the rest
  6. IS THIS FORESHADOWING FOR FRIDAY?? (Prisma Fluctus I mean)
  7. Primed Expel (Infested, Corrupted, Corpus, Grineer) mods I'm guessing. Since they are new and you can link them in the game right now
  8. Call me crazy but you can link these ingame right now: So I'm guessing this is what he's bringing -Primed Expel Corpus -Primed Expel Grineer -Primed Expel Infested -Primed Expel Corrupted
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