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  1. Me and my squad went to a Flotilla, did ground event, reached 150 pts and a squadmate disconnected, so we had to leave the flotilla and join another one in flotilla 2 we got 5590 pts When the current flottila reached 100 murex we only got 300 scarlet credits in the INBOX mail, BUT WE all got the Condrix III Emblem... We should've gotten 10k scarlet credits in the mail , not 300..
  2. What is this? did I miss something from the stream?
  3. Can we get Eudico's Arc Welder as a skin for beam weapons / get it as a weapon?
  4. What do you mean, there is. I have it bound to alt fire
  5. What do you mean, there is. I have it bound to alt fire
  6. Can We get a fix for the UI Resolution Scale messing everything up please, its really bothering for people that have it at less than 100%. Thanks in advance
  7. Please look into Resolution Scale Breaking certain invisible effects if its under 100% (displacing textures to real pixels instead of scaling them to current resolution)
  8. Resolution scale with the invisibility effects and "gun sound wave effects"(the watery ripples) and others don't work properly. they get lodged to the pixel size instead of staying the full resolution. Here are screenshots taken with the snipping tool (whenever I take a screenshot i guess the effects momentarily rearrange themselves) 100% no outline (https://imgur.com/b6Y2C6k) 100% outlines (https://imgur.com/aBU9saN) 50% resolution / effects are at 960x540 (https://imgur.com/Z3lzY2y) 60% resolution / effects are at 1152x648 (https://imgur.com/326FaN7) 80% resolution / effects are at 1536x864 (https://imgur.com/4D8PJtX)
  9. I am beyond stupid and posted it in the wrong post and dunno how to delete
  10. I FIXED THIS BUG BY GOING TO DISPLAY, AND JUST RESAVING IT WITH SAME OPTIONS (changed fx from Low to Med to Low again, that let me save and it fixed) I used to have this bug where 25% of my screen (upper left corner) would have this invisible layer and when i would go operator for example i saw the invisible operator tiny in that corner while having the old op fx on the actual op. Whenver I shot a gun It would do water transparent ripples, archguns, acceltra, tombfinger ( didnt get to try others) https://imgur.com/C4VGJvM https://imgur.com/e50hw83 THESE DON'T SHOW IN SCREENSHOTS, I USED the windows snipping tool to take these
  11. While In operator mode, I have a visual bug, which doesn't show up in screenshots, but it takes up th upper left quarter of the screen, it shows the invisible operator there, while i see my operator in the middle of the screen aswell the old way
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