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  1. its a challenge, and besides you always need kuva
  2. Was doing bounties with a friend, and for a decent 2h, everytime time we got: "Retrieve the Data" bounty in a zone we already did "Retrieve the Data" once (the mission where you go in a location and hack a terminal , do it stealthly is the bonus) First time you do it, no problems, works as intended. BUT, any subsequent times, it will NOT let me or my friend hack the console, I can see the console, its there, i can trigger the alarm and fail it, but it will NOT let me hack it, even if i do it stealthly. Hipothesis: The same way the bounty where you need to get credits to summon an assa
  3. Phase 1 No sound for raising out of the ground, no howling /screeching either, sometimes only the Reaper sickle head will make a yell noise Phase 2 Almost everytime , none of the heads will produce a sound, only the walking and sound slams can be heard "Sometimes"
  4. If this is the case, good to know, i could've sworn it didnt work like this before?
  5. Nezha's Warding Halo provides Status Immunity while its on ( such as Magnetic Procs). Ancient Disruptor ( Infested tentacle dude) 's attack does a magnetic proc when it hits you ( This is correctly blocked by Warding Halo), BUT the energy drain still happens and you lose energy despite status immunity?
  6. Pero... en español le decimos "joystick" a los joysticks, a que lo han traducido?? Esto es como intentar traducir pizza.. , no se traduce
  7. His 1 would be better if he just fired a ball projectile of the element he's using and created a ground damage over time area/puddle (yeah, make his 1 into his augment, and rework the augment to make the DoT areas sticky for enemy cc and have twice as much status, 100->200%) As for his passive, while standing in a puddle/dot area created by his 1, he does EXTRA elemental dmg (based on STR) of the elemental puddle he is standing on: fireball/toxicball/electroball/snowball (Also could reuse assets.all of these DoT areas already exist ingame; napalm fire , infested goop floor from the moas,
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