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  1. Still broken, very annoying, tried helping my friends just to find out there's a 60% chance we can't do it. So he lost the will to farm the frame and even play today :/
  2. Ammo regen in your necramech is RIDICULOUSLY SLOW Use a necramech you find laying on deimos and then compare it to the ammo regen on your crafted one, its like 5 bullets a second
  3. Playing on original launcher, not via steam TYPE: New Challenges not progressing at all DESCRIPTION: Bug Out Ride / Jugger-Not / Kill It With Fire are NOT progressing at all for me despite having meet their requirements hundred fold VISUAL: "img of the new challenges not completed" REPRODUCTION: n/a EXPECTED RESULT: Challenges should've progressed, they haven't a single bit OBSERVED RESULT: I killed over 100 Juggernauts, kill 5 challenge didnt complete, same for other REPRODUCTION RATE: Still no progress, tried solo, tried in group, relaunched game, o
  4. That's a player choice, if you only ever use 3 warframes.. that's not the game's fault xD. You are supposed to experiment, build more tools, many warframes do better in scenarios where other warframes struggle. Same for your friend, if you don't build new items, you won't go up. There's plenty of good gear to get, if you just build the good stuff skipping "bad items", you'll still be around MR 19-21 (sentinels, pets, warframes, kdrives, amps, arch gun, arch melee, primaries, secondaries, melee, sentinel weapons)
  5. 15 isn't too much, game is almost at MR 30 , so reaching 15 is easy By the time you're mr 15 you'll have a good amount of resources Strong builds Experience You'll also be more acquainted with the OTHER systems the game has (open world/liches/railjack/etc) People that play on weekends reach mr 16 or more without even trying
  6. I know people that are mr 16 - 20 that havent completed starchart there's 562 gear items in the game, getting MR 15 is easy, getting MR 8 is even easier, players won't know what to do , since there's also things like Railjack, Open Worlds, Eidolons, Orbs, Liches, that aren't locked to higher MR's that will overwhelm them ebcause they have acces to them all at once
  7. This is another GREAT reason to lock such a system to a higher MR. With the sheer amount of gear we have, MR 15 isn't even hard to work up to if you want to. Like.. its not for elitism, its for the health of the game and the new players not being overwhelmed and hurt with a bad experience
  8. (This isn't about the nerf, that was expected, that's whatever. This is about the MR change) (I love the game, and I want the game to get better and to prevent new cool systems from basically being a "one and done" thing) Honest concern DE, please take into consideration this feedback, which a lot of us feel like it doesn't reach you: If you don't have something to work towards... why play... there's no sense of accomplishment for engaging with the systems -> This will bring a spike of players for 2 to 4 weeks, then those same players will leave until the system is dumbed down fu
  9. So I finished 357th on the Tenno Trivia, I was fullscreen, it worked perfectly, I allowed acces and everything. However, I did not get a popup on twitch (on chrome). I have screenshots both of my placing, my username and the placing in the same screen. So, what am I supposed to do now? (is it worth opening a support ticket just for the unique ship poster?) Any help would be appreciated, much excitement for the upcoming Heart of Deimos update!
  10. Most likely the same mistake as with carbides/cubic diodes (yes I do believe it wasn't done intentionally/mailiciously) Well, glad I only bought a 3 day booster instead of 30 days Someone should overview things like these to prevent people from wasting plat unnecessarily, boosters are a must check for every new resource added, for a while there's always been the doubt "will this booster work" with every new resource
  11. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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