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  1. Allow the Crew members to: - Target and Destroy Radiators (for grineer missions) <- very big oversight / defense things (for corpus missions) -Give us a way to be able to use Forward Artillery from pilot seat (let us put an NPC there and give us a button to actually shoot it by "telling the NPC" but it just behaves as if you were in that seat, at the expense of 1 Crew member having to be in that place for the function to be used
  2. Hey ! I found a fix . If you only leveled it up in ESO / SO. Take your penta to a mission and it will update its rank, without having to reforma
  3. You do realize that Rank 9 (the one before it) lets you instantly REMOVE ALL HEAT by holding down R for 0.5s right? This is a direct upgrade to what we had before lol
  4. The Plexus Honestly this is great, this lets us finally spec in to our roles more. You can have pilots mod for piloting and engineers mod for engineering , all we need now is more mods because as it it, current builds all looks basically the same, only gunners really have their own mods for a different build BUT there's no point in playing as a gunner because you spend 99% of the time in Corpus Railjac outside of your ship and you just use the Railjack as a taxi just like back in Scarlet Spear, which, basically defeats the purpose of railjack??? Hopìng u30 fixes this ^ Also whoever is complaining about forma and grind, grow up, this is literally the game, you aren't supposed to be fed stuff for free without effort New Avionics and Avionic Changes Great streamlining of the system, literally no downsides. You can join public games and feel like its worth it and not feel like its a total slog to go through There's a huge lack of mods for our roles right now though, unless you're a gunner. Funny enough gunner is NOT a needed role in corpus railjack New Armaments and Armament Changes All the new weapons are amazing and fun to use, and they mostly overshadow the old ones Battle Mod Changes This is great and fair and all, but there's a huge lack of variety/options. The New Plating Components Yeah this is great, and makes sense for ships. No downside to what we had before its a direct upgrade
  5. TYPE: Ingame, Mastery Rank Affinity, Equipment, Profile, Carmine Penta DESCRIPTION: Leveled up my Carmine Penta to level 30, shows as not completed, forma'd it once, leveled it again, still shows as uncompleted in profile -> Equipment VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/FErtIqA REPRODUCTION: unknown, level up Carmine Penta EXPECTED RESULT: Penta should show up as "Maxed" in Equipment screen in profile after reaching lvl 30 OBSERVED RESULT: Shows as unranked after maxing it twice REPRODUCTION RATE: unknown, 100%
  6. TYPE: Ingame , On Call Crew , Audio DESCRIPTION: On Call Crew 's don't have their voicelines / don't speak / don't say anything during the entire mission VISUAL: none atm REPRODUCTION: Summon an On Call Crew in any mission and the crewmate won't have any of its voicelines EXPECTED RESULT: I was expecting summoned On Call Crew's to have their voicelines, like in railjack, they really make them feel different from a regular NPC OBSERVED RESULT: The summoned On Call Crew did not speak any voice lines during the entire mission REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of the time.
  7. TYPE: Ingame , Railjack , Railjack Name, Group Play DESCRIPTION: After playing with someone else's railjack, your ship will inherit the name of that person's ship VISUAL: none atm REPRODUCTION: Tell a friend to invite you to railjack, launch from dojo, do a mission, go to drydock. Next time you use your ship it will have the same your friend's ship had EXPECTED RESULT: To not have my ship name changed each time i play with a freidn OBSERVED RESULT: My ship name changes to my friends' ship name REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of the time so far, follow reproduction guide
  8. TYPE: Ingame , Necramech, Voidrig, Ability DESCRIPTION: Voidrig's 4th ability (sentry mode) , when you enter it it locks your rotation but allows you to fire, then after 1 second it unlocks your rotation and stops you from firing until you press the button again. VISUAL: none atm REPRODUCTION: Use voidrig necramech, press 4, try to move left and right while holding mouse 1 (shoot) [You won't be able to], after about 1s you'll be able to rotate but your held M1 will stop until you press it again EXPECTED RESULT: Use voidrig, press 4, be able to rotate left and right while shooting uninterrupted OBSERVED RESULT: voidrig's 4th ability locks your rotation when you start it and forces you to let go of shoot button and to press it again when your rotation unlocks after 1 second REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of the time, follow reproduction guide
  9. Why not just rotate primes in the mode instead of just making some primes evergreen Like randomly rotate 3 things (1 frame, 2 weapons/items) that don't have to be tied to 1 warframes' set , every month. (either only the Relics for it or the parts themselves) That way the prime unvaultings would still work out well, while still enticing players to do whatever we'll have to do to get those prime parts
  10. Yeah I am not holding you responsible for it xD, its not your task to tell me how everything works in detail
  11. So we know we NEED 30 repaired items? (is it only GUNS, or do shields and other stuff counts?) Their wording was very poor so I gotta ask here xD
  12. Yeah I only have like 12 repaired things and I have 500k in each railjack resource and about 1 million dirac
  13. What does this mean EXACTLY? Have 30 repaired items? What items count (shields, guns, etc) Is there a way i can check how many i got? Does this mean just have 30 unrepaired items (scrap wreckage?)
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