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  1. Shot close to 400 rounds solo: No scope, Scoped x1, Scoped x2 - reloaded with all 3 can't seem to replicate, maybe lag related? More details?
  2. lmao no, Aura formas were a thing for a long time already (released on April 24th) , they just increased the droprate from rotation C from 2.5 to 4%
  3. Ma dude, did you even read the post. This is something so players can get Nitain and Auras ( since 75% of them are Nightwave store exclusive) WHILE they are making and synchronizing the Nightwave season 2 for PC+ Consoles
  4. They removed the scores of people who exploited ( their score reset ) They won't reset leaderboards, no need for it
  5. You can't sell or trade those, they are quest specific, there's no way you could've gotten rid of them
  6. Any info regarding event leaderboard and exploits? Thanks in advance
  7. What about dealing scores achieved by people via exploits, shouldn't those be nullified? I get that it can be hard to "identify" them but I mean, over 200k score seems a tad bit far fetched to be realistically achievable by conventional means. I know some people that worked their asses off to get a decent score in the event, seems a little unfair to not invalidate those "fake" scores
  8. Thank you DE, from the bottom of our hearts. Now Mesa P's *assets* are finally up there with Nidus Deluxe, Nezha Deluxe and the rest
  9. IS THIS FORESHADOWING FOR FRIDAY?? (Prisma Fluctus I mean)
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