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  1. 2 Questions: -Anyone knows when the unvault ends? -Will DE put an announcement on news console "Unvault ending this day" some days before it happens?
  2. As long as we have "A" option. That's all we would really need
  3. Give us the Option to NOT make a Larvaling into a Lich: Idea: - Kill the Larvaling with the Parazon = No lich, you instead get like 100-200 kuva - Kill the Larvaling with Anything else = Chance for Kuva Lich (current system)
  4. Right now, the Kuva Lich can only KILL you if you don't have the mods, that's no fun , and in public missions where all 4 can spawn , its very annoying to have someone NOT die to theirs (since they are sequential, so one has to kill you/be killed for the next one to spawn) Here's an idea that could be fitting for that situation: -Make him enter a "Fleeing" State where after you down him once or twice and you IGNORE him he gets a timer (like 60 s) counting down for him to run away from the mission. And the timer could be reset each time he gets downed so for the time you Do want to kill him, he won't escape you if you keep dmging him
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