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  1. They removed it about a year ago. As for why: "Why: Self Damage had a lot of drawbacks for weapons, resulting in flow-disrupting death.This Stagger replacement system favours agility with a less harsh consequence, while allowing some of the most powerful weapons in the game to remain that way due to their unique consequence. Weapons with self-damage will be converted to this new system and as a result, Self Damage is removed from Warframe." They also added this stagger to a bunch of other AOE weapons that did not do self-damage previously: "In addition to this change, some of th
  2. I think there is a misunderstanding here? I am not saying you will get less bonus depending on when you turn in the daily scan mission, you always get a fixed amount, but that fixed amount counts toward your Cephalon Simaris daily reputation limit. So if you want to maximize the reputation you earn in a day, you would first max your cap and then turn in the finished daily quest. Yes you get the same amount of bonus, but you receive that bonus even if you already reached your daily Simaris rep limit by scanning enemies. To be super clear, you can get Simaris standing the following ways:
  3. TYPE: Railjack Mission POI Pulse Turbine Level Issue DESCRIPTION: During a Grineer Railjack mission if an additional objective is "Disable the Pulse Turbine" several doors in the Pulse Turbine interior are closed and do not open for players. This makes the objective and the mission impossible to complete, it also locks several enemies in a stairway on the side of the central room. The doors are not locked and have a green light indicator on them, yet they do not open neither for players nor enemies. Location metadata: /Lotus/Levels/Proc/Railjack/GrineerRadarShipInterior/CWAI.lp Z:
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