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  1. Not sure the game is built for something truly invasion like unfortunately. The whole game engine is small-tile, small-squad/instance based, even the "open world", Railjack parts. 4 players max (since they removed trials), even during Scarlet Spear the so-called squad-link wasn't a real-time cooperative mission, ground people just banked kill-codes into one database per relay, space people downloaded from there, so you could get your own codes if no many people were doing space missions (it also had lots of technical issues). This automatically disqualifies any "epic" massive real ti
  2. Warframe has an "median hours played" of 6 and a half hours on Steam. (https://steamdb.info/app/230410/graphs/) This means that 50% of all the accounts that ever played this game on Steam played for less than 7 hours ever. I would estimate that 80-90% of all the accounts ever created play this game for less than 150-200 hours. The average total playtime is around 140 hours. If you play this game for 3k hours you are an outlier, not an average player. All those progression systems that are meant to keep you "engaged" for 3k hours are not even played by most. Why? My opinion: beca
  3. TYPE: Orb Vallis Bounty Stage "Retrieve The Data" Objective Issue in public game version 29.6.1 DESCRIPTION: During a normal Orb Vallis Bounty a possible objective that can occur is the "Retrieve the data" objective with the bonus objective of "Don't trigger the alarms". If a player completes this stage, but stays in Orb Vallis and starts another bounty from any of the bounty NPCs scattered on the map, it is possible that during another bounty the same objective will be generated AT the same location. However the terminal to complete the objective is disabled and cannot be interacted with, ma
  4. The grind testing is somewhat problematic as it needs to be done after content is finished and it takes a long time... Players raised the issue that Scintillant drops were non-existent and very rare to find on Deimos release to DE Rebecca on a livestream but she showed that she already had 8 sitting in her inventory, her experience was that the drops are fine, players disagreed. What if the "grind tester" gets the drop on the first or second run? Pretty much unusable info. To do statistically meaningful number of grind runs of new content would take weeks/months AFTER they finish making it pla
  5. TYPE: In-Game Deimos New Isolation Vault Bounty Stage Issues DESCRIPTION: The Isolation Vault Bounty Stage "Seal the Fissures" breaks if the player already completed this bounty stage earlier in another tier cave. This is due to the fact that the Containment Unit which you have to protect and get Emitters from doesn't get cleaned up after a bounty chain completes. This also causes issues if the player only does bounties repeatedly in the same tier cave system. The Containment Unit is persisted, never cleaned up or respawned between bounties, so during the repeats of this stage the unit st
  6. Megan, could you please input the patch notes so that every line is not a new paragraph as Rebecca does in her patch notes? The forum engine renders every new paragraph with large space between the lines and it makes the text harder to parse by looking thorugh. Pressing Enter results in a new line and a new paragraph, Shift+Enter just breaks the line but does not create a new paragraph. Using Shift+Enter after list elements results in patch notes that look like Rebecca's:
  7. Eh, okay, how does that solve Archwing and K-Drive stuff though? Also solo players then have mandatory Railjack for every mission, I guess.
  8. BUG #1 TYPE: Deimos New Isolation Vault Bounty Stage Objective Problems with Nekros DESCRIPTION: During the new isolation vault bounty stages Nekros' summoned Shadows count as real enemies for the mission logic when you have to clear an area of enemies. This affects multiple bounty stage types. It's possible that more bounty stages have similar logic issues as I have not tested every single possible bounty mission with Nekros. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Both of these were reproduced during solo play. Two of the new isolation vault bounty stages produced problems: 1. The boun
  9. TYPE: Deimos Bounty In-Game Mission DESCRIPTION: Deimos Isolation Vault Bounty fails to complete VISUAL: Image metadata: /Lotus/Levels/Proc/Infestation/InfestedMicroplanetLandscape/iBASXACYhcaXyEodUkzTC1EYQopK2FlhQilEEDkxe7Dv11pmtQZHEIoDFMcXlCGIgQIChg4IGEBhAYQGEBhAYQGAAA.lp Z: /Lotus/Levels/InfestedMicroplanet/InfSpecialBurialChamberA P: -297, -207, -234 H:123 REPRODUCTION: Start Isolation Vault Bounty at the Necralisk in a solo squad, go to Deimos, complete the phases, do the extra objective, open the vault. EXPECTED RESULT: The bounty completes as you go down
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