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  1. Some good points made here. I think the Opticor is already a great weapon. I'm well on my way to a two or three forma build for it. I do have some counter points to make though. Firstly, without giving all energy weapons, or at least continual energy weapons, innate punch through, giving the Opticor innate punch through would feel out of place. I agree that it makes some sense, but a beam of focused energy, even at that magnitude, would diminish significantly after passing through armored units. Innate punch through versus unarmored targets would make sense, but that would be a tricky, and po
  2. I don't think its overblown. Considering this design, her winning T-shirt design, and if I remember correctly, multiple features on Prime Time, she has more than proven her artistic ability with computer rendered graphics as well as a passion for the game. I mean, sure, she's no Michelangelo, but for her age she's pretty on par with DE.
  3. These guys are going to get so much rukkin' plat! Might as well just give them some shares of the company while you're at it. But seriously, its going to be hard for me to see the Scindo Prime as all that impressive visually when I can throw that ZeroJackDaw skin on it! She (right, she?) is a true artist. You guys should just go ahead and hire her while you can.
  4. I wish they were tradable. I have more of these things than I know what to do with. My rule for RNGesus: If I'm looking for something specific, he'll never give it to me. So I just run void missions randomly. I don't really know where anything drops from, for if I did, I'd never get anything.
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