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  1. Could we please get a rank cap increase on Nightwave. I would be much appreciated. :) (IMO - should very seriously consider just not having a cap on the rank at this point, and in the future, as you never seem to get releases off when originally planned. Not a complaint, just a suggestion and observation after experiencing NW since the introduction.)
  2. Could you please consider increasing the current NW rank cap from the current PR 90 if this NW is going to last longer?
  3. Thank you for the fixes. :) EDIT: Please consider removing nav. coordinates since the orokin derelict keys are defunct. unless, of course, they are planned for something new. >_>
  4. Would you please consider expanding the nightwave rank cap as some players have hit the current cap.
  5. I've just been noticing some issues with them. They have an issue of the doors not always recognizing them - especially if they start from one part of the orbiter and then try to leave another room they entered. A drone that starts in that room can leave it just fine (Especially concerning the Operator room.). Another issue is that they are able to active the animation for the railjack teleport ring and get caught inside it. Otherwise they keep the orbiter nice and clean. ^_^
  6. Yes, I have been having issues with the twitch drops as well. even after re-linking my account it seems hit and miss as to weather or not it will acknowledge me as watching.
  7. I was doing a solo lich mission on Kokabiel, Europa ( Sabotage ) Once I got to the reactor area I had The Grustrag Three (G3) begin to spawn so quickly killed the reactor and had Alad V message me and suddenly found myself fighting lvl 1 Ven'kra Tel and Sprag with the G3 never having spawned and getting the message they had been defeated and had the assassination mark removed.
  8. For those of us that like the ships, please give an option to have ships back for extraction screens. Thank you for your time, effort, and development.
  9. I've floated this idea with random players over the past couple of months and there has been a generally positive opinion about it. The idea is to allow players to have an option whom the in mission transmission character is. Instead of playing endlessly with Orbis file corrupted Lotus have the choice of it being just Orbis, a syndicate leader you are in positive standing with, Teshin, Simaris, Little Duck, Euidico, etc. It would give some variety to what is probably one of the most mundane things in the game at this time.
  10. It will take 24 hours to subsume a Warframe. There are 43 Warframes in game currently. (44 on Heart of Deimos release). 11 are effected by Simaris. 43 (current number) minus 11 is 32. You can make it work the suggestions prior to this response as there are a minimum of 32 days you can farm Simaris standing for the Blueprints and parts before you would need to start using the the ones effected by him.
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