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  1. You did a fantastic job with introducing the new character. props all around to the team. Please consider adding a quest for each assassination target on the start chart that doesn't already have one to help give them more significance and weight to their place in the universe. .
  2. The mission I was in was the last part of todays sortie on Nimus, Eris (Mutualist Alan V assassinate). My set up was: Steel Charge - Baruuk Proboscis Cernos Staticor Vitrica Zenurik Helios Prime Deconstruct or Prime Hit Alan V with my bow and then got hit by his collar throw /mind control after which he was almost immediately taken out by team mates. At some point this seems to have cause a glitch with way point where even player places ones would not properly register placement or even distance (constantly says 0m) and being shown in the distance - similar to the classi
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