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  1. You did a fantastic job with introducing the new character. props all around to the team. 

    Please consider adding a quest for each assassination target on the start chart that doesn't already have one to help give them more significance and weight to their place in the universe. . 

  2. The mission I was in was the last part of todays sortie on Nimus, Eris (Mutualist Alan V assassinate).

    My set up was:

    Steel Charge - Baruuk
    Proboscis Cernos

    Helios Prime
    Deconstruct or Prime

    Hit Alan V with my bow and then got hit by his collar throw /mind control after which he was almost immediately taken out by team mates. At some point this seems to have cause a glitch with way point where even player places ones would not properly register placement or even distance (constantly says 0m) and being shown in the distance - similar to the classic WP system. 

  3. Could we please get a rank cap increase on Nightwave. I would be much appreciated. :)  (IMO - should very seriously consider just not having a cap on the rank at this point, and in the future, as you never seem to get releases off when originally planned. Not a complaint, just a suggestion and observation after experiencing NW since the introduction.)

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  4. I've just been noticing some issues with them.

    They have an issue of the doors not always recognizing them - especially if they start from one part of the orbiter and then try to leave another room they entered. A drone that starts in that room can leave it just fine (Especially concerning the Operator room.). 

    Another issue is that they are able to active the animation for the railjack teleport ring and get caught inside it. 

    Otherwise they keep the orbiter nice and clean. ^_^

  5. 19 hours ago, AgentRedFoxs said:

    I really wish they would go back to using codes instead of this twitch drop system . I been having issues with stream drops and the prime drops for ages. I now have missed two drop because of their software. I had zero issues with mixer on their drops. Anyone else been having issue with drops?

    Yes, I have been having issues with the twitch drops as well. even after re-linking my account it seems hit and miss as to weather or not it will acknowledge me as watching. 

  6. I was doing a solo lich mission on Kokabiel, Europa ( Sabotage ) Once I got to the reactor area I had The Grustrag Three (G3) begin to spawn so quickly killed the reactor and had Alad V message me and suddenly found myself fighting lvl 1 Ven'kra Tel and Sprag  with the G3 never having spawned and getting the message they had been defeated and had the assassination mark removed. 

  7. I've floated this idea with random players over the past couple of months and there has been a generally positive opinion about it.

    The idea is to allow players to have an option whom the in mission transmission character is. Instead of playing endlessly with Orbis file corrupted Lotus have the choice of it being just Orbis, a syndicate leader you are in positive standing with, Teshin, Simaris, Little Duck, Euidico, etc. It would give some variety to what is probably one of the most mundane things in the game at this time. 

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  8. 7 hours ago, Archwizard said:

    Alright. So let's re-examine that math. Simple as halving all the listed values, right?

    925,000 reputation to get all 26 parts. That means capping 7.4 times, which would still take someone of my MR around 35 days to do, and doesn't touch on how much of a pain in itself Simaris is to grind in the first place, and how the inability for Synthesis to reach the cap on its own raises that by nearly 50%.

    That's a bandage, but not a full solution. I stand by my conclusion.

    It will take 24 hours to subsume a Warframe.

    There are 43 Warframes in game currently. (44 on Heart of Deimos release). 11 are effected by Simaris. 
    43 (current number) minus 11 is 32.

    You can make it work the suggestions prior to this response as there are a minimum of 32 days you can farm Simaris standing for the Blueprints and parts before you would need to start using the the ones effected by him. 

  9. After the change to the void I have found myself, and others, drifting away from warframe. I will be honest when I say I had my reservations about a change in the system, though tried to give the new system a chance.

    I believe a lot of people, myself included, are disheartened with the fact that the void is now just a space on the map where there happens to be argon you sometimes need. Where before you got argon while trying to farm for prime parts.

    I can honestly say it was my clan mates taking me to the void when I first started that got me hook on the game. I worked towards having better weapons, warframes, mods, etc all the be able to help my clan mates and others out in the void while farming for prime parts, argon, and ducat fodder. There were many other players who had this very similar idea.

    The void fissure system just seems underwhelming. The main issue that seems like it was trying to be solved was key sharing scams. The whole getting to select the reward at the end of a mission is just a modified version of tower exterminate, capture, and mobile defense whose issues were in the first place the fact they only offered a single drop. (Eliminating the selection system in favor of getting all four rewards would help more players feel content.) But now there is higher over all player grind as clan member and random people can no longer help others out with hosting a mission.

    The void trace system also enhances the grind, especially with the ridiculous cap of 100. (Make this 1000 and people at least would help people be content. Heck make an upgrade segment for this purpose.) But upgrading a relic only enhances the odds of getting the rare items slightly - most people will be upgrading relics for the rare items. So you spend 100 traces on a relic and then get a common item anyway. Now you gotta farm for the relic again and farm traces again. Repeat. Repeat ... repeat .... I wonder what is going on in other games....

    The complete elimination of void keys also seems needless. Why relics instead of keys? Why can't the relics look like the old void keys? I'm curious about this. Void keys are lore friendly. Relics are just different.

    I do believe that the old void should be brought back but the void fissures kept as well. The reason is that there are players that like both. There is no reason for one group to be alienated over the other. The void keys could be brought back and the keys could be used to close the fissures. They could still be upgradable - potentially could even be used to help enhance drop tables in the void missions as well as the fissure missions. This way people who like the fissure system can use it and people who like the void system can use it.

    I really do love this game and I feel the disappointment of the people who enjoyed the old system but understand the desire from something different for the ones who embrace the new system.

    Hopefully a good compromise can be reached.


  10. After trying the new system I would say it would be nice to have the old void system back, but keep the fissures as an option.


    My reason is that many people (myself included) genuinely like the old system. Enjoyed the endless defense, interception, and survival. And there is just no reason why both systems could not be used. (prepared for flak cannons)

    Both systems offer something for certain kinds of players and I do not believe that any one group should have to be alienated to suit the preference of another. If people want to use their keys to play a mission that is only guaranteed one reward but you get to choose it (which only seems to solve the issue with old void capture/mobile defense/exterminate) let them. If people want to spend 40+ minutes on survival, going to round 8 on an interception, or wave 40 on a defense. Let them.

    Though I would suggest allowing players of the new system to keep all the rewards. I am concerned that bran new players may become discouraged once they learn of the void trader and realize how much farming they are really going to have to do under thing system in order to be able to get anything from him, especially since key sharing has been done away with.

    Keep the relics, or bring back keys, but keep the ability to upgrade the reward possibility with traces. Make the total amount of traces you can have either upgradable via a relic segment upgrade or just not have a cap.

    Have traces drop during regular void runs as a rare drop from eximus's, or just all eximus's in general.


    My overall point, have the old system for those who like keysharing and the endless void farm, and keep the new system for those who prefer something different. I do feel people are believing to strongly that this is a choice of absolutes.

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