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  1. Yes zhuge and attica also count as bows. Also means they get the extra firerate from mods. The lenz is also a bow btw.
  2. For secondaries I would use a tombfinger kitgun or lex prime. Euphona prime, pyrana prime or other kitguns I would also expect to work quite well, but I just use the tombfinger. You could forma the staticor a bunch of times to fit in the crit mods and pure damage mods and it would deal more damage to the orb, but if you are limited on resources that's probably not worth it and I don't know how good the result would be. I prefer the vectis prime or rubico prime. Other than that the lanka should be good. For shotguns I was thinking of tigris prime or exergis. The hek/ vaykor hek would probably also be good. I am going to try out the opticor, that should be a fun one. You shouldn't have to forma the imperator vandal. You can, but the build I'm using on all my archwing weapons doesn't require any forma.
  3. There are a lot of things, you could be doing wrong. 1. Make sure you actually deal any damage. You have to use the damage type the orb is actually vulnerable to at the moment. 2. Focus on pure damage and crit. You can't proc status. 3.I recommend snipers and shotguns for the primary and ideally a max crit tombfinger or something similar as your secondary. 4. Your archgun should have at least the 6 mods for a basic build. Base damage, multishot, crit mods and 2 elementals for radiation damage. When you are choosing and modding your weapons, you want to have meaningful damage in the end. So if your weapon only does 10% slash damage as base, that's not enough to deal meaningful damage and you should either let others deal with that damage type or switch it. The primed elemental mods are really good, because they allow you to deal enough damage. So ideally you would have a weapon with very focused base damage, like a Tigris(you can use it for slash damage) or you could probably use something like the Lanka. I use the base radiation damage on a max damage, max crit tombfinger kitgun and that's enough radiation damage. The Fluctus seems to be the worst weapon to use, because you have to shoot the legs from a specific direction. The other Archguns are easier to use. You could also try to soloing, to you see what actually works.
  4. So I'm thinking of Frost, Ember and Volt here (Saryn is already great) and the idea would be to have those frames benefit from status procs of their elemental type. I had the idea when farming Hieracon, back when that was the best spot to farm voidkeys. I was playing Frost with max range and was pretty much only using his 3 and 4. So for Frost the idea would be to change his 4. It could get an overall buff (more range, armor shred and damage), but it would require the enemy to be affected by a cold proc. Enemies without a cold proc would have a chance to be affected by one, modified by power strength. And then enemies in a bubble or affected by ice wave impedance would also be treated like they had a cold proc. So overall he would be stronger than now, but would require more different abilities to be used or at least more strength. With Ember I was always a bit sad, that her fireballs are actually quite weak. So how about whenever she procs fire on an enemy, she gets buff. This buff would stack unlimited and would increase the damage on her next fireball. I don't know exactly how often her other abilities actually proc fire, but the idea would be to get a lot of stacks that way and then have really powerful fireballs. She could also get different buffs based on which ability procs the effect. For example her 2 could allow the fireball to reduce the effects of armor and shields and her 3 could increase the radius of the fireball. And then Volt could have an effect similar to Ember, also making his 1 deal more damage. I thought it would be cool, if this allowed the ability to get increased crit chance and damage and maybe strike multiple times. Let me know what you think and please comment if you can think of any improvements to this, especially for Volt.
  5. I agree with you, that players should actually have reasons to switch between forms. I just don't think temporary buffs are a good way to go about this. The ideas mentioned earlier, like carrying over an ironskin-like effect based on the mend stacks sound better to me. Otherwise you might as well have her passively switch every 30 seconds or an effect similar to mirage where the form depends on other factors.
  6. Not having them permanent either means that they are useless/ just not needed or that they are a bad incentive to switching. I'm not sure where the problems with her animations would be. The 2 is basically instant and the rest isn't actually used that often. Maybe if you switch between forms more often, but I pretty much never do that.
  7. Being able to build up some effect in one form and then use it in the other sounds nice. Also sounds like something that wouldn't just feel forced and you wouldn't need a cooldown on the effect.
  8. I don't think giving her 1 bonus effects for switching is a good way to do things. It would probably just lead to players playing in 1 form and then switching twice to get the bonus effect.
  9. Maybe my mistake is just not spamming rest enough. Sounds like a great fix.
  10. I guess the problem is that you can't see those going through walls. And the problem here wouldn't be as big, if it was actually obvious which area is affected. In my experience however sometimes enemies, that are quite far away from the point I'm aiming at, fall asleep and sometimes enemies that I would expect to fall asleep, because they are very close, don't.
  11. I guess I should have made clear, that I actually quite like her abilities overall. The issue is really that she doesn't have reliable damage mitigation. Ofc especially when you have peaceful provocation fully stacked and you can run around with everything slowed, so the enemies can't even attack you, that's really powerful. But then you run into a nullifier, jump too high or fall down somewhere and now you are 1 hour into a survival and you can't really stack it back up again. I would just like a reliable way of not dying instantly. I wouldn't mind changing mend. It would be more passive regen, but you would lose the active heal. Both have their advantages.
  12. So with equinox prime hopefully coming next and a delux skin on the way, here are my thoughts on how equinox could be improved. Her day form is already quite good, when it comes to killing large numbers of enemies, so I don't think we need huge improvements there. That being said, I don't see a lot of situations where rage is very useful, so maybe that could be improved. One minor thing I don't like about rest is, that there is no indicator of the AoE. It would be nice to have some visual effect to see the area affected by the ability. Pacify & provoke is the one ability that has to be improved a lot imo. Pretty much all the warframes I play have some way to dramatically reduce the damage they take. They either have a damage reduction ability or high armor. Equinox does have pacify, but it is too weak and not reliable. In general it is of course useless against any enemy outside the AoE, which makes it unreliable. It is very weak compared to other damage reduction abilities, that give their warframes 90 or even 95% damage reduction, without even requiring a huge strength investment. On top of that you also have the fall-off, the further enemies are away. I would simply make it a damage reducing aura. It could still have the falloff, so she could be similar to trinity, where she gets a huge amount of damage reduction herself and then players around her still get some of the effect. And then finally it would be nice, if we could keep the peaceful provocation stacks when switching forms. Apart from discouraging players from using both forms, it is just really annoying to lose all the stacks to a nullifier or by falling into a hole and in night form it is extremely difficult to stack it back up, because either the enemies deal too much damage and kill you or they don't deal enough damage to actually stack it. Of course if anyone has a better idea, I would love to know about it or even see it in the game.
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