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  1. I liked the idea of reducing the number of nodes on the star chart. Make sure, that each of the mission types is available in the different level ranges, but rotate which planets have which missions available and what level those mission are at.
  2. It's a bit sad, that most developers including DE just don't have the balls to nerf stuff, so they can bring their vision into existence. For a long time it worked out for DE by just pumping out new stuff. Hopefully they don't just fall apart by never facing this problem.
  3. At least all of those things can be balanced around. Adaptation makes frames more tanky and you make enemies deal more damage. The problem with difficulty is, that you might have a frame like mesa, that just gets 95% for no apparent reason, while mag, nyx and so on just blow up immediately. Adaptation specifically also has the problem, that it just amplifies differences between frames. Power creep is always going to be a problem, but there are ways to work with it (not saying, that this is done well in warframe).
  4. I'm not trying argue, that warframe should be as slow as dark souls. It's just, that imo wf is way faster than necessary.
  5. A little bit of power creep is just part of the system. I don't think it has to be an enormous problem.
  6. How about some goals: Make it, so players actually have to play with each other and not alongside each other. Make it, so failure is present in the game. Make taking risks worth it. You could for example have a mission, that requires a key (like a void key), that is actually difficult and you lose the key, if you fail. Make reacting to the enemy a good strategy. More difficult to avoid attacks should deal less damage (it's ridiculous how quickly missiles can turn in this game). Make resource management like hp, energy, ammo and maybe cooldowns relevant. This way you don't have to 1-shot players all the time. Make bosses tanky enough, so players can use their regular guns and not kill the boss in < 5 seconds.
  7. I think what the souls games show very well is, that the gameplay doesn't actually have to be very fast paced. In a PvE game, you don't need to actually challenge the players reaction times.
  8. Well if you have actual difficulty, you also have the freedom to dramatically increase drop chances. This also has the added advantage, that things naturally become easier to get over time as the content gets easier to beat.
  9. The worst thing is, that by not actually introducing any challenge to the game they are also attracting players, who don't want difficulty. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. I do think one factor is also, that they are playing with the illusion, that difficult content is going to be there at some point. The longer this goes, the less credible that promise becomes.
  10. It would be fine, if you always knew which mods are used in the other category, but you actually have to have them equipped. I'm totally fine with having both mods twice, but at least make it easy to organize the mods in a way, that doesn't ask you to switch around mods every time you use a weapon, that used a different version of the same mod.
  11. It's probably technically against the ToS. That sort of thing is probably not why these rules exist. The question is really how this sort of thing gets enforced.
  12. It's probably not going to make a huge difference. To me it seems like heat would be the better option, because you are still going to melt armor away extremely quickly and then heat is more desirable.
  13. It's ok in my book and even desired, that gear checks would be part of the challenge. Without gear checks there is no reason to get better weapons or to make a new build. So it's a bit weird to talk about something being a gear check fundamentally. I would say, that boss fights should be more than just gear checks.
  14. I would argue, that the different weapons are as important as the warframe abilities. Your point still stands though. I don't think it ever was about exploring anything new and all about the existing abilities and weapons being too strong. There needs to be some way to deal with the OP stuff, so they make it irrelevant in the bigger boss fights, so those aren't over in 5 seconds. I think it would be much better to finally invest the time to actually balance the different weapons and nerf the op warframes, so actually challenging content is possible.
  15. What about just being able to move once the gun is physically in your hands?
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